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  1. I think it's going to be Julian Jerome. He doesn't have to be Ava's father to be in the mix. They could be cousins or something like that. Julian makes sense, too, given the rumors that Lucas is coming back with Bobbie. Considering Julian is Lucas' bio-dad, it brings another good spin with a tie-in to legacy characters.
  2. You can see a pretty recent picture of him on our March of Dimes March for Babies fundraising page. It's actually got a comparison shot so you can gauge where he started to where he is now. It's http://www.marchforbabies.org/cmchandler I can't figure out this NotTodd thing. Surely they're being too obvious for it to be Franco. And if I never see Jason Morgan on my screen again, it'd still be too soon. Count me as another person who'd love more interaction with Tracy and RoHo, though.
  3. I'm over the relish thing. Maybe the mysterious NotTodd will put that story out of its misery and we'll see Tracy and AJ pull together to close ranks against the interloper trying to take over ELQ. In the "get prepared to feel old" files, my kiddo just turned 4 on May 11. He's awesome and hilarious and just pure walking-around joy. He has some visual impairments (loss of peripheral vision), but we're rolling with it. He was significantly speech impaired for a while, but he's pretty much caught up now since having speech therapy twice a week at preschool. No other signs of significant delays at this point so I just always marvel at the miracle he is considering where he started.
  4. Yeah, but didn't Ava call her Lauren Katherine Monday? I may have misheard - I was inundated by requests from the kiddo to do various and sundry while I was watching. JE and TG nailed those Tracy/Luke scenes the other day. THAT's what I want to see between those two: mature discussions that don't downplay the relationship into wacky hijinks. Edited because yesterday was not Monday.
  5. amfAR is the american foundation for AIDS Research, one of the leading AIDS research foundations in the world. They do incredible amounts of scientific research towards finding a cure for AIDS. They started as two different organizations (one that was founded by Elizabeth Taylor) that eventually merged into amfAR.
  6. I love them, too. I was trying to think of a time when Tracy had a BFF to scheme with that was female and came up blank. Can anyone else think of one? It's cool that Tracy finally has a female friend. And I LOVE that the friendship is based on mutual kindness over a shared grief of sorts. It makes the connection more deep and legitimate. TG has looked and sounded rough the past couple of days. Whatever that illness that had him out for so long was must have taken its toll. I agree that you can tell they've really toned back the closeness factor in Luke and Tracy's relationship, but I think that may be a personal decision by the actors because you can see JE reacting in the background on Luke's call to Anna (even before the overt "bony" crack). These two are pros enough that they can turn that chemistry on whenever they want to inject it into a scene no matter what dialogue they're given so I'm going with personal acting choice. I'm one of the few here who doesn't have any issues with GF, but I've never been a fan of the Laura character. She's selfish, self-indulgent, sanctimonious and tries to hide behind a lot of righteousness more often than not. From her roots with David Hamilton, running out on Scotty (one of my favorite old-school GH characters), worrying Lesley to death, marrying her rapist, hiding a child from her husband and then sleeping with his enemy after they separated, to the (unfair) mess Guza turned her into, Laura is not a character I'm inclined to root for, mostly because (like with Sonny and Carly) she's never apologetic for her actions no matter what irreparable damage they've caused. That said, it's evident there is an extremely vocal fanbase out there that won't settle for anything less than a LnL HEA (and I use that term loosely since its been firmly established that Laura doesn't really make Luke all that happy). I'm pretty sure if they're bringing Laura back, it's to usher off Tony.
  7. Wally Kurth is only recurring at DAYS. I'm pretty sure that if GH offered to put him on contract, he'd do it. He didn't have any qualms about doing recurring stints on GH while doing them on DAYS. There was one day last week where he was on both shows the same day. Scott Clifton, however, is on contract at B&B and I find it unlikely he'll come back. I wouldn't mind a recast Dillon at all, though. Enough time has passed that it could be believable. We would just need another person who has great mother-son chemistry with JE.
