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May 2, 2006



-Jen and Frankie are spending the evening at home. She comes across the DVD Jack left for Frankie and her and is reminded of his last wishes. She tells Frankie they need to talk about their future.

-Abby and Max meet Chelsea at the Java Cafe. They are stunned when Chelsea says she is turning over a new leaf. Chelsea remembers her crimes to keep Bo and Hope apart and reminds herself she needs to keep that a secret until after the trial. Right now, she can still help her father reunite with Hope in some other way. Max and Abby asks her what she is up to but Chelsea assures them she is sincere.

-John and Roman are at the police station. He is searching for Marlena via some ISA computer files they have on Alex. Roman then gets a phone call and then tells John he has shocking news.

-Abe is on his way home and still wonders if he saw Lexie and Tek at Dune. He can't beleive he is doubting his wife but he swears he saw her. Meanwhile, a drunk Lexie and Tek are making love outside the Carver house. Celeste is home and sees the car outside. She is stunned when she realizes what she is seeing.

-Belle is freaking out. Shawn comforts her as Mimi calls the police. Belle wonders what happened to Phillip as Shawn promises her they will find him and that he is there for her as an jealous Mimi watches.

-Jen asks Frankie where their relationship is going and whether they are only involved to obey Jack's wishes. He pledges his love to her and she confesses she loves him. Frankie then gets a call about a case and Jen decides to run out to talk to someone.

-Chelsea asks Max and Abby how she can help get Bo and Hope back together. Abby and Max are surprised and ask why she wants them together since it could mean jailtime for her. Plus, she said she wanted her parents together. Chelsea says she has learned her lession and will not be manpulating people anymore. Max and Abby can't beleive what they are hearing.

-Roman tells John that Marlena's penthouse is up for sale and that many of her belongings are set to be auctioned off. John becomes worried and realizes that he is right:Alex is never bringing Marlena back. he will kill her and make it look like she just moved away. John lashes out at Roman for standing in his way regarding Marlena and Alex. Roman apologizes and offers his services to help him now.

-Abe is a block away from his house when he gets a call of a suspicious incident at Green Mountain Lodge. He heads up there and decides that he will question Lexie later about Dune. Celeste runs outside and slaps Tek. She pulls Lexie out of the car, ripping her jacket and blouse in the process, and tells Tek to stay away from her daughter or there will be hell to pay. Tek warns that Lexie needs him and loves him and she can't stand in the way. Celeste tears into Lexie about her careless behavior. She drags her upstairs to the shower to sober up. Lexie leaves her jacket, which reaks of alcohol, downstairs near the couch.

-Jen visits Alice, who is with Maggie. Maggie explains her car issues from earlier. Jen asks them for advice about Frankie. She explains all about Jack's wishes and Jen says that she really needs Frankie. He is the reason that she has gotten through everything. She thinks she is ready to committ fully to him but thinks it may be too fast. Maggie reminds Jen that Frankie was her first love and that the magic has and will always be there. Jack is gone so nothing is standing in the way. Alice tells Jen to follow her heart, no matter what others think that should not deter her from her own decision. Whatever makes her happy is what is right. She hugs both of them and thanks them.

-Max and Abby tell Chelsea to help find Hope and that would be a great help to Bo and Hope. Chelsea asks how and Abby reminds Chelsea of her plan to send Hope to Morgan Island. Max is stunned when he hears that Chelsea pushed Hope out of town. Abby advises Chelsea to tell Bo where Hope is. Chelsea surpisingly agrees.

-Abe arrives on the scene at the lodge and find Belle, Shawn, and Mimi. They explain what happened. Abe interrogates the maid and she says that nothing was heard coming from the room. Abe demands security camera footage and the phone records of the room and Phillip's cell phone. He thinks they may be able to find answers there as to who did this and why. Shawn continues to comfort Belle.

-Lexie is now in her bedroom in a robe. Celeste continues to chastise Lexie. Lexie knows what she did was wrong but she was drunk and she always loses control around Tek. She explains she has needs too and that Abe keeps pushing her away. Celeste says its no excuse and orders Lexie to admit everything to Abe. Meanwhile, Theo is outside Lexie's bedroom about to come in. He hears them talking and Lexie tells Celeste she is right. She can't do this anymore. Its hurting too many people and its hurting her to. The stress is nearly killing her. Theo picks up on what is being said and starts repeating, "Hurt. Mommy. Hurt. A..le..x. " Celeste realizes Theo is there and takes him to his room. Lexie is now determined to admit the truth about everything, starting with telling Abe about Tek.

-Jen returns home and tells Frankie she is sure about their future. They love each other and she doesn't want to look back. They make each other happy and that is what matters-not whether Jack wanted it or not. They kiss.

-Chelsea decides to find her father ASAP and tell him where Hope is. She leaves as Max and Abby continue to be stunned by Chelsea's new attitude.

-Celeste tells Lexie she put Theo to bed. Lexie tells Celeste she is ready to tell Abe everything and then admit the truth about Alex and Sami. Celeste hugs her and says she will be there with her every step of the way. Meanwhile, in Theo room, Theo is repeating the same words in his sleep. A mysterious figure then sneaks in the window and takes the tape out of the playing music box and puts another one in that plays similar music but also contains the words: "Alex...mommy...hurt...daddy...A..le..x ...h..u..rt ..my mo..mmy." The mysterious figure also goes downstairs and takes Lexie's tattered jacket and returns upstairs. Lexie and Celeste go downstairs for tea and the mysterious stranger goes into Lexie's room and takes the tattered blouse and jacket she wore and stuffs it under the mattress on Abe's usual side, leaving a little hanging out so its noticeable. The figure leaves.

-John and Roman arrive at the lodge saying Abe called them. John comforts Belle. They decide to call Phillips's family. The security cameras show nothing of note and either do the hotel phone records. They notice the last call on his cell records and it says it was long distance from an unidentified location. Belle asks what they are thinking and Abe looks at John and Roman. A officer returns and says the whole immediate area has been searched and there were no blood trails and no signs of a murder. Abe, Roman, and John tell Belle they think it may be a kidnapping based on what they know. Belle is devestated as Shawn comforts her and Mimi looks on.


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