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  1. I wasn't expecting those vows to Emma. I thought that was very well done
  2. Rushed Scrubs reunion. But that was a very well done episode. I wish the vets stayed. That Scrubs montage was very sweet
  3. she is upset bc Jake is acting like the incident didnt happen. Likely bc it never did. If she didnt have Jake lie, I think she probably had someone lurking for him to see. She is very transparent. And Liz said she'd speak to Alexis about custody. Why would she choose Sam's mother? Jordan is so irrelevant these days. Im so over this Carlos/Anna story Robin and Patrick are ridiculous. Did they really think she could just waltz back into the hospital and get her job with all the benefits and pay she had before? Obrecht made a good point; she has barely been around in the past 4 years. She was kidnapped but thats not GH's fault. And research? She really expects GH to just pay for that? Medical research is millions hundreds of thousands to million of dollars. Considering she hasnt worked in 4 years, she has no data or even a grant to submit to get her own funding. She if friggn ridiculous to expect Obrecht to use GH to fund that. What a selfish twat! There was nothing unreasonable or unfair about what Obrecht offered her Says the rotten vile bitch who held her captive? This chit is comical! exactly. Robin should have backhanded the bitch after getting her fired
  4. Explains Kim's weight gain. She was pregnant and lost the baby at 22 weeks http://kimberlymccullough.com/2015-year-end-wrap-up-the-discovery-of-dj-vellum-and-other-fun-facts-about-being-an-adult
  5. They should have written this Patrick/Robin reunion 2 years ago when she was first rescued. It would have saved us from boring ass Sam/Patrick and this rushed reunion. But I'm happy Scrubs get to leave happy together
  6. Loved the Robin stuff. JT looked interested in his scenes finally. It's just so rushed I love Robert/Anna working as a team I felt so bad for Liz. Poor girl. I hope she gets to move on.
  7. Good. GH deserves those ratings Boring ass week stuck on Samtrick/Jasam/Jiz
  8. About damn time Patrick escaped Sam prison. So excited to see Robert! Emma looked cute in her coat
  9. Maybe Patrick needs to stop trying to marry every women he takes on a second date... poor Emma
  10. BH killed it today!!! She's been excellent in a story which was never written well. BM wasn't even acting. Sam/Patrick's break up was very boring. Just like the couple. KM and JT were lackluster The Emma actress was the best actress of the episode. no words on how stupid the Robin/Jerry scenes were. I liked that last Emma/Robin scene
  11. I'm sure they will all bounce back for the Thanksgiving week. Shorter weeks usually give higher ratings
  12. I tried watching this show live. It was really dull. Why is Dante sleeping with Valarie again? When is Robin coming back?
  13. Didn't the Robin return get GH a 1.4 in demos? Im shocked Jasons return didn't get close to it. http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/ratings-days-of-our-lives-1201644728/
  14. http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/CBSs-Daytime-Dramas-Surge-in-Viewers-for-Week-Ending-1115-20151119# looks like YR/BB went up
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