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  1. Does anyone know the date, or week that Michael Delaney was shot on the Cutting Edge? I'm trying to find a better copy on youtube than the clips with the Turkish (??) subtitles but even that doesn't give a date...
  2. Wow I had no idea that Don Wallace was on the writing team in 1986.
  3. This one just recently came up on an episode of Coronation Street (and yet some Corrie fans like to claim that the show doesn't use soap opera cliches and tropes--of course it does, it just does them in a less glamorous way ) Someone will try to defuse a potential bombshell involving them--say a lie they told or whatever that's about to be revealed--so they run over to that person's house to tell them, are starting to tell them and the other person plays being calm, etc, only to reveal someone else already revealed the secret in the worst possible way when THAT person walks in from the other room and had been there all along, or whatever. (OK I didn't explain that clearly but surely any soap fan knows that I mean.)
  4. I mean personally I'd go for AMC, which along with One Life to Live to a lesser degree, seems to have been one of the first soaps to get mainstream media attention (largely based around "social relevancy" and finding a then unrecognized soap audience of college students)--media attention which I think was partially responsible for the backlash the soap suffered from some of the soap press at the time. But as others have said, that's really just my own personal preference. Certainly, I think AMC, GH, Y&R and ATWT are the ones with the most recognizable names, even now, to people who don't watch soaps--which ultimately means nothing about quality but you don't see One Life to Live, for example, mentioned when soaps are brought up casually.
  5. I'm not usually... well mean dude. I think that hanging out on here and the rececnt loss od off my ex--Anyway, sorry for any rus;eness.
  6. Ha! I\m trying to find a file I have saved from Babbin about being an openly gay woman in the industry, she pulls no punches!
  7. Depending on her prose quality, sounds potentially fun. I never got why she was replaced at AMC--did she leave on her own?
  8. Yep they absolutely did. Usually I think they looked different enough, but... I never knew why he was dropped--or did the character leave? I liked his interactions with Wanda Thanks so much for these! A month or so into the Gottlieb/Malone era... I didn't start watching till whenever the gay story started in 1992, and haven't seen much from this time (I did see on FB some of the short term spousal abuse story with Craig Wasson
  9. Was Jacqueline Babbin *writing? She was the EP--I remember one article that I seem to have lost about her hiring where she talks about all the changes she'll make but unfortunately she was only given a year (I love her time at AMC--Wisner Washam said it was she who insisted on a gay storyline with the short lived lesbian story since she was a lesbian). She could have suggested a mystery to the writer of course... Yeah the late 80s were a hard time for ABC--all their soap ratings were dropping so they did a lot of surgery--with AMC/OLTL/GH it (at least till the mid 90s) seems to have worked, though.
  10. Sorry about that--I forgot about the paywall. I'm a free but registered user too (and Canadian...) There's commentary about each soap but it's not particularly insightful if you have a basic idea of them--still some stuff I didn't know like that Albion Market was meant to take place mere blocks away from Coronation Street--in the end they just replaced it with more Corrie. Crossroads fascinates me. I was living in England and Ireland when the (as they say in the article "kitschy") reboot happened and it was just a beyond weird mess--the producer played up the reputation the soap had for being cheap not seeming to realize that its fans (as awful as some of the clips I've seen are) obviously on some level loved it un-ironically and didn't want a very different feeling send-up of it, essentially. She also gave interviews saying how she was specifically trying to appeal to gay audiences (I guess she meant camp gay fans, which for the time was kinda brave to even admit to, but wrong-headed) and yet it had very few actually gay characters... The finale is especially odd with the actors all playing people in a grocery store who dreamed (or something) that they were on Crossroads. For what it's worth I have one British friend whose taste I usually trust who swears that a lot of Eldorado was actually good (he's the only one I've heard say that though ). Bright Eyes you might be too young but Night and day was carried in its entirety--just a week behind--here in Canada on Women's Network (W now) which tried with foreign soaps every so often--when CBC dropped Emmerdale they picked it up, but sadly only briefly, and also carried at a time old episodes of Eastenders, and new episodes of Neighbours (which I guess the gay network OutTV now carries but I don't get that)00I think they may have carried Home and Away for a spell too around the time Global had dropped their brief attempt to have it as an afternoon soap after their American soaps. *anyway*--I kinda loved it. It was beyond bizarre, and its bizarre filming style, editing, etc, especially at first, could be frustrating just as often as it was cool--it also was a weird mix of cynical even mean spirited stuff with genuinely emotional or sentimental stuff--and then all the wacky stories which often were just for the sake of being wacky. But I watched it all (quite a bit of the early eps and finale are online I think) and the cast managed to be both more glamorous than typical for UK soaps but also genuinely talented (of course many of them have done higher profile work). I'm surprised grande dame Lesley Joseph hasn't popped up on Corrie or Eastenders. Corrie definitely remains my fave but that is largely since I've watched it since 1991 or so when I was 10 lol. Although I admit out of the UK soaps I follow right now, the one i enjoyed the most the past few summers is The Archers, LOL.
