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  1. *silly me forgot which account I use now haha
  2. The window refuses to scroll past the third post, on every page. Its really weird. Ah! I am so tired. Friday can't come too soon.... I miss my 3:00 GH-watching.....
  3. Oh yea, TL, that was funny! I actually thought Tracy pinched his butt, haha, but either works. I also thought it was funny when Skye said how Scott had been really busy, and Luke asked with what.... silence.... haha it made more sense onscreen.
  4. Thanks for the screencaps, Hooked! Liked: Monica flat out said that Tracy was right. Lucky is so sweet to Tracy when no one else is. Luke was mad that Scott was cheating on Tracy. Tracy flipping on the Spencers. JE looked great. Did not like: Bobbie the Bitch. Luke opening his eyes to Skye. I get how Skye was there for continuation, and I do like her, but not when she competes with Tracy's airtime. Not enough of Tracy all around. I expected more from the dream. Lesley the hippie? A little weird...
  5. whoops, thanks! yes I meant Hooked! Sorry! I am too tired for this. lol
  6. One word. Ugh. Seriously. What the hell?! I don't so much mind the Skye flirting since she bites the dust soon, and the ewcbo mentions i am sure were to stifle a monstrous outrage by the LnL fans. I get Lulu's crying\pillow moment. She wishes her mom was there to be with her and her dad, and help them through it, but she's not. So the only way to calm herself is to talk like she is there. I, of course, am limiting this to the view that they are both her parents; none of that lover business. What I hated was that Tracy did not get to see Luke right before the surgery. And I wanted to cry when she was alone by the window and no one offered her coffee. No one to comfort her.... it was like she wasn't even there. It made me so upset. Remos, I think the eye-opening was just he was resting and Skye popped up. I don't think he opened his eyes to her. I am telling myself this. Ms.Q, I am all for the avatar. I am Scott\Tracy all the way. Is there an acronym for that? Trott? lol
  7. Thanks for the clips, Nex! I loved how Tracy stormed out of the room. I cheered her on! I also loved how Luke said that Tracy didn't deserve to take care of a decrepid him. I am so excited for the dream tomorrow! Ms.Q, good luck on the interview!
  8. Oh, Ms.Q, you're so nice! Don't worry, everything is dandy over here. I just got my hours changed. So, I get to wake up a little bit later in the day (which I will definately love), but I will get home after GH now. That is going to be hard to get used to because I will probably have to watch it at night now. I will miss my afternoon chatting with everyone. I realize how negative I sounded, haha, recapping was the only thing I could contribute and I won't be able to do it anymore! Changing emails is a lot more work than I thought. I have my main one for work and family, but I always have the free one for making accounts and everything. I got so much spam on that thing it was rediciulous. So I disabled it. And now I have to find a new one. I am thinking of getting that google mail, it sounds simple enough. I will have to go around to all my accounts everywhere and change it. It is also pretty weird not seeing my banner, even if its for the time being. About the spoiler.
  9. For anyone who knew my email, it is totally spammed up so I had to disable it. ugh. knh, I am afraid we will have to communicate through here for now because I am email-less. Now all my pics are gone because I gotta make a new photobucket account.... this is irritating. Also, traumatizing yet unrelated, I will not be able to be around during afternoons now. No recapping. SHOOT ME. That means much less time on the boards, which just might kill me. With such a packed schedule, it is going to be hard to be on. I apologize in advance because I know a lot of you counted on the recaps.
  10. Thanks, Nex!!! I will enjoy them SO MUCH! And you totally deserve page 500!
  11. I'm off for the rest of the night. I might be on late when I get home, breakroom with a tipsy Hooked again tonight? Haha you were so cute, Remos and I were always a conversation before you because you'd move on to something else. I hope the dinner goes well! And Remos, I will be reading your fic soon like I promised, along with Kristin's story. God I am so behind.
  12. Whoops forgot to change the scene count. Yea, I type during the show or I will forget. Haha.
  13. Happy birthday, Keith! She's on! Scenes: 7 Hair: good! Clothes: black pants, shirt, jacket. black sparkly necklace. she looks very pretty and elegant Basically, Luke tells Tracy he won't apologize for taking off. Its his life, and he doesn't want to be a prisoner. That ultra-happy guy comes in to get Lukester, and he is still crabby. After he leaves to get the tests, Tracy looks a little lost. She goes to the bed and starts to take off the tubes,*sad music*, tears up a little, and in comes Skye! Skye wants to see Luke. Tracy tells her that he isn't there. She'll wait, even though Tracy said the test could take HOURS. She gives Tracy a note to give to Luke. Tracy obviously opens it without a second thought after she leaves. It tells Tracy to stop being so insecure that Luke will leave her. Tracy crumples up the note. She turns around, and its Alan! Alan is sorry for Monica and Emily. He greatly emphasizes that he is NOT A GHOST. hahaha. He tells Tracy to stop being naughty or it will come back to get her. Alan thinks that Tracy is being insecure that Luke will leave her. Tracy says that she is NOT jealous of Skye. She has gotten used to the fact that her husband is unfaithful. Tracy repeats that she doesn't care about Skye. Bobbie is in the doorway, and asked "what about Skye?" I don't think I've ever seen those two in a scene together. Tracy is worried something is wrong with Luke and thats with Bobbie is there. Bobbie says he's fine, and why she is talking to Alan. Bobbie accuses her of worrying an older woman will take away Luke. Luke is rolled in in the wheel chair and asks about what younger woman will be taking him away. Luke is in the bed, Bobbie is laughing, Tracy wants to let Luke rest. Bobbie wants to talk to Luke alone, but Tracy tries to avoid it. Bobbie forces her out. Luke doesn't want more lectures from Bobbie. Bobbie loves Luke and Luke gets teary-eyed; Bobbie doesn't want to loose him. Tracy storms out to see Monica and his results. Monica will do the surgery to make sure its done right. Tracy said under ordinary circumstances she would be her first choice, but is she stable? Monica is offended. Tracy comes back into Luke's room and tells Luke Monica will visit him shortly. Luke wants to know who the woman is. Luke teases her and Tracy says it was Skye. Luke LOVES HER FOR WANTING HIM TO LIVE! HE SAID IT! "I know you want me to live, and I love you for that." Woah it sounds so foreign. Luke says Tracy can't control what happens on the operating table. They'll have to take what comes. Tracy said that if he had spent just a little bit more time getting better, then he would have been outta there already. Tracy was the end character montage, whatever its called! No previews. ILY! ILY! Worded differently, but he still said it! Lots of JE laughing, which I love. They are starting the subtle christmas background music. And Coop is looking pretty darn suspicious.
  14. Comments continue about how gracious, how thoughtful, how classy.... How manipulative! Ya know, when I used to work as a Foster Parent, we had to deal with this type of passive aggressive behaviour constantly. It was always aimed at getting sympathy and playing people. And it usually worked unless the people involved knew better. Then the b**ch came out. There is something seriously off with this individual. That was weird. I agree, Remos. Why the heck is she apologizing?! She doesn't owe anyone an explanation! She wanted to spend time with her family. Period. There is nothing wrong with that reason, and if she is second-guessing it, than I sorta lose some respect for her. She is basically saying that she will be easily manipulated by the fans. Tell them to shut-up, get over it, she has a life, too, and it was her own reasonable choice to leave. Talk about lack of self-worth to apologize that extensively for your own choice that you are completely entitled to.... And the "class act" stuff is making me equally nauseas. I don't see what is so godly about that. And the pic they chose of her makes her look so angelic. Haha!
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