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  1. I still am upset with this show, however, they used one of my favourite piece of music during the Nate/Abby sex scenes. At least Y&R still has that going. I do the exact same. Hate Lola. HATE HATE HAAAATE. EDIT: Michelle Stafford is unbearable right now. I do partially blame the writing. Also such a waste of Eva La Rue.
  2. I agree on Anjelica only looking out for her own, with the "I got mine" attitude. She can f-ck off.
  3. I'm not sold on Kyle and Mariah. I like them better as friends. There is zero need for Kyle to settle down right now like he is.
  4. They did Loren dirty. They have Summer talking about getting millennials and all this BS, and yet, Loren was doing this for the show with her positivity and engagement with fans. How Lola and Tessa are surviving longer, and they use "creative reasons" as an excuse to get rid of her shows how utterly incompetent these people are. Even KSJ and the passing of Neil's character was like a week long story, instead of spurring it to be something bigger. Screw these writers.
  5. I enjoyed this week episode. Loved seeing Candy. I miss her, wish the show did more with her. Overall, the show is about the AIDS crisis and Ballroom scene, that has always been its focus. When you have two broadway actors, you know they're going to sing and have a showcase episode. The Good Wife did the same thing, Big Little Lies is doing it now with Meryl Streep, and if this helps the show get more recognition then I'm all for it. Billy Porter was excellent. This will definitely be his Emmy tape. Black McIver is an idiot. Instead of lifting the show he decides to make stupid comments to get attention. This show showcases, black, latino, trans actors in predominant roles with relatively good writing, so of course Blake is going bash it. I'll definitely call the show out on its crap when it's due, but for a show that IMO is breaking so many barriers, I'm not going to find fault in minute things that countless other shows are lauded for. My hope for season 3 is they go back to being more cohesive, instead of the single character episodes. That's when the show is at its best. Good article by Billy Porter: http://www.newnownext.com/billy-porter-sounds-off-on-cisgender-white-rich-gay-culture/07/2018/
  6. Wait, Loren Lott/Ana is gone? And Lola boring ass is still here. And Chloe is coming back? Yeah, no screw that. Stafford return has been a bust. Adam's return has taken up too much space. No idea what the hell they're doing.
  7. For real. I don't understand how some people can have so much money, and not pay it forward or give back. We need more people like this.
  8. Yeah, that's him. Ricky is his ex. It doesn't look like the future is too bright for Ricky though 😞
  9. Dang, now I regret asking 😞 Sorry, Chit! I agree, PrayTell is annoying at times. I also hated how he treated Candy. I like Ricky more than Damon. But, I enjoyed the attention to both of them this episode.
  10. Daaang Ricky's butt in that last episode stole the show for me lol.
  11. ^Ben Affleck was and still is awful as Batman though. No charisma or appeal at all. I welcome Pattinson over him. He was great in Good Time.
  12. I like Mahershala and happy for his success, but there are other actors out there too lol
  13. Today was the first day I actually enjoyed Traci/Cane. Beth Maitland was good here. Also, I hope Kyle tells Lola to F off. This character is INFURIATING. NO GOD WHY NO!!!!!
  14. One of my top characters for sure. I also loved @Cat review. I wish more people would watch. That scene in the gay bar in season 1 with Blanca is what sold me on this show, and I hope they continue to explore the different dynamics. Apparently one of the actors whose character always hop houses choreograph the dance scenes. I think it works given the time period of the show. Anything more, might take away from the authenticity. Also, that "brunch" scene was a hilarious ad-lib.
  15. I think Kit and Emilia are good people, but they definitely don't deserve a nomination. Ditto with Peter Dinklage and Lena.
  16. Out of all the GoT noms, I'm only rooting for Alfie Allen for his great body of work throughout the entire series.
  17. That episode with Candy was amazing. Damn! Angelica Ross is coming for that Emmy next year. It's hard to watch this show on a weekly basis, because I need my next dose ASAP lol. No other drama on television compares right now to me.
  18. Lola is so annoying. Could care less about her daddy issues. Just write her off already
  19. This is the exact scene I was thinking about. It was basically a repeat, but much worse
  20. I'm not a huge Meryl fan, but I don't understand this quote. I do like this quote though: There's no denying her authority, yet even legends need to return to interpersonal basics. Perhaps by the time Streep no longer has to cake on the makeup to play a senior, she'll be given a role that will allow her to intimately inhabit the private human drama she has long been second to none at illustrating.
  21. I'll admit the Kyle and friends party was good. We need to see more of this stuff. Even Lola was tolerable here. The ending killed it though. Replace Stafford with Sandra Nelson - my rant continues.
  22. Why is Lola still here? Stafford feels very off right now. One minute she's whispering, and the next she's screaming. Was Sandra Nelson not available? I'm surprised Jill didn't go over to Victor, after her scene with Billy.
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