  8. Hey, guys. Hope everyone had wonderful holidays. This was Kidlet's third Christmas so he was really into it this year and we all generally had a blast. Loving GH lately. I'm excited about Kin Shriner's return, especially with both Jane and Lynn Herring to play off of. I know we'll get the inevitable Luke, Laura and Scott scenes (especially since Scott left with Laura last go 'round), but hopefully they'll spread the Scott love around the canvas. Hey, wouldn't it be something if Laura and Scott got married? There's a spumor out there that Laura comes back with a big secret, and that would be a pretty juicy one. As for Tracy, she proved with Joe Jr. that she can be in a decent romance storyline. I don't think it'll happen, but I would so love to see Luke and Tracy in a real love story not dominated by wacky hijinks. Their scenes at the hospital were fantastic, and it kills me that they were sacrificed for the non-chemistry of Luke and Anna. Yeah, I could go for Tracy and Robert if it's done correctly. The insinuations onscreen seem to be that they've gravitated Robert and Holly back together, though. Regardless, I'm so glad to see Tracy on so much lately. Just seeing the entire cast re-integrated with one another has energized this show by a million times. JE's chemistry is fantastic with everyone. P.S. Her scenes lamenting Trey's death were the only ones that had me caring he was dying since the rest of the people involved spent more time berating and hating on him than caring about him. (Well, except Kristina, but I blame the actress for being pretty horrible for not caring about how she feels.)
  9. Hey, does anyone use twitter? I'm @somuchwhatever over there, if anyone wants to follow me or vice-versa. I know that some of the decisions lately about the show aren't popular over here, but I have to say I'm loving them. Just turning on the freakin' lights in the studio was a positive change, and the pace picking up is wonderful. I couldn't stand having to listen to 40 out of 43 minutes of show being the exact same dialogue 4 days a week. I'm not wild about the OLTL invasion, but I would rather have GH with a handful of OLTL folks than no GH because it was canceled due to poor ratings. And if the characters start holding Sonny responsible for his douchiness, it'll all be worth it. I have to say I'm completely flummoxed by TG. I get not wanting to tread the same ground over and over with Laura. Been there, done that. But why must he insist that everyone just absolutely loathe Luke, who must be this whiny selfish bastard that he's become? Is this him taking the characters' self-loathing to new depths? One of the things I loved best about Luke and Tracy as a couple was that they both have a VERY questionable past, but they knew each other's flaws and loved each other in spite of them. Ever since that Jake storyline, I can't see anything in Luke that makes me want to like him again. And it seems that TG is just fine with that - he was so proud of that Jake s/l and it just made my skin crawl watching Luke during that time frame. I don't get it. I want my gray-shades Luke back. He doesn't have to be squeaky clean. And I don't think he would be, in RC's hands (if Todd was any indication on OLTL). But now it looks like we won't even get that, if TG walks. The Robin scenes just have not impacted me as much as they should. I will say I think JT has killed it and JJY had me in tears the other day. FH hasn't really done much for me, surprisingly, but my theory is she's holding it back until TR hits the canvas.
  10. Isn't that Nora from OLTL? From what I've read on boards, etc., she's more or less been the bread and butter go-to actress who you can drop into any storyline and she can fit in. So it's definitely a compliment. Of course, we already knew that about JE - you can pretty much put her in any orbit in Port Charles and she can find a way to fit (whether drama or humor). I'd put NLG in the same category, acting-wise, but she gets too opinionated outside of work to be seen in the same light by TPTB, I would guess. Plus, acting-wise, I wouldn't say that she's been given any kind of decent showcase to prove it on GH. Not for a loooong time, anyway. I've been watching a lot of Santa Barbara lately and it's really opened my eyes to just how far down the drain GH has gotten writing-wise. I miss the style in which shows were written back in the day, and I think I figured out why. Somewhere along the line, the writers started assuming the audience were idiots and started writing accordingly. They also decided that scenes lasting longer than 30 seconds wouldn't hold people's attention. You wouldn't see a scene these days where the characters drop literary references or talk with each other for 5 minutes (therefore, really fleshing out personalities) the way you would see as far back as the late 90s. And personally, I find that a bit sad. Some of my favorite SB scenes have been ones in which Mason and Julia are quietly discussing some very intense topics with intelligence, wit, and humor. And come to think of it, the same types have been my favorites on GH as well. It's how you begin to really know and care about the characters. And also why I can't give a damn at all about the newbies they've dropped in on us over the last year.
