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Episode 238



Rosanna stands back, cradling Cabot's eyes from watching Craig point his gun at Paul. Craig asks how he knows James hasn't sent his son Paul to do his dirty work for him. Paul matter-of-factly responds that James is dead. Craig scoffs at Paul's claim, citing that it wouldn't be the first time the old man has played possum only to return once more. Rosanna dangles a fantasy of them being a family again like they used to be in front of Craig and he drops the gun. Paul doesn't want to risk it and tackles Craig to the ground. The two men engage in a scuffle. As Craig regains his bearings, he sees a blurred vision of Rosanna and Paul taking off down the hallway with Cabot in tow. Not down for the count by a long shot, Craig watches them hop on Rosanna's private jet and sets his sights on Oakdale, boarding a flight of his own.

Carly gathers up the kids and drives them over to Emma's. There, Emma coddles them and has them start helping her do some cooking. Carly leaves to take her exit, but stops cold when she gets a call from Rosanna. Relieved to hear from her sister, Carly assumes that yet another false lead has tricked them but grins wide when she hears a toddler in the background. Rosanna explains that Cabot's been with Craig all these months, but Carly says it's not possible. Craig is dead. Rosanna details how he was put on a wild goose chase and subsequently captured by James but somehow escaped and found Cabot along the way. After recalling all the events of the past few hours, Rosanna asks that her sister book them a room at the Wagon Wheel under an assumed name; it's the last place he would look. Carly agrees and turns to find Brad standing in her way. He apologizes for the way he acted last night, but Carly's too preoccupied to listen and scurries off. Once there, she helps Rosanna and Paul settle in and proudly plays with her nephew for the first time in years.

Katie mopes in her bed as Lyla comes in with a cup of hot cocoa. Katie blubbers that Lyla doesn't have to worry about her; she's fine. Lyla promises her that things will work out. Margo pulls Lyla outside and scolds her mother for pampering Katie. The only way she'll ever learn from her mistakes is if people stop constantly babying her. Michael comes by with presents and trots upstairs to check on his niece. He asks her what the matter is and Katie tells her story, vaguely mentioning that she had hoped he or Alison would help her continue her pregnancy charade, but she felt too guilty asking an uncle she's just beginning to know and a friend that deserted her years ago. Michael sternly commands that Katie wipe it up and quit feeling sorry for herself. Ever since he's been in town, he's heard rumors of how conniving and manipulative she is, but he always stood up for her. But now that he knows that her lies know no limits, he's not sure if he wants to know his niece anymore. After he leaves, Margo tells Katie to get a good night's rest. They're going to have Christmas dinner tomorrow...with or without her.

Darryl thanks Barbara for letting him stay in a suite at the Lakeview last night. Maybe, he proposes, Carrie will be a little more accepting today. Will meets them both outside, demanding he speak with his mother in private. While they talk, Darryl slips into Barbara's room unnoticed and finds Carrie napping. She's livid to see her father and hisses for him to go away. Darryl begs his daughter's forgiveness. Instead, she turns away from him and grunts that he knows that it will never happen. He is the reason, she cries, that she will never see her son again. Clean or not, she will never forgive him. With a harsh tone and teary eyes, she verbally disowns him and promises to make his life a living hell if he ever makes any form of contact with her again. As he exits, Darryl agrees to his daughter's conditions, but adds how ironic it is that Barbara practically twisted his arm to get him here. Outside, Will continues scolding his mother for bringing Darryl to town. Carrie hates her father; he knows Barbara had to know. Barbara sincerely denies she did. She thought she was doing something right for a change. Will protests that nothing she ever does follows through as perfectly as she hopes; she should know that by now. Noah approaches and asks what's going on. Darryl slips down the hall as Carrie storms out and yells that Barbara brought her father to town as some sort of torture. She grabs Noah by one arm, her luggage with another, and thanks him for coming so soon to pick her up. As Noah escorts Carrie down the hall, she whirls around to give Barbara a look that could kill. Will irritably sighs that his mother will never learn and hurries to catch up with Noah and Carrie.


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