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  1. You are not a fan of crossovers? We have not enjoyed in crossover in several years. I consider myself a Kim Zimmer and Reva superfan. In fact, I had plastic surgery to look more like Reva Shayne.
  2. I would like for Kim Zimmer to cross over to The Young and the Restless from Guiding Light as “Reva Shayne.”
  3. ~*~*~REVA SHAYNE~*~*~ The best Reva stories: 1) The clone 2) San Cristobal/Princess Katherine 3) Annie Dutton 4) Time Travel! Yay! 5) Reva Gets Breast Cancer 6) Reva and Jonathan 7) Reva Gets a Stalker 8 ) Reva is a Ghost! 9) Reva as Amish! 10) Reva’s Romance with the Lewis Brothers 11) Reva Gets Knocked Up by Jeffrey 12) Reva Drives off the Bridge 13) Sonni or Solitia?
  4. I love Kim Zimmer and Reva Shayne. I cannot beleieve that Reva has been gone for 10 years. I wish she could have crossed over to BB or YR.
  5. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0605600/ Tony Morena has been at YR for about a decade and a half.
  6. My sister lives in Peapack. Everyone in town loved Ellen Wheeler and the crew. They said that some of the actors smelled bad though.
  7. Was Jenson B a drunk back during her AW days?
  8. I think he does still have Gabe’s face. I dont remember a specific comment being made, so they probably want us to forget about it or assume Adam still has Gabe’s face. I enjoy a handful of the characters like Jack, Phyllis, Adam, Traci, Victor, Billy, and Sharon on most days but Abby, Chelsea, Nick, Victoria, and Devon drive me nuts. I like when the old music cues get used. Some of the new sets look good, but the new hotel is fugly and cheap looking. Not an adequate replacer for GCAC.
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