  11. I'm kind of jazzed at the infusion of energy we're seeing behind the scenes - if GH is going to go out, if it isn't... well, at least there's a change from the craptastic boring stuff we've seen onscreen for the past three years. And I've been watching the end of OLTL, and there were good things happening. GH needs that. I don't necessarily want their characters eating the show, but I'm definitely looking forward to this whole mess Guza created getting cleaned up. (Although I'll never be a LnL fan. Laura is just TOO DULL of a character for my taste. That said, I don't fault GF for that. I'm rewatching Roman and Diana from DAYS on YT right now and I loved her in that s/l.) And the insiders' war is hilarious. I'm with you, remos. Big fan of Douchebag Insider's style. I have no idea if he/she is blowing smoke, but he/she is definitely calling out some people on their hypocrisy over there. Does anyone know JE's contract minimums? I hear she's incredibly quiet about most of that stuff (and good for her). However, I'm curious because someone on DD/IL just dropped that FV ruffled some feathers by saying actors would be working to their minimums. They were saying this would likely increase time for people not often seen onscreen (the drop was actually referring to NLG, whose minimums are 72/year and we ALL know she gets nowhere near that right now). I figure this can only be a good thing for Tracy/Jane fans, too.
  12. Hey guys, there's a hilarious recap of GH 2011 from Despair in the Afternoon here. Check it out, but don't drink anything while reading.
  13. Hey guys, there were some nice scenes today with Edward, Monica, Tracy and Alice. Tracy tried to be Santa and it didn't quite work out the way she expected, but she did get a rather intriguing gift and note. May want to check out clips of today. All in all, it was a nice, heartfelt holiday episode.
  14. Speaking of other soaps (and OLTL in particular), I don't even watch OLTL, but Monday's show is the most hilarious love letter to the fans I have ever seen on a soap. It's awesome. If this is the kind of stuff we can expect from RC (re: a good balance of lightness where people actually laugh and enjoy things and hold up candles of hope against the doom and gloom), then I'm all about this writing team coming on. In case anyone is interested: Part 1 Part 2 The backstory is that one of the characters is heartbroken that her favorite soap, Fraternity Row, is being taken off the air after years and years. She goes to the set to see them film their last episode and has an accident. She passes out and "wakes up" as a character in her favorite soap. There is every single soap cliche in the book here, and I'm LMAO watching it.
  15. Hover over your avatar. It should say View Profile (or Your Profile, if you do it in the Quick Reply box). Once it does, click and it'll take you to your profile. Then hover over your avatar again and it'll give you a box that says Change. Once you click the Change option, it takes you to a screen that allows you to upload a new photo. Hope that helps!
  16. Well, I'm sure you guys have seen yesterday's news, too, about Frons being replaced in January. They're bringing in someone with more non-scripted/reality TV show experience to replace him. People are trying to suss it out, but as much as I hate to say it, I think this does not bode well for the future of GH. I'm excited about FV and RC being there, but it would appear ABC Daytime's priorities are to get out of the soap business. And according to an insider over at the IL, the budget is being slashed by 50 percent. That means we're about to see some serious cast changes. JE is a smart businesswoman and she's survived stuff like this before. Here's hoping we get to see Tracy there until the end, whether it's a year or 10 years from now.
  17. Holy cow! Speaking of JFP, SID just tweeted that a source at ABC Daytime is saying that JFP is out as GH EP and Frank Valentini (from OLTL) is in. Apparently, the actors don't even know yet and should be finding out in the AM. Interesting to see if this one pans out. if so, this could mean some seriously good news for the fate of GH. OLTL has been producing some seriously good quality stuff, and their ratings have been the highest out of the three (now two) ABC soaps for a couple of years now.
  18. hooked, hang in there. It's tough watching them go under, but it's worth it in the end if they can figure out what's up. I'll be thinking about y'all. I wonder if there's something festive going on NYE. That's when NLG tweeted that she's back as well. I still remember the NYE montage from a few year's ago fondly - I think it was the last time this show genuinely warmed my heart all the way through. Luke and Tracy, Johnny and Lulu, Carly and Jax (in a scene where I didn't despise them together)... We just don't see enough happy moments like that these days.
