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  2. I thought it would have been neat to do the opening credits with just Neil stills over the years.
  3. Any historical value of the wedding scene was hard to enjoy considering that Smollett did something in real life that reflected poorly on black and LGBT people (not saying that all black and LGBT people would behave like he did, but ignorant people will use him to stereotype them). I think a lot of black people feel like he deserves a pass because they want to play the same game that white people have for years and that is to do wrong without facing consequences. To some it's about evening the score as opposed to actually equality.
  4. Yeah, I didn't love her scenes in the apartment but she was an absolute standout in the funeral scenes.
  5. DAMfan


    😡 ‘The Blob’ at 8PM | 7C, Saturday, April 27, on MeTV.
  6. Dame Joan is back for the upcoming season AHS: 1984!
  7. I apologize that I don't have the specific episodes, but all of my favorite Cliff moments were when he was able to experience a small victory over JR (even though the rug would inevitably be pulled from underneath him the following week). In S3 (the Who Shot JR? season) there is an episode where Cliff is on some governmental board and JR needs some sort of drilling variance and Cliff is able to reject it; which I think is the first time that Cliff was able to flex his power Then, in the S5 finale ep, Cliff and the cartel think they are able to buy Ewing Oil because JR defaults on a loan, but Cliff becomes the cliffhanger when JR double crosses him.
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  9. I'm going to miss Gina. She really took Phyllis to a new level I thought...one I actually liked!
  10. I really wish Amazon or another streaming service would show this show from the beginning.
  11. I also totally agree on the appeal of Jason and Linda. Knots had a knack for finding younger talent that played well with the core cast.
  12. A new song/video called ME! drops at 12am and will feature Brendon Urie. Sounds promising so far!
  13. I'm generally OK with Season 12, but WHY spend so much time on Anne's money trouble/deceptions only for them to very quickly deal with Paige finding out the truth? It wasn't meaty, it felt anticlimactic. But Anne going to Nick/Dimitri's hotel room and finding a body there was hilarious. The Valentine's Day episode aired February 21st. A little off, just like this season. I am REALLY loving the Jason storyline. That kid they cast as Jason is so pretty and just the right mixture of bad boy and tragic figure. And Dobson's been turning in some fantastic work. Not sure how to feel about the Val story, really. I guess it's OK but, once more, the writers doing all they can to have Val not be Val. I will never understand why they didn't like her/get her. Also, who would've thought, but I really enjoy Linda! I guess Greg has a type!
  14. The next week, NBC revamped their entire daytime lineup. They were probably advertising the new shows that would premiere in January, 1983. 10 AM- The Facts of Life reruns 10:30 AM- Sale of the Century 11 AM- Wheel of Fortune 11:30 AM- Hit Man 12:00 PM- Just Men starring Betty White 12:30 PM- Search for Tomorrow 1 PM- Days of our Lives 2 PM- Another World 3 PM- Fantasy
  15. As sad as this show was, people weren’t kidding when they said Shemar and Gina Tognoni had chemistry in that tiny little scene.
  16. I wasn’t expecting this week to be quite as hard as it was. I knew it would be difficult but damn, literally sobbed through three episodes back to back. The impact of this family and seeing so many black faces on screen felt huge, but what also hurt is that it felt like the end of an era. Dru is gone. Neil is gone. Malcolm exists, but he’s not around and neither is Olivia. The legacy exists, but there is no telling what the show will do with it. This tribute covered a lot of ground. I loved the small touches like the reverend who felt like what you’d get at a black church. Then you had Leslie in the back, which is where she’d be placed and Sofia and Moses to the side as they were part of his “other family.” It just had such depth and emotion and there wasn’t one person in the room that felt out of place. Neil truly was an impactful character who meant so much to the show as a whole.
  17. While I think Traci going over and listening to the news was badly executed, therefore coming off as a bit nosy and uncomfortable, I actually felt something for Lily and the whole scene got me choked up. Not greatly directed, but they gave it good ole-fashioned melodrama, and it worked.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Honey, Monique, Karen, and Candiace are serving in this new intro. Here it is for those who cannot see it:
  20. Today’s episode was rough, especially after losing a loved one recently. They were worked shooting as they say in wrestling. They were in character but every word said was raw and real from the cast at the funeral Monday is gonna be even more heartbreaking. I’m finna go watch some Maury after I finish watching this episode cause I need an emotional pick me up
  21. Here is another very nice picture someone posted of Neil's family and friends gathered in Devon's penthouse. (While Ana sings/plays the piano.)
  22. KEN KERCHEVAL SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Dr. Nick Hunter 1965-68; 1972-73 THE SECRET STORM Archie Borman 1968 WHERE THE HEART IS Unknown Role between 1969-71 HOW TO SURVIVE A MARRIAGE Larry Kirby 1974 BEACON HILL District Attorney 1975 DALLAS Cliff Barnes 1978-91 HOTEL Leo Cooney 1983 GLITTER John Ramsey, Junior 1985 HOTEL Frank Jessup 1986 DALLAS 2.0 Cliff Barnes 2012-14 RIP to a primetime icon.
  23. Is there any much chance that we can take the Senate in 2020?
  24. Between my allergies and trying to hold back the tears, I had to take a Tylenol for the headache I got. Whew, that was tough! I recently lost a loved one and I couldn't make arrangements in time for the funeral so I feel like, I've been keeping emotions under wraps but the tears just started to flow, almost endlessly...
  25. This post is amazing and hilarious. BTW I could have watched Ramona, Sonja and Luann at T Bar all night. It reminded me of RHONY's S1-4 greatness. Judging by the reactions of the people at the bar, this was the regular crowd and not just extras drafted in for filming. Zombies with rock hard boobs though they may become, something about the way these women conduct their lives is so uncontrived and honest. In a way, it is good that Ramina and Lu have zero self awareness. Then they would try to modify their behaviour and act out a script. I'm glad we get to watch them in all their social-climbing, clueless glory. And I want to see more of the real estate agent with the bad sunburn/overactive bronzer! BH: Oh Peekay. Once a grifter, always a grifter! They sidle up to you, tell you how pretty you are, link arms with you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear ("Let me help you bring down LVP"). Then they pull the rug from under you and run into the night with your life savings. Now Kyle knows how the Vegas casino peeps are feeling! The whole BH plot seems so scripted to me. Like Production and the women sat down and sketched out the SL. And like Kyle this week, I feel a little like I am being played. LMAO! The irony of the oldest BH cast member -- whom Rinna is always trying to age-shame despite being almost the same age -- getting her own videogame is not lost on me. Erika's head must be spinning Exorcist-style right about now. Wasnt she trying to be an emoji last year and being down with the kids? That opening looks a million bucks! The Grande Dane especially looks Dynasty-fabulous! Monique had a pretty good tagline too. So excited for Potomac. I feel like I've been waiting a long time for its return. Cant wait for the Darby mess!
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