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  1. I have trouble remembering who wrote what but I do remember his writing was very uneven. Things were either excellent or horrible with not much in between. I am probably in the minority with this opinion and I’m not even sure he wrote it but, if he did, my favorite storyline of his was the Rose murder mystery. It got rid of of Rose, which was a plus for me, but I loved that he made Will the killer. Most whodunnits on soaps are big letdowns because the killer is always some background, disposable character. Never a main character, never a member of a main family and never a kid. Sheffer broke all three of those “rules”. It was a great mystery with a good, and shocking payoff.
  2. I couldn’t agree more! He was great as Bill. He seemed like he belonged on the show. I bought that he had a long history on the show and with the cast even though he was only on for a few episodes. I find it extremely bizarre that they haven’t brought him back to join the cast on a long-term basis. Days really has a problem writing stories for men in that age category, though (these days). I guess that may be the reason.
  3. I think I heard that too. She killed her off in another morbid but creative way when she fell up the stairs.
  4. Must have been. That was the same year she had lead character Robin Fletcher kill herself by throwing herself in front of a truck on Guiding Light. But Irna was always very morbid. Ten years earlier, she had Robin’s mother, Kathy, killed when, confined to a wheelchair, she was knocked into oncoming traffic by kids on bicycles.
  5. Yeah, lots of good rare footage of classic. GL. I wonder what Bert was crying about in the beginning. That organ music is life.
  6. But Meta never lived in Five Points and never knew Rev. Ruthledge. I guess I’d be one of the few that would know that or care.
  7. Ellie and Kirk WERE jerks, in my opinion. I couldn’t stand either character. What about Paul/Liz/Dan from ATWT?
  8. Irna loved to do the good family with a scandalous aunt who was having an affair with a married man (Edith Hughes ATWT, Janet Matthews AW), the young woman having a child out of wedlock (rare story back then, common now) and having the child die (Rose Kransky GL, Meta Bauer GL, Pat Matthews AW) or be given up for adoption and then reclaimed (Chuckie White GL, Dan Stewart ATWT) and then the mother shooting and killing the father of her baby (Ted White GL, Tom Baxter AW). The Susan/David/Dickie story on Days fits several of these categories which makes me think Irna had a hand in that storyline even though she’s listed as “Story Editor” during that time and not Headwriter. There’s also the same story of adoptive mothers dying and adoptive fathers marrying biological mothers (Ellen/David/Betty Stewart ATWT, Julie/Scott/Janet Banning DOOL). Again, makes me think Irna had a bigger hand in the early days of Days than she is credited for.
  9. Yes, it would have been more logical but I think the reasoning with the writers at the time might have been; to be a “Bauer”, they had to have the last name “Bauer’”. That couldn’t have been done with the off-spring of Meta and Trudy. I honestly believe that they heard the audience cry of “We need more Bauers!” at the time and thought the only way to answer that was to bring on more characters with the last name “Bauer” even though they would have to reach far across the family tree to do so. They just didn’t get the fans’ love of the history of the show. The love was for the family who had been the focus of the show for decades, not for the surname “Bauer”.
  10. Thankfully, not long. A year maybe? It was awkward probably because of a combination of the actor’s style and the way the character was sort of shoe-horned in. It was just a way for the writers to bring in more “Bauers” without bringing back more Bauers. It was just silly. I couldn’t tell you a single storyline the character had. I think she just sat around looking confused and startled.
  11. Oh wow. Now that you mention that, I vaguely remember it. Given the year, I’m sure they were going to link her to the fake Bauers (Jack, Lanie, Johnny and Lacey).
  12. Not at all and that’s why they were my favorite soap family. To me, the Hughes family were the”good guys” and more boring family. Trudy hated Meta. Meta shot and killed her husband. Bill was an alcoholic who cheated on Bert several times. Bert was a nagging shrew in her younger years. Mike was a womanizer who drove the mother of his child to suicide and committed adultery with the wife of a crippled man. Ed was an alcoholic who beat one wife and cheated on another wife, indirectly causing her death. The only real “good guys” would probably be Papa Bauer, Mama Bauer, Chuckie, Hope, Hilary, Maureen, Rick and Michelle. That’s a pretty big number but the greater Bauer family was always so complex. I love the Hughes family but they were a little “too good” for a soap family.
  13. The Bauers were never the same after the mid 80s. Bill, Bert and Hilary died and they shipped off Mike and Hope. I’m actually surprised they let Ed, Maureen and Rick stick around (although they were reduced to secondary players). Of course, Charita Bauer’s passing couldn’t be helped but someone during those years really hated the Bauers and nobody after them cared enough to place them back front and center.
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