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May 3, 2006



-Shawn, Sr and Caroline are at the pub. Victor arrives to pickup some take out. Shawn goes to get the order and Victor and Caroline talk. Caroline gets upset when Victor reminds her of what they are keeping from everyone in Salem. Caroline reminds Victor of their promise after getting out of the castle and off the islands to never talk about what happened again. Shawn Sr wonders what they are talking about so heatedly.

-Bo and Billie are at the station. They discuss Chelsea's upcoming trial and his problems with Hope. They then get a phone call about Phillip from Mimi. Mimi tells them to call Kate, Victor, and the rest of Phillip's family. They are gonna start a widespread search for him even though it is beleived he has been kidnapped. Billie calls Kate as Bo calls Victor. Victor tells Caroline what happened and she decides to go with him for support. Shawn Sr acts like he is ok with it but it underneath it all her being with Victor still bothers him.

-Sami goes out on the roof for air and runs into Lucas. Austin and Carrie are both asleep dreaming about each other at this point. Lucas and Sami fight again and continue to push each other away. Lucas then gets a call about Phillip from Billie and he agrees to help. They are told to tell Austin but Sami doesn't want to wake him since he hasn't gotten much sleep lately with work and thinking about Carrie, Lucas feels the same way about waking up Carrie. Sami asks Lucas if she can go with him since Will is at a friend's so they don't have to worry. Lucas reluctantly agrees telling her not to start trouble. Secretly, both were hoping this would happen and are happy about it.

-Abe, Roman, and John search the grounds of the lodge again and find nothing. Belle is comforted by Shawn, leaving Mimi alone and jealous. Kate, Victor, Caroline, Bo, and Billie arrive and join the search. Kate is devestaed and blames Belle and Shawn wondering if they had an affair and Phillip caught them and took off. Belle remembers their kiss but denies it and says nothing is going on. Victor tells Kate to stop overreacting.

-Hope is with Patrick on Morgan Island. They go on a romantic stroll on the beach and have a beautiful dinner. He finally confesses his feelings for her and says when he came to Salem he was supposed to target Jennifer for Tony but it was falling for her that kept him from goign through with the plan. She saved him from being totally evil like him. Thet hold hands and kiss. Hope admits to him that she is attracted to him as well.

-Shawn Sr is closing up when Maggie comes by. She is picking up a late dinner for Mickey since he worked late. She sees Shawn Sr is agitated and she inquires about what is wrong. He admits Caroline being with Victor still bothers him. Maggie tells him that Caroline will always love Victor but that she loves Shawn Sr and her family more. Plus, Victor has changed and won't be making a move on Caroline. Maggie leaves as Shawn Sr seems to feel better now.

-Sami and Lucas arrive and join the search as the group spreads out to find Phillip.

-Caroline and Victor continue to discuss their secret and insist no one can ever learn the truth.

-Mimi continues to be jealous of Shawn comforting Belle and ignoring her. Kate reminds her to fight for her man.

-Carrie and Austin both wake up and bump into each other in the hallway while looking for Sami and Lucas. Both are half naked and only in their sleepwear. They feel the attraction. Austin pushes for the truth from Carrie about why she is pushing him away. He professes his love for her and she does the same and they kiss. Their passion takes over as Austin carries her into Sami's apartment and into his bed as they start to make love.

-John, Roman, and Abe decide to make the search for Phillip national as their kidnapping theory begins to look right and the kidnapper may have him miles away by now.

-Bo and Billie bond as they search for Phillip. Billie gets upset about all the bad things happening to everyone and all the loss and grief. If Phillip is dead, she is worried about her mother. Bo says he is worried about Victor too since this is the type of thing that can re-awaken the 'old" Victor that once wreacked havoc on Salem. As Billie walks away, she trips and falls down a ravine that lands her in the river. Bo screams out for Billie and races to save her as the strong current pulls her away.


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