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  1. Am I the only one not physically or emotionally ready for week 2 of AMC and OLTL? It still feels like it was this strange, beautiful one-off.

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    2. ReddFoxx


      I'm pretty well acclimated with right now, so it feels like regular routine to watch them with breakfast.

    3. dragonflies


      Yeah I love waking and being able to watch them first thing

    4. AlexElizabeth


      I still can't wrap my head around the fact that the shows are back and we're getting 4 new episodes a week either.

      I love being able to watch them first thing in the morning too.

  2. Rewatching the last couple episodes of AMC is a lovely palette cleanser.

  3. One day soon our Carl is going to have to break down and watch AMC and OLTL. Until then, this status update is my candlelight vigil.

  4. All my fairly agnostic prayers for Ms. Jeanne Cooper, back in the hospital.

    1. ChitHappens
    2. AlexElizabeth


      Oh no. I hope she's okay.

    3. Khan


      Say what?! Oh, my Lord. Yes, indeed, my prayers are with Ms. Cooper and her kin at this moment. God be with them.

  5. If you post about OLTL and spell "Viki" any other way than how it's actually spelled I have already stopped listening to you. This has been my rule for 10 years just FYI

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    2. Cheap21


      They should just play it safe and write Victoria

    3. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Greenly, tho...

    4. juniorz1


      I hate it when the DAYS fans spell "Stefano" "Stephano" Contrary to popular belief, his name has always been spelt with the "f"

  6. I deeply, deeply need a proper size GIF of the OLTL youngsters' Electric Company dance for my avatar. I dig the rest of the opening but that [[email protected]#$%^&*] is too funny.

  7. That awkward moment when OLTL finally goes all in with dance music like you always wanted it to, but it turns your apt in this small bldg into a loud-ass club experience. Sorry, neighbors.

    1. Errol


      LOL. Love this too.

  8. Am I really supposed to go watch Relish Wars at 2 PM now? Damn, TOLN.

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    2. Vee


      Days has been like that for decades, just to varying degrees.

    3. alexisfan07


      LMFAO love you Vee

    4. KMan101


      I have literally no desire to watch either DAYS or GH today but I'm sure I will at some point.

  9. We can't rewind now, we've gone too far.

  10. Rewatching the last week of OLTL. I can't believe so much time was spent on obsessive Shaun the Marriage Bandit. Will anyone be shocked if Vivian's dumped him?

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    2. Vee


      I can't believe I just called them Cartini. Ugh. I hate those names.

    3. Winchester91


      I believe they were mostly used as filler characters because the Cutter/Aubrey/Ford Brothers/Kim contingent were all being ushered out at that point.

    4. Vee


      No, this is the kind of crap they always were wasting time with in the last couple years. It's not like the Fords or Aubrey were essentials, either.

  11. Pet peeve: People who only watch "edits" of "their couple" or "their characters" and then piss and moan when the show doesn't go their way. It's been like this for years; soaps use cutting everyday to signpost developments in other stories and draw parallels. Just watch the [[email protected]#$%^&*] show and don't act blindsided.

    1. chicklitsandfantasies


      Even more annoying is people telling others how to watch the show. If the writers would write the overall show as watchable people would watch!

    2. chicklitsandfantasies


      And I say that as someone who usually sits through the entire epi

    3. Vee


      I'm not talking about anyone in particular, unlike 90% of the status updates. It's just a pet peeve. Don't like it, don't read it.

  12. Finally catching up on the last 3 episodes of Doctor Who, just in time to be late for a fourth. Summer Falls, by Amelia Williams!

    1. jfung79


      I didn't catch that reference to Amy till I read a review of that episode. My favorite episode of the last three is "Cold War"

  13. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, nineteen years old. Still at large.

    1. Cat


      Watching events unfold from work, in horror, as I read the live news sites. Hope friends in Boston are ok and staying indoors. Bits & pieces of this young man's background are trickling in. How did a young guy with brains, a scholarship and bright future suddenly turn murderous in our midst?

  14. Please be safe in Massachusetts. Things just keep getting worse.

  15. Reddit just found a picture of Boston Suspect #2 inches away from 8-year-old Martin Richard just before the explosion. Made my blood run cold.

  16. Once again a national tragedy keeps me from going to bed. Poor Texas.

    1. DRW50


      At first I thought all of West Texas was being evacuated. Either way, this sounds pretty frightening. I hope people will be OK. Last I heard 6 firefighters were missing, 3 people killed.

  17. My sleep schedule has gone full Caleb Morley.

    1. DRW50


      Hopefully with much better hair.

    2. Vee


      Not really.

  18. Nancy Lee Grahn's hair on GH is a national tragedy.

    1. ChitHappens


      Yep! She needs to cut it off and start over! Perfect time for a cancer returned story.

  19. Clearly, sleep is out.

  20. The power does not die with me. It will go on. You and your Luke - you will feel my rage long after.

    1. Khan


      If only "Star Wars" had had that good of dialogue....

  21. If you really don't want to spoil people don't keep the discussion going in my status. Gossip about the actor in question inside. This is the only time I will change my status over that kind of mess, so Merry Christmas, SON.

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    2. Marco Dane
    3. Vee


      Because I thought it was ludicrous for people to suddenly start using the thread for its intended purpose after spending 15-20 msgs excoriating for posting about the show after it aired, so I figured I'd give them a new space to do it where they wouldn't also take time out to go in circles with me on it. Either way, voila.

    4. Vee


      Not whining at all, just housekeeping. You guys didn't seem to know what you wanted from the update anymore - you were using it for its intended purpose while still blaming me for making it. So I made you a new one with a concise purpose Use it or don't, no big.

  22. No one can make it alone anymore.

    1. Khan


      I know where that's from, and I don't even watch the show. The power of advertising, folks.

    2. Cheap21


      what is that about?

  23. "The tango is one of the most important things in my life! He cannot have it!" Oh, Duke.

  24. Every time I am charmed by Jack Wagner's beautiful rendition of "All I Need" on Friday's GH, I keep thinking that Georgie and Maxie heard it as his voicemail message every time they've tried to call Frisco since 1995.

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    2. dragonflies


      He's a bad father, but the worst, IMO I can think of a few others who get that honor lol

    3. Vee







    4. Cheap21


      I ddint say he was THE worst, but he ranks up there as one of the worst. How awfully convenient that he wants to step back in now that one child is dead and the other is a grown adult. A-hole

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