  11. I've liked some of his work on Corrie and EE--but like with Mal, why hire these people who worked on such different soaps if you're not even gonna slightly try to go in that direction (I don't think they should, but it just baffles the mind.) He was a consultant at AMC and made zero impact from what I could tell.
  12. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/0/best-worst-british-tv-soap-operas/
  13. Thanks! He was kinda adorable. Do you just watch these things randomly and come across soap actors?
  14. A lot of people (and mostly fairly) complained about that hospital scene and the fact that some people barely seemed to register that Victor Jr was alive, etc. I think you're right that OLTL 2.0 coulda done a better job establishing character relationships and history for new, or long time gone, viewers. AMC did a much better job with this, but then again they also had the time jump, many more new characters (cast), etc, and so had to--the only story really that was directly picked up was who was shot at the finale, and even that was easily dealt with (let's face it, it would be pretty hard to handle in well written dialogue recap the whole Victor Jr/Todd thing). Interesting both shows made use of a coffee house setting. It does seem like a good locale for them to have for group stuff. --traditionally soaps always use restaurants but who actually goes to restaurants so often, even casual places. (Re Ron's GH don't forget he also managed to tie in Ryan's Hope and even Loving to the show when he wrote it--though Loving had a cross over with GH, it is not owned by ABC but was kept by Agnes Nixon's company throughout it and City's run, so I'm not sure if he had any right to do that, but probably no one on either side really cared).
  15. Yeah, at least Nixon went out with a bang. I liked other things I suspect were Nixon and not Passanante like some sense of a smaller community (poor Marian trying hard to join and fit in with Enid's group, etc) I thougth Greenlee was tolerable back then but I liked Leo and Leo and Bianca's friendship a lot, etc.
  16. Yeah, I admit that it's much better in hindsight than I thought at the time--I was surprised (better the devil you know?) although, as you know, I really liked 99-2000 out of the Agnes co-HW time before it completely fell apart. It still feels like AMC on some level at any rate.
  17. Just posted this week, an episode right smack dab in the middle of the beloved second McTavish run!
  18. I will say this thread has made me revisit clips, etc, of the online OLTL. For a variety of reasons the AMC reboot has stuck with me more, and I think overall (despite the issues it had with having less of the ABC cast) I think it was the more successful, but it's reminded how much I enjoyed an awful lot of OLTL 2.0 I think there was a chunk in the middle or maybe early on and in the middle where it felt directionless and it lost the initial momentum, but by the end it really was revving up into something potentially great--and frankly something I enjoyed more than the final years of Ron's run (despite all the whiners about the reboots online--who were particularly bitter about Ron not continuing with the reboot). It kept some of the convoluted crime stuff OLTL often did what with the secret organization but I was intrigued--even hackneyed soap stories like Jack sleeping (almost?) with his teacher were relatively freshly handled I thought. As Vee has said several time it also really helped to be back to back with AMC and emphasize the sorta ying/yang thing the two shows, at their best, always had (even, in their old 1970 way, back when they started judging by the 1969 OLTL ep online and the five AMC 1970s eps out there)--AMC being more homey, a bit more "small town", etc, compared to OLTL's more urban and action oriented edge (even with AMC having stories like the sex trafficking one I think this was true). Hell the two online shows even emphasized that--online AMC seemed to mostly take place in the day, and OLTL mostly at night. And now I'm sad once again that the reboots didn't work out. Oh well, better to go out as (mostly) a creative success than to have been the utter embarrassments they could have been.
