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  1. No soap will ever surpass GL’s 72 years. I don’t see it happening. GH would have to last another 17 years, Days another 19 years, Y&R another 27 years or B&B another 40 years. I don’t see ANY of that happening realistically. And I’m not sure why people insist on discounting HL’s radio years as if they never happened just because it was radio. That seems weird to me.
  2. Thank you for the dates! I can look for it more easily now. I guess I did see it at some time or another because I clearly remember Penny saying that line but thought I hadn’t seen the birthday party. I thought it was the Christmas episode I have. Thanks for the info!
  3. Unfortunately, that was way too long ago and I was far too young to remember all the details. If I remember correctly, they were fighting and Leslie started playing the piano and ignoring Lorie. Then Lorie slammed the keyboard cover down on her fingers. I remember her crying out in pain. I’m not too sure about the fight. That’s very vague. It might have been more spontaneous like a fit of jealousy. I remember Lorie was very jealous of Leslie because she was getting so much acclaim as a pianist and had a big concert coming up so that’s why she did that. I just remember clearly the actual incident. It was very shocking as a child so that’s the only reason I remember it. I also remember Katherine driving Philip off the cliff and both the rape of Chris and later the rape of Peggy. Again, because these were all shocking. I can’t believe I was allowed to watch such adult stuff but my babysitter watched it so I had to as well. I remember Jill cutting into someone’s throat who was choking on some food as well. Can’t remember who it was.
  4. She said that during the Christmas show in 2000. I have that on tape somewhere. They were in a restaurant. I guess they had already done away with Bob and Kim’s house by then. It was the same episode where Lyla made her appearance. Seemed to be the last nod to the past. That may have been Penny’s last appearance unless Nancy’s birthday party came after that. I’m not sure when Nancy’s 80th was. I missed that when it was on originally and it strangely never appears on YouTube or in soap trading circles. I’m thinking that episode was late 90s? Ellen’s last appearance was Thanksgiving 1998 so, if she came to Nancy’s birthday party, I’m guessing it was mid-90s.
  5. I’m sure that was when Lorie slammed the keyboard case down on Leslie’s fingers while she was playing the piano. I can’t believe I remember that but I saw it when I was a kid so the scene had a big impact on me. I haven’t seen that scene in over 40 years.
  6. That was Vicky Dawson, not Jacqueline Schultz but I agree with you. Tom and Dee had a past relationship as well. I think they dated briefly but I could be wrong about that. It was before I started watching.
  7. 1984 seems like a weird year for ATWT. It seems completely set apart from what ATWT used to be and what ATWT would soon become. Almost like it’s own, different show. I’m not sure if I like it, but I find it interesting. This version of Frannie seems kind of dopey and I actually prefer this version of Lily. I always found Martha Byrne’s Lily whiny and highly irritating. Brian Bloom always creeped me out a little. He’s 14 here but looks and acts 45.
  8. Probably because she only had one storyline and that was fighting over Ross Boling with Meta and feeling inferior to Meta. Once Trudy married Clyde, that was all in the past and Trudy found contentment (no more drama). Plus she moved off to New York. She sort of rode off into the sunset. Not that she couldn’t come back to Springfield, perhaps as a divorced woman, but there was probably not much need for that once the focus was on the next generation and new heroine (Kathy).
  9. I don’t think I’ve seen a soap matriarch/patriarch death handled as well as Alice’s funeral on Days. I’m not sure which Hortons they could have brought back that they didn’t. It seemed like they brought everybody back except Tommy. I guess since he wasn’t even mentioned we are to assume he died. They even brought back Maree Cheatham who hadn’t been on the show as a regular since the early 70s and went to the bother of casting a new Bill Horton since the main actor who played him had died. I was very pleased at how many characters they brought back. Nancy and Bert’s funerals were pathetic in comparison. I thought they handled Chris Hughes’ funeral well but that was under Marland so that’s expected. Nancy’s children (besides Bob) not only didn’t come but weren’t even mentioned and it was all about Katie. I almost wish they hadn’t even addressed her death. It was almost insulting. Bert’s funeral was almost as bad with no returning family members but, as someone said, the writers seemed very eager at that time to forget the past. I’ve met and talked with Kim Zimmer and she is a very fun and friendly person. Someone you’d want to have as a friend. Not pretentious in the slightest. Very honest and straight-forward. Wears her heart on her sleeve and will tell you anything. Great gal.
  10. Although I thought Mary Ellen Stuart looked a lot more like she could be Gillian Spencer’s daughter than Julianne Moore could. I much preferred Julianne Moore in the role though. Looks aside, she seemed more like a Hughes. The existence of Daniel Hughes was much more significant when you realize that the first major storyline on ATWT back when it premiered was Edith Hughes affair with Jim Lowell. It was the big scandal. Then, 50 years later, the two families were finally combined in Edith’s great-great nephew and Jim’s great-great grandson. I think he was pretty much related to everyone on the show in one way or another.
  11. That weird, surreal moment when my favorite soap opera and my favorite rock group intersect. Private Idaho is my favorite song ever but Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can is such a bizarre choice. I saw an interview with the B-52s where even they couldn’t understand why the producers wanted them to play it. They thought it was a weird choice too. I guess it’s worth it just for the image of Vanessa Chamberlain grooving on a live performance of Throw That Beat in the Garbage Can. It’s like what you would think watching a GL episode while on acid would be like. I tell you, that Wired For Sound was a happening place. I would’ve been there every night.
  12. Hey there! i started watching in 1984 but I have seen a lot of episodes prior to that and am completely familiar with the story from its beginning. I think ATWT was excellent from 1956-1980 and ok from 1981-1984. However, during the years 1985-1993, which were obviously the Marland years, I felt like the show was at its best-written. One of the reasons was because it richly incorporated its past into the current storyline better than any soap ever has. So, those years were the best in my opinion because it used all the great writing that had gone before while still having great current characters, dialogue and storylines. To me, what makes a great soap is not not just good writing. Any show from any genre can have that. But only daytime soaps can have great writing that incorporates (and doesn’t ignore) decades of backstory. ATWT simply needed to be on for decades to get to that point, its zenith, in those Marland years. None of the writers after Marland could do that or wanted to do that. Although I find the story excellent in prior years, especially years 1956-1961 and 1969-1976, I didn’t list those years because I found ATWT a bit dry compared to the other soaps/time periods I listed. 1985-1993, however, is when it all came together and was daytime drama at its finest. Yes, ATWT’s heyday was in the years prior ratings-wise but I never consider ratings when deciding on what’s best.
  13. As the World Turns 1985-1993 The Guiding Light 1948-1977 Days of Our Lives 1965-1982 Another World 1964-1975 The Young and the Restless 1973-1985 Those were the best soaps, in my opinion, and the years that they were at their best. Pretty much in that order.
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