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Monday October 20 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Sami and EJ are in Sami's bedroom, making love.

EJ: I only want you, Samantha.

Johnny comes in.

Johnny: Mommy, wake up!

Sami wakes up from her dream, and Johnny jumps on her bed.

Sami: Good morning sweetie. Where's Alexis?

Johnny: Aunt Carrie is helping her get ready.

Sami: Oh, the wedding. That's today. Is your aunt, Belle here yet?

Johnny: No.

Sami: Ok, lets get ready.

They get out of the bed.

Jeannie is sitting in the DiMera mansion living room. EJ comes in.

EJ: Jeannie, what's wrong?

Jeannie: Only a national emergency! You didn't get the right tie!

She hands him a tie.

Jeannie: Well, don't just stand there! Go get ready!

EJ goes upstairs, and Jeannie goes into the foyer, ready to leave. Stefano comes down the stairs.

Stefano: Why hello, Jeannie Dovonan. I don't think we've been formally inroduced, I'm Stefano DiMera.

Jeannie: I know who you are, and quite frankly, I'm not a fan.

Stefano: Well, I see the Bradys have you trained.

Jeannie: Toodles!

She leaves.

Carly is in the bridal room at St. Luke's Church. She is on the phone.

Carly: Jeannie, where are you and my dress?

Jeannie: I'm on my way!

Carly holds her stomach.

Carly: Today's the big day.

Kimberly walks in with Alex.

Alex: Hi mommy!

Kimberly: Do you have a stomachahe, honey?

Carly: No, no, I'm fine.

She smiles.

Nicole is at the hospital in the nurses station. Diane comes to the station.

Diane: Well, I'm gone for the day.

Nicole: Going to the wedding?

Diane: Yup.

Nicole: Wish I could see my enemy get married.

Diane: Oh come on, Nicole. Be nice.

Nicole: Have fun. Oh, and take a video for me just incase theres fireworks again.

Diane laughs.

Diane: See you later.

Diane leaves. Nicole leaves the station and goes into a room.

Nicole: I think somebody owes my a thank-you.

Kate looks at her, and rolls her eyes.

EJ is in a limo with Tony.

Tony: Well, Elvis, are you ready for the big day?

EJ: Ready as I'll ever be.

The limo door opens, and Stefano comes in.

Stefano: You werent going to leave without me, were you?

EJ: Father, please do not start anything today.

Will, Sami, Carrie, Belle, and the twins are in Will's van driving to the church. A woman runs past Will's car, and Will hits her slightly.

Sami: What kind of moron is she!

Sami gets out of the van.

Sami: What the hell is wrong with you?

Kristen looks at her. Will and Carrie get out of the van.

Sami: Oh God, she escaped from the crazy hospital.

Kristen: I did not escape from the crazy hosital! I'm going to my brother's wedding! You wouldn't mind giving me a ride, would you?

Valeri stops her car next to them. She gets out.

Valeri: Kristen, what the hells going on?

Kristen: Oh thank God! I need a ride to the church!

Valeri: Get in.

Will, Carrie, and Sami go back into the van.

Sami: What a nutjob.

Carly is in the bridal room, with her wedding dress on. There is a knock on the door.

Carly: Come in.

Stefano walks in.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: It's my son's wedding. I don't like your attitude, Caroline.

Carly holds her stomach as it starts to hurt.

Stefano: Are you ok there?

Carly: I'm fine.

Stefano comes closer to her.

Stefano: You shouldn't lie to me.

He looks at her, and she realizes he knows.

Carly: I'm pregnant, Stefano.

Stefano looks at her, and smiles. Jeannie comes in.

Jeannie: Are you-

She realizes Stefano is in the room.

Jeannie: What are you doing in here?

Stefano: I'll leave you to your made of honour duties.

Jack, Jennifer, and J.J. sit next to Bo, Hope and Ciara in the pew at St. Luke's Church.

Jennifer: Is Stefano comming to the wedding.

Hope: I hope not.

Stefano walks by them, and sits in the front pew.

Jack: You spoke too soon.

Jeannie comes to their pew.

Jeannie: You guys haven't seen EJ, have you?

Bo: No, we haven't.

Jeannie: Crap.

She goes to Stefano.

Jeannie: Where's your son?

Stefano: I haven't seen him since we got out of the limo.

Kristen, Valeri, Carrie, Will, Johnny, Alexis, Belle, Mike and Diane walk into the church.

Will: This should be intresting.

Belle: Where did Sami go?

Carrie: I think she said she forgot something in the van.

Valeri and Kristen sit in a pew.

Kristen: If we were a normal family, we would be with Carly in the bridal room right now.

Valeri: If is the key word.

Dora walks in the church. She sits next to Stefano.

Dora: Hello, uncle!

Stefano: Where have you been?

Dora: In Milan. In case you forgot, your sister is in the hospital.

Stefano: Oh Lord, do not start this.

Jeannie is outside. She is looking around. Steve and Kayla comes to the church.

Steve: What's wrong, Jeannie?

Jeannie: I can't find EJ! Where the hell is he?

Sami and EJ are standing in the cemetary of the church.

EJ: What is it you have to talk to me about, Samantha?

Sami: EJ, remember that night when I brought you home from the Cheatin' Heart, and you were drunk.

EJ: Sort of. Why?

Sami: Do you remember what happened that night?

Sami flashes back to her and EJ having sex.

EJ: No. What happened?

Sami: Ok, good. Maybe it's better you don't remember.

EJ: Samantha, what happened?

Jeannie listens to their conversation.

Nicole tucks Kate into her bed.

Kate: Stop it!

Nicole: I still didn't hear a thank-you!

Kate: For what, exactly? For asking me over and over again if I was ok instead of calling 911.

Nicole: You know what, Kate? I could have left as soon as I heard the gunshot! But I didn't! I actually ran to you, and checked if you were ok! So I think that you can be a bit nicer!

Kate: Thank you, Nicole for making sure I was ok, and calling 911.

Nicole: Good, because theres something else I did.

Kate: What?

Nicole: I called Lucas.

Kate: You called Lucas?

Nicole: Philip is out of town on a business trip, but I'll inform him ask soon as he gets here.

Kate: Nicole, what has happened to you?

Nicole: Sorry?

Kate: You are acting like you actually have a heart.

Nicole: I know, it's so hard to believe.

Kate: Well, I hope your not too soft.

Nicole: Why?

Kate: Because I can use your help.

Nicole: With what?

Kate: Bringing down Sami Brady.

Nicole smiles.

EJ walks back into the church, and is shocked by what Sami just told him. Jeannie follows, and looks confused. Father. Jansen stops Jeannie and EJ. Valeri leaves the church.

Father. Jansen: You guys are late! The wedding needs to start now!

Jeannie: Sorry Father.

EJ: We'll start.

Sami sits in the pew with Will, Belle, Carrie, Eric, Johnny, and Alexis.

Sami: Eric, when did you get here?

Eric: While you were outside.

Sami: Oh.

They stop talking as the wedding starts. Jeannie walks down the aisle. Carly comes to the doors, and everybody gets up. She smiles. She looks at her arm, and she rubs a scar. She walks down the aisle, and her and EJ join hands at the altar.

Father Jansen: We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Elvis Junior DiMera and Caroline Colson.

Everyone smiles, and Sami smirks. Will nudges her. EJ mouths to Calry "I love you" She mouths it back.

Outside the church, in a car, we see the back of a blonde woman's head. She wipes her tears.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Amanda is in the car with the blonde woman, holding a gun at her.

Amanda: I'm sorry, I didn't want to do this.

They see EJ and Carly walk out of the church, happily.


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