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  1. Fascinating--I dunno why I haven't gotten around to tracking down a copy of that book yet. Hubbell was actually Chuck number 3 http://www.pinevalleybulletin.com/Quick Guide/BiographiesWeb/TylerChuck.html
  2. You don't recognize sorta-almost former teen idol Jay R. Ferguson? (He was Ponyboy in The Outsiders TV series...) I loved him as Stan on Mad Men, his most significant role and I'm glad he's on a hit after being a lead in several sitcoms (The Real O'Neals and last year's Living Biblically) that went nowhere. Apparently he briefly dated Sara Gilbert--in this stylish ensemble
  3. I have to say I've been a bit surprised by Murphy Brown's reboot. I don't think it's great, or even really very good, and yet, it works for me much better than I ever expected it to. My memories of the old series are pretty vague--I think I watched with my family relatively often, at least near the end, but it was never must watch and I don't remember ever having the chance to watch reruns (as mentioned it's particularly odd that CBS didn't stream it before the reboot--just another reason why the reboot surprised me. Will and Grace, Roseanne, etc, seem like they've been rerun and easy to watch for ages). But I think the cast, even the less talented members, play off each other well, I like the chemistry between Murphy and Avery, Tyne Daly seems to work, etc. The anti-Trump stuff is a bit much and the desire for *every* episode to tackle some modern political issue is also a bit much (like making the Thanksgiving episode suddenly be about deportation) but it does have a bit of an older-style sitcom charm. ANyway I take it we're only getting the one season. Completely agreed. And man, I had no idea Blair Brown was involved. I think the pilot aired at some conferences?
  4. Didn't the CW have one (youth based of course) that went to pilot? But that was well over ten years ago I believe... (Maybe it was UPN? The WB?) Oh even more than that, from what I've seen... As a kid when I'd tape Loving/AMC/OLTL and watch it zooming through the commercials, I could get through all three in about an hour and forty minutes and be done before my parents were home from work after school, none the wiser .
  5. Ah so they just got the two confused I guess... Fair enough.
  6. Larkin Malloy played someone called Kyle on AMC?? Wha??
  7. I'm glad you enjoyed! Interestingly a year later there was a major shake up (even if the actors themselves seemed to want new writers, I'm glad TPTB didn't replace Gordon and Hall who would go on to write some of their best work.)
  8. I thought by 2000 we had already gotten the 39 mins or so of actual soap in an hour--but in the past 1 years they certainly could have given even more soap time. I know that when SoapNet would have marathons they usually would cut at least a scene or two of their older (but we're talking 1980s or earlier) episodes...
  9. I won't disagree with any of that. The first season at least had a good sense of forward momentum that kept it easily watchable--something that from the little I watched later seemed to get completely lost.
  10. That's my fault but I know at least one major writer who I've chatted with a fair amount--a lot of stuff had to be completely off the record, certain things they wouldn't answer, when I did an official interview with them that I could pull quotes from for my grad essay, I had to agree to let those quotes be reviewed, etc--and that seems pretty typical of the majority of the people who were in the bizz. I guess it's just about not burning any bridges cuz you never know what connection you might have for other possible jobs?
  11. But New World continued to do live action--Bold and the Beautiful of course, the Aussie soap that they hoped would cross over Paradise Beach in '93 (where Ingo Rademacher got his start), a significant number of primetime things... Which Marvel cartoons did they do? I see a brief Hulk one around that era... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Pictures#Films_and_television_series_each_season
  12. No kidding--how the f u c k do you screw up a holiday episode on a soap?? They write themselves. And hey inserting the new GH opening gave them 45 extra seconds of commercial time!
  13. From what I remember though to be fair Star's SATC was meant to be quite a different thing--it was meant to be a sex comedy except with women which hadn't really been done on TV before. MPK made it much more sentimental (and arguably deeper though I think the final season and those shitty movies are at least as much his fault as SJP's and let's not forget MPK went on to create and run Two Broke Girls...) Murphy and Falchuk (who by now deserves as much of the blame but since he doesn't like public attention and Murphy loves it is often forgotten) are good even sometimes great at concepts. And casting. But... yeah. I'm glad they now do so many shows that a lot of them don't feature them as showrunners and they're usually much better due to that (Pose, Feud, American Crime, to varying degrees....) I mostly really enjoyed season 1 though on hindsight it has made zero lasting impression on me--but I remember a group of us friends would always watch it together and everyone was pretty excited by it. That didn't last more than maybe one or two episodes into season 2. From the men who went on to become the showrunners of the awful American Queer as Folk (granted they cut their teeth at Family as did a much better team, Herskovitz/Zwick)? I am shocked... I somewhat watched Sisters with me, well, sister, but I was too young to really catch onto it so can't really talk about it but I know it was a "Cow/Lip" show" That reboot is so out of nowhere. I did revisit season one of NE but only was kinda into it--and was shocked at how homophobic one of the early episodes (2?) was. I mean I know it was a different time, but man...
