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JUne 16, 2006



-Jennifer drives Mickey's car down the highway at a furious pace. Mickey, Eric, Greta, and Nicole are following them in a police car with one of the bodyguards assigned to portect those threatened by the mastermind behind everything going on. Several other police cars filled with more of the bodyguards and police officers are in pursuit. Mickey hopes they can stop Jennifer. Julie begs Jennifer to reconsider suicide. She tells Julie to get out of the car-she doesn't want to take her down with her. Julie says the suicide is unlike Jennifer and is not what Jack or any of her lost loved ones would want. Jennifer says it is what she wants and she can't live without Abby and Jack. She has lost so much and has even lost Frankie too. She can't take all the pain and heartache she has been through, especially with everything she has been through the last few years. Julie realizes Jennifer may have snapped like Laura. She tries to reason with Jennifer but to no avail. Jennifer once again warns Julie to get out because she isn't stopping-she either gets out or goes down with her.

-Alice and Maggie continue to be watched by a mysterious person dressed in black with black gloves. We then see the person close in on the both of them and go to the nurses desk to leave an envelope with Maggie and Alice's names on it. When the mystery person goes to leave, Celeste feels a dark and evil presence and mentions it to Bonnie. Cleste warns that more death and danger awaits Salem in the future, especially tonight. The mystery person escapes unnoticed and then enters the hospital staircase.

-Maggie is still worried about everything that is going on and the phone call. They wonder why Mickey is taking so long getting air (they don't know about him taking off after Jennifer and Julie). Maggie remembers the phone call and all the visions and hopes nothing happened to Mickey. Alice calms her and urges her to have faith everything will be fine. One of the nurses calls them over to the nurses desk for a message. Maggie opens the envelope left by the mystery person.

-Caroline leaves Victor at Max's bedside and tells him to watch him so she can check on Shawn Sr. She chooses not to tell Shawn anything of what is happening right now. Nico arrives while Caroline is gone and gives Victor an update on the mystery of the mastermind. There is no new developments and there is no word on Philip. Victor asks about Chelsea. Nico says they have a lead and he hopes that the men he hired will be able to find her. Victor hopes so-he wants to help his grandaughter through her horrible ordeal since it was because of him she was raped.

-Chelsea is outside of Salem hiding in the old cabin she discovered. She gets hungry but is sick of the same old food and decides to turn the stove on (remember the cabin is unsafe and gas will cause a explosion due to a gas leak-that is why the cabin was abandoned). As she is about to turn it on, she hears a noise and is stunned to see a strange man in her midst.

-On Morgan Island, John tries to comfort Sami about what has happened. She pushes him away and only accepts comfort from Belle. Lexie tells Hope that Sami still won't change even after everything. Hope reminds Lexie of how Sami beleives everyone hates her and now losing all that she has in that plane explosion and having her mother being responsible for it makes Sami's behavior understandable. Lexie says that they all have lost alot on the island. Hope and Lexie embrace in tears and vow to get through this. Belle and Sami vow to do the same. John stares out at the still burning plane wreckage and wonders how Marlena could do this. He feels there is more to this, as does everyone else. Belle wonders if this was all a trap and doesn't beleive Philip was ever there. John beleives it was-whoever kidnapped Philip may have a hand in what has happened to Marlena. Sami and Belle agree but Hope and Lexie think Marlena acted alone and may have just snapped due to all the brainwashing and mind control she has been through on top of all the things she has been through in her life. John thinks that could be true but he thinks they were led on a wild goose chase to find Philip even though they were also there to find Marlena. He thinks there is more to all of this. Sami, Belle, Lexie, and Hope all want a hand in figuring all this out.

-Jennifers speeds Mickey's car on the free way. Julie once again tries to get through to her but fails. Jennifer hears her song with Jack on the radio and begins to cry. She gives Julie one last warning to get out or die with her. Julie still thinks Jennifer will somehow change her mind and refuses. Jennifer says, "Don't say I didn't warn you. I am sorry Julie that things have to be this way. I am coming Abby. I am coming Jack." Jennifer speeds towards the cliffside. Julie tires to grab the wheel and both women struggle. Mickey and the others who are following then see the car burst through a guardrail and drive over a cliff and into the water below it, all while Jack and Jen's song plays. Mickey, Eric, Greta, and Nicole look over the cliff and see the car sink into the water. The police act fast to get down there and call search and rescue. Meanwhile, Celeste gets a bad feeling at the hospital and tells Bonnie that death has struck again and will do so again tonight.

-Maggie reads the note in the envelope to Alice telling them to meet Mickey in room 406 on the 4th floor. There is something he needs to show them there. Maggie is happy he is ok and thinks this is important. Alice and her head for the 4th floor right away to see what is going on. They tell Celeste and Bonnie where they are going just in case Caroline, Julie, and Jennifer look for them. After they leave, Celeste gets a bad feeling and says they need to find Alice and Maggie.