  19. Ugh and I forgot all of that too. Of course John McBain had the vampire PC crossover story and then also had to be written off even though he didn't go to OLTL 2.0
  20. Certainly pre-Dale Arden from Flash, Natalie (ugh one of the worst recasts in a show that has had some doozies...)
  21. Also this: No matter what the intentions of the writing staff of General Hospital were at the time, the thread of Cole (and possibly Hope) being alive will not be picked up by the new online reboot of One Life to Live. Executive producer Jennifer Pepperman had the following to say when discussing the opportunity to bring back the characters: "I was really shocked as a viewer when Cole and Hope were killed and I know on soap operas people say you can bring people back from the dead, but that is something that I feel strongly, and Prospect Park feels strongly about, and that is not bringing people back from the dead. That is one of the things that never really feels right, but I am afraid that ABC killed Cole and Hope, and also Victor Jr. III (Tea and Victor Jr. son) and those are real losses for the show." And the Tea saga of her time on GH between the OLTL finale and the reboot (I totally forgot they were gonna have a connection between Tomas and GH's Alcazar.) So I think Todd just followed her back to Llanview--but I don't remember on GH if anyone asked why Kiki and nuFranco looked like Starr and Todd. WHAT A MESS. n May 2012, a heavily pregnant Téa arrives in Port Charles, the setting of General Hospital, to provide legal counsel to Starr, who had held mobster Sonny Corinthos at gun point. Téa quickly discloses that she was hired by Blair. On June 1, she collapses in the parking garage and is found by Todd, and goes into labor. Todd crashes their car off the road during a rainstorm and delivers Téa's baby, a boy, in the rain. When the baby is born, he is not crying and Todd takes the baby and goes for help. Todd runs into Heather Webber, who in turn says the baby is unable to be saved. As Todd goes to tell Téa the unfortunate news, he discovers Sam Morgan lying unconscious with her own healthy newborn son nearby. As Todd attempts to return Sam's baby to her, Téa arrives and falsely assumes the baby is hers. Heather leaves Téa's stillborn son in place of Sam's. Todd later returns Téa to Llanview with Sam's baby. Heather Webber arrives in Llanview in September 2012 at Téa's house, introducing herself as "Susan Moore." She offers to be a nanny for the baby. Téa is thankful and hires her. John later arrives in Llanview, and secretly takes a DNA sample from the baby after Sam's husband, Jason, begins to suspect that Sam's baby was switched with Téa's. The DNA results are a match, and John goes to Llanview to tell Téa the truth. However, before he can tell her, Téa realizes that the baby and her nanny are gone. When John tells her that "Susan" is really Heather, a mental patient who escaped from Ferncliff, Téa is shocked. When Téa finds out that Heather is in Port Charles, she heads to Todd's house. Todd pretends to get a phone call from his P.I. telling him where Heather is, and he and Téa leave to go find her. When they get there, however, they find John there with Port Charles Commissioner Anna Devane. Téa listens as John and Anna punch holes in Todd's story, but is too worried about "her baby". Anna gets a phone call that Heather is at General Hospital, holding the baby hostage on the roof. John, Anna, Todd, and Téa all head to General Hospital. Téa wants to go be with "her son", but John stops her. Todd stays with Téa, while John and Anna confer about the situation. Téa overhears them saying Sam and Jason are on the roof with Heather, and wonders why they are on the roof with Heather and "her son". Téa tries to go to the roof, but Todd stops her. Téa watches in horror as Heather jumps from the roof with the baby in her arms. However, Jason manages to save the baby. Téa is relieved, and anxious to see her son, but is confused when Todd and Anna keep stopping her. Eventually, she runs inside, and Todd chases after her. She gets out of the elevator, and sees John with Jason, Sam, and the baby. When she goes to get him, John and Sam hold her back, and she becomes even more confused. When Sam and Jason walk away with the baby, Téa is furious and demands an explanation. John and Todd explains to her that her baby died and the child with Sam and Jason is Sam's son. At first, Téa is in disbelief, thinking they're lying to her, but when John shows the DNA test that was run and tells her that the baby who died had hemophilia, a condition that's in Téa's family, Téa finally realizes her baby is dead. She goes to baby "Victor's" room, and tells Jason and Sam she will not take the baby away – she just wants to say goodbye. Sam agrees, and Téa says a heartfelt goodbye to "Victor". Afterwards, she leaves the room, and the hospital, in tears. Téa comes to the police station after Todd is arrested in connection to the baby switch. Téa asks him flat out if he had anything to do with the switch. Todd denies it, but Téa warns him that if he did do this, he has hurt her more than he could ever have. She goes back to Llanview, but not before telling Starr about the suspicion surrounding Todd. Téa is shown in Llanview again with Blair, when Todd arrives with Carly Corinthos and Skye Quartermaine. Carly and Skye claim that Tomás is actually an international arms dealer named Lorenzo Alcazar. Blair calls Tomás to come home, but a CIA agent shows up, saying Tomás has left for another mission. Téa leaves with Blair and Skye to find Tomás.