  14. I'm actually still watching--God knows why (just like God knows how this was renewed). And... I think I like this season a lot more than the first season. Maybe I just now like the characters? It's not great TV, it's definitely a show that I watch while doing other things, but... *hides*
  15. I thought True Blood was such an obvious example that it wasn't worthy of bringing it up I also agree with your take on the show--season 5 was a mess but that's where Alan Ball wanted to end it. He was burnt out but I thought HBO of all places would have realized that the show would not improve under a new showrunner and without his involvement (he retained an EP credit), but no instead it limped through two more seasons under Brian Buckner (who shockingly has not been allowed to lead a show since--though he writes for, yuck, Fear the Walking Dead). I watched loyally till the end but seriously can not remember a thing from the last two seasons except for a bit about the very ending (a dinner party after burying Bill or... something?) With primetime shows I'd be curious to know just how many examples there are of a show succeeding after its original showrunner/creator leaves it? (Obviously this is harder to judge with older shows that didn't usually have that position). I mean I was NEVER a fan but I suppose Sex and the City counts--I think Darren Star left after season 2 and what most fans seem to love is really Michael Patrick King's Sex and the City not Star's. And of course with primetime soaps like daytime soaps this is less of an issue.
  16. I never watched Popular, but it SHOCKS me that a Ryan Murphy show, even before he teamed up with partner-in-crime Brad Falchuk, had a good first season and then fell off the rails! *SHOCKS ME* I was a teen when OC was on and I remember my dad of all people--a guy who would never be caught dead watching a "soap" was a big fan as well. SOmewhere in the second half of the story with that stalker character (was his name Oliver?) it started to really seem to lose it--and he just stopped watching. By Season 2 I had stopped as well..
  17. Well I mean JG was enamoured with the Ford Bros on OLTL so I can't really take his criticism of any young male actors seriously
  18. B&S suffered from a lot of what daytime suffers from--network interference. John Robin Baitz created it but had never done TV before despite being a well regarded playwright and he was blunt in his blog that by midway through season one he was out--he said ABC would send him production notes that literally said things like "this show needs a young, attractive *blonde* woman STAT". (OK maybe not quite literally but they did tell him it could use a pretty young blond). Add to that that afterwards it went into constant showrunner turnaround so there was no stability. I actually think I watched every single episode--it never really offended me or anything, I liked the actors, etc, but there are full years of the show I would not be able to tell you offhand any of the storylines... See I don't think I remember the finale at all. WHat was the Wonder Years treatment?
  19. Yes he spearheaded it seemed to me the hatred the soap press had for the Prospect Park soaps. Was that because he thought it would take away from his dream team over at GH? I never got all of that. I suspect now it would be different--since Hulu has shows that are treated on an equal footing as any network show--but at the time the thought seemed to be that the soap press would gain nothing by covering them...
  20. That rap story is as awful as it sounds. I mean it was ill conceived from the beginning--Paul Rauch of all people introducing rap to soap operas?? I wouldn't be surprised to find out he was paying SOD to write about it each week With the 90s and Rauch seeming to want to make OLTL at least somewhat relevant again (paired with the sad AIDS related death of HW Schnessel) really made OLTL become unwatchable quickly (and I was no fan of the later Rauch "fantasy" era). Did SOD not pay much attention to writer turn around back then? Going through the 1990 and 1989 magazine articles I'm surprised (*unless it just wasn't uploaded) there is nothing about Agnes Nixon returning to AMC as official HW to try to help it from its slow decline...
  21. An online "friend" of mine who used to be involved with AMC has mentioned and recommended a book to me that I'd never heard of, though with the caveat that he thinks the gossip and talk in it is only about 60-70% right (but that seems like a decent ratio for a very biased tell-all). Has anyone else read it? I'll probably eventually get a copy with hopefully some Christmas money... Apparently it's filled with details about the turmoil behind the scenes on AMC (and a bit at OLTL) in the second half of the 1990s--including the firing and rehiring of McTavish and the EP shuffle... http://www.mondocult.com/articles/makeup.html http://www.makeupandmisery.com/ SOAP OPERAS ARE DYING OFF. But years before the funeral began, veteran makeup man Norman Bryn was embalming Divas in front of the camera, while dueling with some behind it too! Makeup & Misery: Adventures in the Soap Factory relates Norm’s five-year cosmetic chronicle doing simultaneous duty at All My Children for Disney/ABC and NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Stars including the late Phil Hartman, Susan Lucci, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Ripa appear in this frank behind-the-scenes look at network TV production from the viewpoint of the makeup artist. Facelifts and friendships, hirings and firings, death, politics, Emmys, unions, and the rivalries among cast and crew drive this story of the decline of Daytime Serials right up to 2009. Slashed budgets, falling ratings, the threat of Reality-TV and the internet paint a vivid picture of the changing fortunes of soaps and the TV business in general. This “makeup memoir” is a must-read for would-be cosmeticians, actors, and of course soap fans.
  22. Yeah I was gonna say I was never a huge GH fan but I remember the final years of Riche's era not being very good... And yet watching this now in a modern context it really does seem like A+ material.
  23. You're right of course--the issue is the eco storylines tend to just be window dressing. And of course Conboy would not be interested in an AIDS story (Poor guy though--so optimistic about Santa Barbara in the newly posted SOD--did he even last a year?) In the new issue as well, I assume Michael Storm is talking about the early 80s ball Asa hosted which fans still talk about going on for several months with very little plot...
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