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  1. ITA King. I haven't watched been able to watch Grey's in a few weeks, and was really excited about this episode, but it was a huge let down. I have no idea how that guy got under the car? It's not like it fell on him. And the makeup on that woman was bad. Just totally lacked the emotion I've seen in other Grey's episodes. That little girl was UBER annoying. She reminded me of the girl in "The Bad Seed"....only way lamer.
  2. I thought something was up! That explains everything......I couldn't figure out why it didn't start back off where the season finale left off. The second episode was kinda lame, but maybe it'll make more sense when I see the premiere. I still think GA is poorly written for a primetime show, but it's the best soap on TV right now!
  3. Nigel doesn't have the hots for Furonda...so I don't think she'll win. Personally, I think it'll be Danielle for sure, with Joanie in 2nd. Jade will be 3rd because she's "entertaining". I agree with everyone else, Sara goes bye bye next week. Tyra seems to have endeared herself to her for some reason (I guess it's the whole found-in-a-mall thing) and kept her on.
  4. I thought Kari was by far the most beautiful of the bunch. I'm so sad she's gone...I don't feel like watching anymore!!! They picked Gina and Jade and Furonda ahead of her?? What?? I don't understand their choices. If Kari had come up with a sob story, she would have stayed.
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