-Mickey, Eric, Greta, and Nicole watch the search and rescue teams search the water. One of the police officers gets a call and looks on solemnly. They all head further down the beach and see Jennifer and Julie's bodies. They were thrown from the car and washed on shore. The officer tells Mickey that both women are dead. Mickey and the others are shocked. Mickey touches Jennifer's cheek and grasps Julie's hand. he says to rest in peace and says they are now with their husbands, family, and friends, Greta wonders how many more they are going to lose as Eric embraces Nicole and tells her he loves her. Greta notices how emotional Eric is. Mickey decides to hurry back to the hospital to tell everyone the news. It would be better coming from him and Maggie, Alice, and everyone there needs protection. Mickey, Eric, Greta, Nicole, and the bodyguards head for the hospital.

-On Morgan Island, Hope and Lexie continue to wonder where Tek and Patrick went. Lexie still is perplexed by why Abe's coffin was empty. John says they will peice everything together once they return to Salem and break the news to everyone else. John is told they can leave now as one of the runways is now open. As they all leave, they look at the plane wreckage. Hope and Lexie comfort each other, as do Sami and Belle. John looks on and promises to find out what is happening and to help Marlena. They all board a plane and set out for Salem.

-Chelsea wonders who the man is. The man says he works for her grandfather, Victor Kiriakis, and that she is to come back to Salem with him right now. Chelsea refuses saying she can't. When the man grabs her arm, she has a flashback to the two men raping her and begins to break down. The man tells her it's ok and that coming home will be for the best. He then sees the warning sign saying of a gas leak in the house. Chelsea sees it too and thanks the man for saving her from turning the stove on. She stops fighting the man and he leads her to his car to go back to Salem.

-Caroline returns and sees Nico. She hopes Victor is not doing something dangerous. He says he isn't-Nico is just helping him with the mystery and the searches for Philip and Chelsea. He leaves Max's room to talk to Nico. Nico gets the call that Chelsea has been found and is on her way back. Victor is relieved. Victor then gets a call himself. It's the mastermind AKA the mysterious caller/Philip's kidnapper. The caller tells Victor he was wrong to share his knowledge of everything with everyone there. He has ruined alot of planning and will now have to pay. Victor is stunned when he hears Phillip's voice. Philip tells Victor he loves him and thanks him for everything. Victor says he loves him too and he will find him. The caller says it is too late and that Victor investigating the visions, drugs, hallucinations, etc and sharing his knowledge with the people being targeted has been seen as a betrayal. The caller says that Victor disobeyed orders and their deal to follow orders. The punishment is his son's death. Victor says he will give up anything or do anything-just let his son live. Victor then hears Philip yell out, "Dad!!!" and then hears a loud sound and the line goes dead. A horrified Victor wonders what has happened to his son and blames himself. He then hears beeping in Max's room and rushes in. Max has gone into cardiac arrest. Caroline begs Max to live and begs God not to let her lose another son. Victor comforts her as the doctor's work to save Max.

-Celeste feels death drawing near and warns that one life is on the brink of death right now and two others are in extreme danger. Bonnie asks who. Celeste sees Max being worked on by the doctors as his life slips away and then has a vision of Maggie screaming. Mickey, Eric, Greta, and Nicole arrive and tell Bonnie and Celeste what happened to Jennifer and Julie. Celeste warns the death is not over and that Alice and Maggie are in danger and Max is near death. Mickey asks where Maggie and Alice are. Celeste says they told her and Bonnie they were going to the 4th floor to meet him. Mickey says he was gone so something is going on. Celeste warns they need to get up there now. Celeste, Bonnie, Mickey, Eric, Nicole, Greta, and the bodyguards race to the 4th floor to find Maggie and Alice.

-Maggie and Alice wait in room 406 (the 4th floor is quiet and practically empty due to renovations). They wonder where Mickey is and if something may be wrong. Maggie turns to look at Alice and asks if she is done with her coffee. Alice says yes but then admits she feels weak and passes out. Maggie runs over and tries to wake her up but she doesn't stir. The door of the room slams shut and the lights are turned off. Maggie looks up to see the mysterious person with the black gloves (the person who set this trap up) looking at her wearing the same mask Marlena wore as the Salem Stalker. Maggie screams as the person grabs her by the mouth and tries to keep her quiet. The person then pulls out a whiskey bottle (just like the weapon used in Maggie's "murder" in 2003) and prepares to beat her with it as she tries to break free and scream as a helpless Alice sits there unconscious. The screen then fades to black.


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