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  1. Well for someone who only still watches for the Hortons, it's one less reason to watch the show. Although people tend not to stay gone for long on Days. Even if their character dies.
  2. I could be wrong but I think 1984 was the first year for the Bauer BBQ but it wasn't really called "The Bauer Barbecue" or become a tradition until 1987. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3NrEvLS1q7xKQyW7DOIBxMprwqoqTYum
  3. I was kind of perplexed when Taggert said that about the Bauers. If she felt that way why didn't she at least bring back Mike and Hope? Maybe she tried. I wonder how many head writers get the blame for things that were producers' decision like the clone story. Maybe it was the producers who wanted to downplay the Bauers. We'll probably never know. It sounds like being the head writer of a soap can be a very frustrating job.
  4. I kind of felt sorry for Kreizman. Maybe I'm seeing something that isn't there but he looked embarrassed when they would talk about Days. Then I looked him up and he was kind of the ones responsible for putting GL and ATWT in their graves. Yikes.
  5. I love how the town psychiatrist officiates weddings. I guess it's appropriate for Salem.
  6. I was confused by Eve's entire time on the show. I never got the character or what she was all about and there was something I found annoying about her. The last couple of years she did just kind of hang out. Does anybody know whatever became of Stephen Yates?
  7. Of course, everybody's tastes are different but I consider it a low point for the show. I was perplexed when Kelly Menighan, Martha Byrne and/or Maura West talked about the storyline in fond terms during one or more of the Locher episodes. They seemed to imply it was innovative. I just thought it was ridiculous.
  8. Which is why I found the "evil spa" and "rapid aging serum" storyline so egregious. On a show like Days, it would just be a normal Tuesday but on ATWT it was such an aberration for a show that (outside of a year or two in the early to mid 80s) was perhaps the most realistic of all soaps.
  9. I have a Christmas episode from 1982 that fell under Brown's tenure but that's it.
  10. Hey there. Those two 1968 videos came from me. I just posted some more classic episodes. I am not familiar with GH at all. If any of you historians could help me place the episodes with exact dates I would greatly appreciate it. I posted two from 1963 and two from 1975 that all I know is the year. I'm not even 100% sure about the year. Thank you!
  11. I remembered how disappointed I was with that 50th anniversary. It was pitiful. You're right. No returning characters, no in-show flashbacks. No real celebration. Just detached clips at the end of each episode that week and the actors seemed depressed while presenting them. And it was strange that it was in July and not in January on the actual anniversary. It was a low time for GL. I remember watching the Daytime Emmys that year and there was a camera shot of the GL table. They had a "50 years" sign on the table but that was the extent of an acknowledgement if I recall correctly. The actors even looked depressed at the table. The 60th anniversary and even the 70th anniversary were handled much better. I think the best anniversary show the soaps have ever done was ATWT's 30th. That's how an anniversary show (or week) should be done. Did soaps even do anniversary shows before that? I can't think of any before 1986 for any soap.
  12. Ah, Trish. The lost Lewis. Not only do I not think she reappeared after she left town, I don't even think she was mentioned again. Maybe when H.B. died.
  13. Somebody in Alan's life needs to have a heart-to-heart with him. His idea was great. He just needed someone else to host. Everybody has different gifts and abilities.
  14. You're welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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