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  1. The only Denise I can think of is ATWT’s Denise Darcy who turned out to be Tad Channing’s murderer.
  2. Yeah. It is pretty ironic that Meg Ryan, who was lucky to get a soap job with her limited acting ability seems to be ashamed of being on a soap while Julianne Moore, who was probably too good for a soap is very proud of her soap past. So that famous story is just an urban legend?
  3. AW’s Aunt Janet was basically the same character as ATWT’s Aunt Edith. They just had one big storyline and that was having an affair with a married man. Once that storyline was over, their characters didn’t really serve a purpose anymore. Neither one of them had children of their own. They were just the scandalous sister/aunt and that can only last so long. The Matthews family has to be the most disrespected family in soap history. When the show started, there were actually two whole branches of the family on the show. Pretty much every character on the show was a Matthews. By the time the show ended, there may have been one Matthews left (if that). In my opinion, the show was at its best when it was about the Matthews family (1964-1975).
  4. Yeah, he created a family on AW and the next head writer killed off the whole family in a plane crash. That’s kind of funny. Lipton’s acting was horrible. He was constantly looking at his cue cards or TelePrompTer and it was very obvious. He was always messing up his lines on Guiding Light and his acting style was melodramatic (even for a soap opera).
  5. I find it a tad ironic that the two women who were famous for playing the matriarchs of two big soaps, Francis Reid and Helen Wagner, didn’t have children in real life.
  6. Mary Rutledge marrying her adopted brother, Ned Holden who she grew up with on The Guiding Light. Yeah, GL had a thing with incest from its inception.
  7. I may be wrong. I watched the interview once and don’t want to watch it again to make sure but I think she said they wanted to replace her, not that they did. I know they made her start wearing her hair up to try and make her look older.
  8. Which other child of Stefano’s did Andre kill besides Renee?
  9. It wasn’t in the 90s, but Alex Bowden on GL There was Donna Craig from DOOL
  10. There are so many bizarre and random stories over the years for all soaps but two that immediately come to mind is Lisa on ATWT being kidnapped and taken on a cross-country rape road trip and, on Days, Alex Marshall being in an S&M relationship with the nun Marie Horton.
  11. Do any of you fellow old-timers remember if it was the same guy who raped Chris Brooks that raped Peggy Brooks? And didn’t the rapist have an overweight wife that they made an issue of? I swear I remember that but I’m going by childhood memories and they are VERY vague. I remember Peggy taking showers compulsively after she got raped. Not sure why that sticks out. Again, childhood memories.
  12. You’re not missing anything. The writing has gotten really bad, for whatever reason, in the last couple of months. The focus has been on all the uninteresting characters. I take Days for what it is and usually put up with all the nonsense mainly because I love the show for nostalgic reasons and don’t care about any of the other three remaining soaps. However, it’s getting beyond ridiculous with all the returns from the dead. There’s just not much at stake when you know nobody will go to prison and, if they do, they will be out after the actor gets back from vacation and you know if somebody dies, they’ll come back to life eventually. It just gets to be too much. Right now, it’s just plain boring which is a worse sin. I’m thinking about tuning out as well.
  13. Can someone who watched ATWT back when Jennifer was on tell me how she died? I mean, I know she died in a car accident but what were the circumstances? Was it just a random car accident? Did it happen off-screen?
  14. Now that I think about, you’re right. Bob did always did have a haughtiness about him. I always thought he was too tough on Christopher as an adult. Then there is the time when Kim was having a hard time forgiving Bob for cheating on her with Susan and Bob had the gall to say, “Could you imagine my mother being so unforgiving to my father?” Then Kim rightly replied, “Chris never would have cheated on Nancy!”
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