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  2. ^ Thank you! I thought it was just me noticing that she was attempting to change the narrative by bringing up her biological father. Ashley is doing everything she can to sweep this under the rug, which makes me believe even more that Michael assaulted that camera man.
  3. I have been watching and enjoying some of his videos from around that time frame. I saw he uploaded some more from the late 90's early 2000s. I like this clip with Ashley/Mamie/Jill, when Ashley is trying to figure out how to save Jabot financially. And Maime who has been doing well financially offers to help. Lol at Mamie/Jill. Also, this one with Olivia, Alex and Phyllis from the early 2000's: (I apologize if these clips have already been posted. This thread is so long, I'm not sure if they have been lol. But these videos from this particular user have just been uploaded within the past few days ) And Phyllis meeting Billy, Jill and Mac for the first time (2000)
  4. I won’t use it either. But if you already use Facebook, you should have no problem using this.
  5. @danfling, I didn't see any radio roles in my notes for Allen Nourse. AGNES MOOREHEAD RADIO ALDRICH FAMILY Mrs. Brown AUNT JENNY'S TRUE LIFE STORIES Unknown Role BETTY AND BOB Unknown Role BIG SISTER Unknown Role BRENDA CURTIS Mrs. Curtis DOT AND WILL Rose 1935-37 DREFT STAR PLAYHOUSE "The Magnificent Ambersons" THE GUMPS Min Gump 1934 JOYCE JORDAN, GIRL INTERNE Unknown Role LIFE BEGINS (MARTHA WEBSTER) Mrs. Riley LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL Nellie Conrad THE MIGHTY SHOW Ms. Hutchinson STORY OF BESS JOHNSON Mrs. Townsend WAY DOWN EAST Unknown Role BEWITCHED Endora 1964-72 CATHLEEN CORDELL RADIO AMANDA OF HONEYMOON Eve Fuller HILLTOP HOUSE Vicky McLain MA PERKINS Claire Hallett OUR GAL SUNDAY Wilma Taylor THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT Rita Harrison Gwen Sewell SECOND HUSBAND Brenda Williams Cummings THE SECOND MRS. BURTON Karen Sinclair Marian Sullivan Burton VALIANT LADY Monica Brewster YOUNG WIDDER BROWN Millicent Randall Blake Loring TELEVISION THE EDGE OF NIGHT Virginia Porterfield Dalton 1958 also.... BLIND AMBITION Pat Nixon 1979
  6. @Errol - can we please ban this troll's IP address?
  7. RHOP Ashley needs to fire whoever styled her most recent talking head, holy sh.it. And she’s desperately trying to switch the narrative away from Michael but she’s so inauthentic and phony. Not a single tear came down her face in that scene with her mom.
  8. No, they think we're too damn stupid to notice. It's Strasser, and please go away.
  9. Seriously. Do they not think the weird avatars give it away?
  10. Today
  11. ROFL. They could have hung up the phone, but they kept on listening and had an instant nervous breakdown over it.
  12. Ive been waiting for this for months. Robin Strassman will probably goose the ratings points up a little bit and Days might pass Gen Hosp.
  13. That sounds interesting. I love a delish sudszee story!
  14. Hate to break up your Brandi love... but it came out later that Brandi wasn't truthful about the events of season 3 either... and fessed up she only got a cease and desist letter... and that her friend (who told her the Adrienne bombshell) got served an actual letter from a lawyer. And it turned out that Adrienne was able to do a gag order on Bravo hence why a lot of the story was cut out and Brandi was made to look a victim, when she was anything but. Brandi becoming a main cast member in season 3 was the start of the festering of the franchise of RHOBH.
  15. I’m horrified to know what some of the older vets would look like with this app...Braeden and Flannery would probably come out as corpses or Skeletons...haha
  16. It's not so much what was shown but the set up the scene that was out there. On B&B when Deacon let Bridget's family hear him in bed with her it was a pretty out there seen. You didn't see anything but the moaning was definitely audible. Not sure how the writers thought that one up.
  17. I'm sorry, but there was nothing "racy" or "hot" about Jeffrey O'Neill going down on Beth's muffin in a Japanese restaurant.
  18. This [!@#$%^&*] is getting more ridiculous than any DID story Ron Carlivati has ever cooked up.
  19. Enjoying season 4 of Falcon Crest on Amazon prime from my Amazon fire stick. Can't believe I waited this long to get one.

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  21. Thank you @depboy for hunting down pictures of Jane Seymour and John D. Seymour. Thank you, @jam6242 for the pictures of Beverly Hayes. BORIS APLON RADIO CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT Ivan Shark SCATTERGOOD BAINES Harvey Fox TELEVISION SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Clarence (Mortimer Higbee's henchman) 1954-55 MODERN ROMANCES Unknown Role week of 3;5'1956 "William Shakespeare" Malcolm 5/14/1956 TRUE STORY Unknown Role "A Commission of Murder" 8/24/1957 THE DOCTORS Sebastian 1965 ROBERT READICK RADIO AUNT JENNY'S TRUE LIFE STORY Unknown Role HILLTOP HOUSE Dr. Ricky Browning HOME OF THE BRAVE Pesky Brat ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN Unknown Role THE O'NEILLS Unknown Role PEPPER YOUNG'S FAMILY Dave Wallace ROAD OF LIFE Dr. John Brent ROSEMARY Bill Roberts Stephen Wayne THE SECOND MRS. BURTON Don Cromwell THIS IS NORA DRAKE Tom Morley A TIME FOR LOVE Michael Victor WHISPERING STREETS Unknown Role YOUNG DOCTOR MALONE Dr. Ted Mason Readick is reported to have voiced over 2000 characters on radio series. TELEVISION LOVE OF LIFE Shifty Guy prior to 1958 also YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR Johnny Dollar 1960-61 I shall add this in. I heard from Chandler Hill Harben and Richard Niles on Facebook last night after posting their "Hopper" profiles. I will update their profiles later on. Mariann Aalda has a few stand up performances around the country. She has posted in the"Soap Opera Cast Lists" page I run on Facebook. It's a public page. I currently have Calvin and Didi up as the cover photo representing the EON cast list. She is truly one of the nicest celebs out there. I also posted Mary Denham's profile. I'm hoping that she too will respond to my request for additions or fixes to the profile.
  22. Just found another daytime role for Miss Beverlee McKinsey. Lorraine Collins ...'The Other Love' ABC Matinee Today (90 min movie) Dec 4 1973
  23. Some of the youngest people look like they could end up aging the hardest lol. Though the new TJ looks like he might age into a nice looking older gentleman, lol:
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