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Episode 165




Kim pulls into the hospital parking lot, on her way to take Bob the lunch he left behind at home. She stalls when she notices Susan sitting, staring blankly, in her car. As she strolls over, Susan apologizes and quickly scurries into work. Kim's baffled and soon realizes that Susan must have found out about Michael. She confronts Bob with the news, who sends Susan home on account of the fact that she's an emotional wreck. Kim scoffs, but Bob asks her to take pity on Susan; she just found out Michael's been arrested for trying to kill Doris. Kim hisses that Susan should have learned her lesson the first time with Dr. Rick Decker. Bob's put off by Kim's cruel words and walks off, snatching his lunch from her and mumbling a grumpy thank you in the process.

Katie visits her uncle again, recalling that the guard had to escort her out last time because she had violated visiting hours. Katie explains that Margo's doing everything in her power to help him. Michael grumbles that Katie doesn't have to lie; he knows that they all believe he tried to stab Doris to death. The only word that can save him is if Doris speaks up, and he laughs when he thinks of his psycho wife telling the judge she faked her own attack. Katie suggests they find another way to get Michael off the hook. Touched by his niece's words, Michael kindly refuses her aid and justifies that he deserves to be sitting here. Just then, Brad comes in and asks to speak with Katie privately. Outside, he tells her that Margo just got off the phone with the hospital and it seems Doris is still weak, but wants to talk. Before he can stop her, Katie rushes out, determined to get to Doris before anyone else.

Pulling up at the farm, Holden thanks Lily for going with him. Lily can see that he's still upset and suggests he talk to Emma when she returns. Emma will only sull up and get her feelings hurt if he talks to her, he irritably protests. Later, Aaron comees by and talks to Holden about his problems with Alison. Casey's a bigger threat as a friend than he is a boyfriend, Aaron claims. Holden thinks aloud that perhaps Alison needs to know that. After Aaron leaves, Lily calls Holden out and thinks he needs to swallow his own medicine. Perhaps Emma needs to know that he feels the way he does, she surmises.

Dusty brushes past the receptionist at The Enquirer and storms into Emily's office. Dusty can't seem to find her anywhere and irritated, he takes his agression out on Alison, who came to speak with Emily about Aaron's jealousy. Meanwhile, Susan arrives home and finds Emily waiting for her in the living room. Weeping, she explains that Dusty proposed and she doesn't know what to do. Oblivious to anyone's problems except hers, Emily ignores the puffy red eyes of her mother and rambles on and on about her issues with men. Susan finally snaps and tells Emily that she's lucky to have a man like Dusty. At least, she hisses, he doesn't go around trying to kill his ex-wives. Susan dashes up the stairs and Emily realizes what she's done. She tries to apologize from outside her mother's bedroom door, but Susan won't listen. Finally giving up, Emily grabs her keys and heads out the door, only to come facee to face with Dusty and Alison on the other side.

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Shut up, Kim! B*tch! :lol:

I see Katie possibly making things worse, rather than better. Stay awaY!

Poor Susan, having to come home and deal with Emily's selfish ass.

But I must admit that I'm a Dusty and Emily fan so I hope she says yes!

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