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Episode 266



Carly learns from the school that Parker skipped class. At the hockey rink, she implores Mac to call her if her son happens to stray there. She reveals that Parker is no stanger to running away, but this time, she's frightened that Jack isn't here to help look for him. Later, Mac spots him and asks why he's not in school today. Parker admits he's worried about Jack, and he needed time to think. Parker adds they haven't heard from Jack in a while, and he knows something's wrong. Mac assures him Jack will get in touch when he can. Parker tries to explain the "connection" he has to Jack, but it falls on deaf ears. Over Parker's objections, Mac calls Carly, pointing out that his mother doesn't need more things to worry about.

Carrie thanks Noah for meeting with her on such short notice. She reveals that she wanted to make sure he knows that she doesn't hold him reponsible for anything; all the fault lies with Barbara for trying to interfere. Noah groans that he was wrong in what he did, playing like a puppet for Barbara. All he wants is for Carrie to be happy. Carrie thanks him for meeting with her, but Noah touches her hand, signaling that he's not done. He adds that he will always thank her for being in his life, but because his life has become such chaos, he feels like the only way out is to find himself again. And the only way he can do that, he muses, is by leaving Oakdale. Across town, Luke receives a note from Noah, explaining that he never meant to Luke. Back at Java, Carrie hugs Noah goodbye and he loads a bus out of town. Will approaches and asks her what just happened and Carrie smiles that she just said goodbye to a friend.

Margo shows up at WOAK to talk to the security guard who called 911 the night Brad was assaulted. He didn't see anyone, and hands over the security tapes. Stopping at Katie's office, Margo asks her little sister if there's anything she'd like to confess to now, before the OPD tech guys spend hours watching boring security footage. Katie insists she didn't do anything to Brad, and she was surprised when the hospital called her to tell her Brad had been admitted. Brad comes in, and backs up Katie's version of events. Margo sincerely hopes Katie is telling her the truth, because she'd hate to see another sibling heading off in handcuffs. After Margo leaves, Katie thanks Brad for standing up for her to Margo. Brad tells her not to bother; in spite of what he told Margo and Carly, he's not sure she didn't do it. Brad warns her if she's pulling stunts to get back at him, she'll get caught sooner or later. And if anything more happens to him or Carly, he's going to make sure she pays for it.

Lily learns that she can't withdraw the money to bail Jade out. Stunned, she calls Holden, who informs her that he hasn't yet gotten paid for two mares he sold. Lily flinches, knowing her only other alternative. She arrives at the mansion and asks Lucinda for a favor. Lucinda scoffs that Lily would barely talk to her the other day, and now she's counting on her mother for some sort of favor. Lily explains that Jade was wrongfully accused of murder and Lily's finances can't afford another bail; she just bailed Luke out for covering up the crime. Agitated, Lucinda voices her doubts that Jade is the confused, innocent girl Lily keeps painting her to be. Lily takes offense and storms off, hissing that her mother has reached the edge of reason. Later, Lily hears a knock at the door and greets a courier toting an envelope. She opens it and finds a check from her mother with a short note detailing how Rose was very special to her and she's helping them out for that reason only.


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