  22. OK This is all so fuzzy--especially as I only sorta paid attention to GH, but... The characters killed off were killed off--Starr was driving to Port Charles (I think?) and was in a car crash that killed Cole and Starr. Hughes (2nd Cole) returned briefly with Starr--they had to stop in Port Charles due to a storm on the way to Llanview (why they were going there is beyond me since Cole was in hiding). There was a dumb part where Cole told Starr all about the history of Luke and Laura, the Cassadines and other famous Port Charles people (and so I guess filling in new viewers?) which he knew about because it turned out (unless we knew this already) that Ian Thornhart on the soap Port Charles was his uncle being Patrick's brother. The crash was involved I believe because they were in the middle of a shooting planned by Sonny, or so it seems (of course). I can't even find details on how Todd exited, but here's Starr's storyline from her year on GH (so many oh so typical Ron Carlivati plot points here): Upon Cole and Hope's deaths in Port Charles, New York, the setting of General Hospital, Starr is rescued by Michael Corinthos. Blair soon arrives to tell Starr that her family is gone. The main suspect in their deaths is Sonny Corinthos, Michael's father. Michael lets Starr stay at his apartment during the trial. When Sonny is acquitted, a distraught Starr takes him hostage at gunpoint; Michael is able to talk her out of it but later has her arrested. However, Todd later blackmails Sonny and Michael into dropping the charges. Johnny Zacchara blackmails Rick Powers into letting Starr out of her contract and she signs another deal with him. Starr and Michael soon begin dating and he disapproves of her new roommate, Trey Mitchell. Starr initially clashes with Michael's sister, and Trey's girlfriend, Kristina Davis. Starr and Michael follow Trey and Kristina to Las Vegas and are shocked to find Kristina and Trey have eloped as a publicity stunt for their reality show. It is later revealed that Kate Howard's alternate personality, Connie, was the shooter the night of Starr's accident. Starr severs all ties with Johnny when it is revealed that he secretly married Connie to keep her from being committed and helped cover up her involvement in the shooting. Todd soon confides in Starr about his involvement in the switching of Téa's stillborn son with Sam Morgan's living child. Starr and Michael nearly make love for the first time on Halloween when he is confronted by his presumed dead biological father, A. J. Quartermaine. She begins sleeping on Michael's couch when she and Trey get evicted from the apartment. As she offers supports to Michael, Starr blackmails Todd into helping Sam's sister, Molly Lansing get her book published. Starr and Michael make love for the first time on Christmas Eve. In January 2013, Johnny finally admits that he was behind Hope and Cole's accident. When Johnny is sent to prison, he gives Starr his half of the Haunted Star making her partners with Michael's cousin and sister-in-law, Lulu Spencer-Falconeri. Starr is seen grieving on the anniversary of Cole and Hope's death, as well as lamenting the day she met Michael and starting a relationship. As they leave the gravesite, an unknown figure walks forward and gazes sadly at Cole and Hope's gravestones. It is heavily suggested that it is Cole and he survived the accident; however, it remains unknown. On March 20, 2013, Starr receives an emergency call from Langston, telling her to return to Los Angeles immediately. She leaves Michael and tells him she will be back soon. A few days later, Starr calls Michael and tells him she is not returning to Port Charles, and breaks up with him without an explanation. It is implied that Hope and Cole turned up alive in Los Angeles and Starr went into hiding with them.
  23. Agreed. In hindsight I think maybe focusing so much on the Todd/Victor Jr stuff hampered them, but I get why they felt they had to deal with that story.
  24. DEFINITELY Natalie. I think Susan Lucci even mentioned Brooke and Natalie being *the two*. (Barbara is a good third choice, though... But really, it would be easier to make a list of female friends Erica *had*)
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