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  1. She should’ve had a diamond last season. They focused quite a bit on her and she carried the last part of the season once LVP left. The fact that they’ve only brought her back as a friend yet again is stupid. I think Kyle is thrilled to be only remaining OG.
  2. Oh damn when did the wig come off? I deleted yesterday's episode without watching. And i stopped this one about fifteen minutes in.
  3. I don't think she's ever getting boot. Someone at Sony must love her. I have no clue how she's lasted this long or why they have Mariah take her back after every lie.
  4. I really hope Bravo doesn't reward Brandi's thirsty ass with a full time return. She's clearly desperate for that Bravo paycheck again and will do anything to get her diamond back. I have zero interest in watching her.
  5. I saw a separate rumor that said Denise and Aaron got married before his divorce with Nicollete was finalized which is apparently considered bigamy in California. Who really knows what’s going on. I’m seeing a lot of stuff, conveniently after all the reports came out that the season was boring hence bringing on the big guns.
  6. Oh god don’t get me started on Nene and those phony faces she makes now to pretend to be the original Nene still. I hope she doesn’t think anyone is actually buying that [!@#$%^&*], it’s so try hardy. Apparently Bravo teasing us with the fight between Kenya and Nene is working as the show hit 2 million viewers Sunday for a season high.
  7. Why did they even bring Nene back for this season? She clearly no longer fits in and is mostly pointless. She claimed to want to make up with Porsha but then called her fat again? Speaking of Porsha, it’s crazy to me how much I like her now. I used to be completely anti Porsha. I think the season when she was a friend of must’ve changed things for me or something.
  8. Victor is out cold from a stroke and Ciara only cares about him waking up to save Ben?! Who the [!@#$%^&*] thinks this is good?
  9. Will as Ben's best friend is just awful. The show really will stop at nothing to redeem that damn serial killer.
  10. The answer is no. She's part of the reason I stopped watching. She and Nick were terrible together the first time and I don't see a ton of chemistry between her and this Adam, who if I recall was just in love with Sharon again.
  11. Michael hating Sonny was so good and the most interesting the character of Michael ever was. Of course they ruined it.
  12. The Evan and Sonny scenes have zero energy to them.
  13. I just got to that part and I laughed as well. I said it before but I really enjoy Gina as Hope.
  14. I think it's really weird that you wouldn't tell your supposed friend you're taking over the role she's played on and off for two decades.
  15. Is there a more pointless and wasted character on soaps today than Ciara Brady? My god how is it that the child of Bo and Hope is so...blah. Her obsession with Ben really has ruined the character.
  16. Apparently the reunion episodes did 1.4 million for a season high. Glad to see people aren’t sleeping on the show.
  17. Contessa needs to go. She's literally pointless.
  18. Team Danielle big time in this situation. The other ladies were being absolute mean girls when Danielle honestly hasn't done [!@#$%^&*] to any of them except for maybe Marge when she was a bridezilla. Marge comes across as obsessed with Danielle. And once again I will say, you pour a drink on me you deserve to get your ass beat especially considering this is not the first time she's done this.
  19. I hate that Kristen has gone crazy again so soon over Brady. I was enjoying the more sane and rational Kristen at the convent. She can't be viable as raging lunatic at all times. I've accepted Stacy as Kristen now, but I still find myself missing Eileen desperately. That first year when she came back, she was absolutely just amazing to watch. Gina and Steveano at the party is fun. I love Gina as Hope. KA seems to have fun playing her.
  20. I watched briefly today as I was bored and working from home. Mishael as Amanda is dreadful. She seems bored out of her mind. There's no energy or life to her performance at all. They need to just make her Hillary like yesterday and get over this Amanda [!@#$%^&*]. I still don't understand how Chelsea ended back up with Nick instead of Adam since she was so damn in love with Adam when he got blown up. I don't like nuChance AT ALL.
  21. Lani and Kristen are friendship goals. Love them together. I also feel like Days really knows how to use their younger set. At least better than GH and Y&R when I was watching.
  22. I guess I’m in the minority but I like DH as Hattie. She seems like she has fun playing this quirky character. I never saw her sister as Hattie though. Overall I’m really enjoying Days lately since I went on my twelve episode binge. The time jump has worked for me.
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