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May 4, 2006



-Lexie and Celeste discuss her blackmail issues with Sami and Alex and her affair with Tek. Tek comes by and Celeste orders him out. They have a major stand off that results in Celeste slapping Tek She warns Tek if he ever comes near her daughter again she will make sure he is taken to court for sexual harassment. Tek insists he loves Lexie and she loves him. Lexie quietly watches as Tek porfesses his love and says he knows she feels the same way. He leaves as Lexie admits to Celeste she does feel the same way. Celeste warns her daughter that she senses tragedy ahead if all the lies continue. Meanwhile, upstairs in Theo's room a sleeping Theo continues to listen to the recording the mysterious stranger switched his children's music with. The stranger returns now through the back door of the house and reaches Theo's room and removes the tape. He places the old tape back in the machine and leaves.

-Hope and Patrick continue to enjoy their evening. They reminisice of their times together and how they have rescued each other. They kiss again and things turn passionate. Patrick picks her up and carries her to their room. Hope reminisices about Bo and stops.

-Bo races to save Billie. He jumps in the icy river and, after a struggle to reach her, she grabs his hand and he pulls her out. Her lug is cut and she is losing alot of blood. They are both freezing from the river and take refuge in a small shed on the riverbank. They take their clothes off for body heat to warn up and avoid hypothermia. Bo tends to her leg but the bleeding continues. Billie grows delierious and reminisices of her life with Bo. Bo remembers his time with Billie too and says he will always have a place in his heart for her no matter what. Bo sees her life slipping away. Billie, in a state of delirium, asks Bo to make love to her thinking its 1995. Bo reminisices about Hope and hesistates to commit adultery. He sees Billie dying and remembers the email situation with Hope and how she hung up on him and realizes his marriage is over. She wants a divorce and has been pushing him away and not responding so it really is over. He goes to Billie, who begs her husband Bo to make love to her. They kiss and things turn heated. Meanwhile, Hope goes through the ideas about Bo considering the email situation and him hanging up on her and supporting Billie and Chelsea over their family. She turns to Patrick and kisses him. They go at it and make love.

-Bo and Billie start making love but Billie then loses consciousness. Bo tries to wake her and cries out for help. He begs Billie to stay with him.

-Abe calls home to talk to Lexie. He is still thinking about what he saw at Dune and how it looked like Tek and her. He asks Lexie where she was and she says the hospital. Later, Abe calls the hospital to see if Phillip was brought in there and the nurse tells him to tell Lexie her schedule is now done and she can pick it up at work in the morning. She mentions how she meant to give it to her earlier but she rushed out with Det. Kramer earlier before her shift was over after getting someone to cover for her. Abe calls Lexie back and demands the truth. Lexie admits she was at Dune after Abe says he saw two people that looked like Tek and her. She says she has been so stressed with the cancer scare and all that she needed to get out and since Abe has been pushing her away. Abe apologizes and says he will stop pushing her away. They will try to get on track and deal with his impotency together. He says he loves her and hangs up as Lexie worries about whether her secrets are about the unravel, Celeste warns her that the lies need to stop or else tragedy will strike-and soon. Meanwhile, Abe remembers how close Lexie and Tek were while he was on the island and how much time they said they were together and all the moments he has caught them together of late. He wonders if more is going on then they are saying and if they are keeping something from him.

-John admits to Roman that he is worried Marlena is already dead. Roman insists they will find her but they need to search for Phillip now. Kate arrives and is comforted by John. Kate says its all her fault and that Phillip is paying for her sins and all her meddling. John tells her everything will be alright and says she is a good mother and lovely women. Roman agrees but says that she just goes overboard at times and causes more harm then good. Both men insist that they both will always love her and hold a place for her in their heart but it can't be more then that. It just isn't meant to be. Roman apologizes for all the bitter words they shared after the divorce and wants to move past it and be friends. He does say if she hurts Sami again then any hope of peace between them is over. John tells Kate that he will always be find of her and treasures her friendship. She helped him through a tough time and they fell in love but Marlena is the love of his life. Kate understands and thanks both men now that there is some closure between them all. Its the right time for it since she needs all the support she can get and having another friend in Roman will help. John and Roman both promise they will find him.

-Marlena and Alex enjoy a romantic dinner on Morgan Island. They walk the beach. Marlena begins to remember again prompting Alex to grab her and try drugging her. Marlena screams and her scream wakes up Hope, who is in bed with Patrick. She gets dressed and walks the beach and, from behind some bushes, sees Alex grab a fighting Marlena and drug her by way of needle. Hope freaks and calls John and tells him what she saw and where they are. John says he is on his way ASAP and tells Roman, Abe and Kate what Hope told him. Hope hangs up and then realizes that she forgot to tell John not to tell Bo where she is. She calls back but her satellite phone goes dead as the call transfers. She hopes John doesn't tell Bo.

-Meanwhile, Alex takes Marlena back to their room. She decides to take a shower and go to bed. Alex leaves her to that and walks out on the room's terrace. Just then, Patrick comes out of the bushes and climbs over the fence and onto the terrace. Alex tells him, "It's about time you met with me. It's time to make sure that everything goes according to plan. Just the way we said it from day one." Patrick nods in agreement and says, "None of them will expect a thing-especially from me." He grins as Alex grins back and begins to laugh.


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Sounds good! Hopefully, neither Patrick *OR* Alex will be around long! :lol:

And hopefully, Phillip is dead. Ugh. Haha.

INteresting about Victor and Caroline's secret.

Interesting about Brainwashing Theo!

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Glad you like it KR!!

Hope others are too.

The Theo thing is gonna be the

catalyst to a huge chain of events

that leads to tragedy and the Phillip

thing is the beginning of my major

umbrella tale that is almost like a

retelling of a tale Days told that failed.

I am hoping to tell it the way I envisioned

the tale to be. You will know what it is as it

develops beleive me.

Thanks for the comments.

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Yeah. That's kind of what mine does. Re-tells stories the way DAYS SHOULD have - like Georgia!

Thanks for the comments.

Ufnortunately, Eric won't be around too long. But he'll be back. Make sure you wread next week. It's going to be the most INSANE week *EVER.*

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