  19. nex, there were some REALLY great Tracy/Luke scenes on today. This is the best work I've seen the two of them do together in a very long while. No wacky antics, nothing over the top, no random yelling - just caring, earnestness, and very good attempts at connection. The basic gist is that Lucky got back from his trip from Ireland, and while he was checking in on Aiden at the hospital, Luke slipped out and went back to the HS. Tracy followed him there and tried to get him to come around to some realizations that he's fighting about himself. She wasn't successful, but she gave him some serious food for thought. It's evident the two of them are not anywhere near finished yet, if today was any indication. The thing that drives me crazy about GW's writing is we have to put up with craptastic and offensive stuff like the way crazy Lisa tried to inject Patrick with Robin's blood, but then we can get a well-acted, well-written series of quiet moments between two total pros. It's worth a check if you can watch the clips.
  20. I go with JFP on this one, if just because of what she told Jacklyn Zeman about her stance on romances for women over 40. It's sad to see such misogyny coming from a woman. I kinda loathe her.
  21. Hey guys, GF did an interview in which she implicitly states she is not going back to GH. She talks quite a bit about the situation with GH and how she won't consider going back now because they can't make any sort of commitment to her because of not knowing if they'll even be on the air past a year. She says that CBS embraced her, was willing to write for her and has made a longterm commitment to her character. She also says in the interview that Peter Bergman is "possibly the best leading man I have ever had," which I think will probably raise a few eyebrows. Anyway, it's worth a read if you like GF (which I do - just over the whole LnL thing). And I guess that'll settle the LnL off in the sunset thing (with GF on canvas, anyway).
  22. I really hope so. GW has the respect for the history, but his pacing is terrible. We also just lost one of the strongest writers GH has had over the last 18 years, Michele Val Jean, to B&B. I know it won't win any awards here to mention she was a heavy LnL writer, but I honestly think that Liz's rape and the re-visitation of Laura's rape through Lucky was one of the strongest pieces of writing I've seen on GH in the past 15 years and that was hers. Hands-down, that storyline had to have been one of TG's best performances on GH and he couldn't have done it without strong writing like that. Painthan is quickly becoming a solid couple. Yesterday was an obvious attempt to set up a triangle between Ethan, Painting and Jack-O-Lantern. Yeah. As Serial Drama would say, "This effing show."
  23. Been enjoying the Luke and Alexis interaction the past two days. Think the world would end if they threw in a Tracy, Luke and Alexis scene? The balance of the world may tilt if they let that many vets out of the vet closet at one time. And it'd truly end if Monica and Edward got thrown into the mix.
  24. No Tracy rumors/spoilers I've seen. The one that has my interest piqued (and not in a good way) is that TPTB are angry at NLG over her Twitter attack on Vera Wang and may be trying to use it as an excuse to get her out the door. I hope not. NLG is already drastically underused. I had no idea until I recently got addicted to Santa Barbara just how much they really do waste her talents. Found a nice preview pic with Tracy and Luke: http://p.twimg.com/A...ADM-H.jpg:large Someone else dropped that TG, JJ, LW and JMB are NOT leaving despite RB's predictions. So, take that for what it's worth. Basically, we're back to square one with knowing what's actually going on. There's a new co-headwriter on board, Shelly Altman. She comes over from OLTL, which actually has some good writing, so it's a welcome addition.
  25. Crazy Lisa is back and she's been EXTREMELY interesting the past two days. The realms of bat$hit insanity she has going on right now makes her previous personality look a little high strung. Crazy interests me, so I'm keeping an eye on that. Am I the only person on the planet intrigued by Liz/Matt? Personally, I'm tired of Maxie crapping all over what I think could be a fantastic character (if they'd write him with some consistency). And JC and RH seem to have some pretty decent chemistry together. I'll bite. I honestly think the only person left on the planet into James Franco's appearances is James Franco. Every time he's onscreen, I expect him to sprout a handlebar mustache to start twirling. And I like Shawn. Can we please get him away from Carly before she ruins him? ETA: Grammar matters.
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