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May 5, 2006



-Lexie is in the living room by herself and is having trouble sleeping. She hears a knock on the window. It's Tek. She lets him in. He says he is not going to let her mother or anyone stop him from being with her. They kiss.

-Patrick returns to hope after his meeting with Alex. Hope asks where he was and Patrick says he arranged a beautiful surprise for her. They go down to the beach and a gazebo decorated in flowers is waiting for her. There is a table with food and they sit down and eat. Hope says he is giving her exactly what she needs as Patrick says he feels the same way. They both say how they are good for each other and help keep each other grounded. They kiss and begin to make love again until Hope stops it.

-Billie wakes up but is still out of it. Bo holds her naked body close to him in hopes it will save her life. Billie once again asks Bo to make love to her but this time Bo holds back.

-Carrie and Austin make love at Sami's apartment. He is happy that he was right and that she still loves him. Carrie then gets up and says it was a mistake. She walks out. Austin follows her to Lucas's apartment where they find a message stating that Lucas went with Sami to search for Phillip. They run off for the lodge.

-Sami and Lucas are partnered up and searching for Phillip down the riverbank. They argue once again, this time about having to search together, and continue to hurt each other. Sami trips and Lucas catches her. They both fall to the ground. The sexual tension leads to a kiss which is interrupted by a scream. Sami and Lucas go to check it out and discover Bo and Billie in the cave. Lucas calls 911 to get help for Billie.

-Victor and Caroline search for Phillip. They talk about their secret. Caroline continues to tel Victor to keep his mouth shut and not mention it to her or anyone else. It should never be brought up again.

-John, Roman, Abe, Kate, Belle, and Mimi are all at the lodge waiting for updates from the remaining search crews and civilians who are out there searching still. Shawn returns with no word. He comforts Belle. Bonnie calls Mimi and hears what is happening. She warns Mimi about Belle and tells her to do what it takes to hold on to her man. John tells everyone about Hope's call and the whereabouts of Marlena and Alex. Roman suggests that John not go to Morgan Island alone given his past attempts on Alex's life. He will need support and help as well as a group of people to help search for Marlena in case she is moved from where Hope said she was. Abe and Roman agree to go. Belle and Kate both say they can't leave until she knows about Phillip. Shawn says he will stay back too, as Mimi sees red.

-Austin and Carrie arrive and are filled in about everything going on. Sami, Lucas, Bo, and Billie then arrive. Billie is tended to and her condition improves after she warms up. Victor and Caroline return to the scene too. Bo hears about Hope's call and is excited that he knows where she is. He decides to hed down there with John. Billie wants to go too. Bo tries to talk her out of it but she insists that she may be able to help with Marlena and to convince Hope to return to Bo (she is feeling guilty about jumping in bed with Bo). Sami wants to find her mom too so she pushes to go. Austin and Carrie offer to help so Lucas jumps in to. Lucas asks Carrie about the wedding plans. Carrie says they can wait-she needs to help find Marlena so she can be at their wedding.

-Abe calls Lexie to tell her that he is leaving first thing in the morning for Morgan Island. He almost hears Tek on the line but Lexie covers. Lexie thinks about Alex and his blackmail of her and expresses desire to go with Abe. She says they may need a doctor for Marlena anyway. Abe reluctantly agrees and tells her to start packing. He hangs up. Tek says he is going to since Abe left a message saying they may need his expertise. Lexie tells him to please be discreet and not try to be with her. They kiss and Lexie tells him to leave. Between all the blackmail and him pushing her, she can't take all the stress anymore. Tek leaves. Lexie thinks about Alex and knows she needs to make sure he keeps his mouth shut. She even wonders if getting rid of him permanently would not be a bad idea. Tek vows to keep Alex and Sami's mouths shut. He realizes its Alex's time to be disposed of. It's the only way to protect Lexie.

-The police tell everyone to go home since there is nothing that can be done. The authorities will keep searching. Abe tells Victor, Kate, and Belle that the search will continue even with them all headed for Morgan Island. Victor says he will use his contacts to help find Phillip. He heads for home to get down to business. He takes Caroline home to the pub and thanks her for her support. She reminds him of his vow concerning their secret and wishes him well and good luck in finding Phillip.

-After Victor leaves, the police find a note. Abe reads it and it instructs Phillip's wife to bring a ransom of $5 million to Morgan Island saying that her husband is there. John wonders if maybe Alex did this to get back at Belle since she is his daughter and she did alot to try to turn Marlena against him. Belle and Kate realize they need to go to the Island now. Mimi and Shawn agree to go too. The searchers all agree to meet at the airport in the morning to take John's private jet.

-Victor returns hom and orders Nico to use every contact he has to find his son. The phone rings and Victor answers it since the servants are off. The voice on the other end says, "Hello Victor. Long time no talk." Victor asks who it is but the voice says, "I will just say I am the bastard that has your son tied up right next to me." Victor demands to know what is going on and who he is speaking with. The caller responds, "I want to play a little game Victor-for old time's sake. You must do everything I say or else your beloved spawn will die a slow and painful death." Victor looks on in horror and wonders what to do now.


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