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May 1, 2005 Episode=Premiere



-Belle/Phillip and Shawn/Mimi are at their respective rooms at Green Mountain Lodge. Both couples are enjoying each other and begin to make love. Belle imagines Phillip is Shawn and stops as Phillip asks what is wrong. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure lurks outside watching Belle and Phillip

-The cops raid Dune as a drunk Lexie panics that Abe or one of the cops wil recognize her. Tek and her hide in the back room.

-The cops remove the handcuffs for Austin and Carrie. Lucas immediately grabs Carrie as Sami grabs Austin. Lucas asks Carrie if she really wants to be with him. Austin tells sami he doesn't think they will work out and, to Austin's surprise, Sami agrees.

-Abe is on his way to Dune when he notices Maggie on the side of the road. He pulls over and she informs him that she has a flat tire. He helps her with it but his night vision is still bed and he ends up making things worse. They need to call a tow truck so Abe tells Maggie to come with him to Dune and they can call from there. He doesn't want to leave her alone on the side of the road after all. She agrees but is reluctant to step into a club like that since it makes it hard to stay sober in hangouts like that. She is sure her will power will win out though. They make their way to Dune as a drunken Lexie hides with Tek in a crowded storage room. They can't resist their passion and begin to make love.

-Belle manages to lie her way out of another sticky situation with Phillip. They continue to make love as her memories of Shawn continue to dominate her thinking. Shawn and Mimi talk about their future and want a baby ASAP. They decide to look at both adoption and in-vitro.

-Carrie reassures Lucas that she loves him and is going to marry him. Maggie shows up saying she is gald to hear that. She explains why she is there. Lucas asks Maggie to help plan their wedding given her skills in party planning. She accepts. Lucas gets a phone call which gives Maggie the opportunity to question whether Carrie is sure she wants to marry Lucas. She continues to say she will as Maggie continues to have doubts.

-Sami tells Austin that they will never work until they begin to distance themselves from Carrie and Lucas. They need to help with their wedding but they can't move on by going everywhere with them. Austin agrees but thinks it still may be hard even if they don't see Carrie and Lucas. They agree to keep trying to make a relationship work. The cops clear all four of them to go home. When Austin goes to get the car, Sami walks around and manages to hear Lexie and Tek going at it in the closet. Lexie is so drunk she doesn't know people can hear her screaming. Abe sees Sami and asks her why she is there. She explains herself and he asks her to move out of the way. He needs to check the closet for any signs of stashed drugs and such.

-Phillip falls asleep giving Belle her chance to go for a walk. She gets dressed and gies to the lounge downstairs. She is shocked to find Shawn there. He was doing research using a internet connection near the front desk and decided to sit and have a drink. Belle once again confesses her feelings for him and says she can't live without him.

-Phillip wakes up and finds Belle gone. He gets dressed and then his cell phone rings. He picks it up and a distorted voice answers. The voice says, "Hello Phillip." Phillip asks who the caller is but all the caller will say is "I wanted to give you a warning in the spirit of fair play before we started my little game which I like to call a son paying for his father's past sins." Phillip asks what he means but the caller hangs up. Phillip then hears a loug bang outside and turns around fast.

-Just as Abe is about to go inside the closet, Sami acts as if she is going to faint. Abe catches her. She blames it on the lighting and it being so crowded. While Abe tended to her, Lexie and Tek hear the voice and sneak out. Abe turns around but the dark lighting of the club makes it hard for him to make out Tek and Lexie, even though he thinks he sees them. Maggie questions what is wrong with Sami now. Austin returns and says he will take care of her. They leave. Maggie badmouths Sami and then asks a worried Abe what is wrong. He swears he saw Tek and Lexie but his vison is so bad he might have been mistaken. Maggie reassures him that Dune is not the type of place to find Lexie at. Abe continues to wonder as Maggie leaves.

-Mimi wakes up and goes looking for Shawn. She gets angry at the thought of him being with Belle so she wonders if he is there. She arrives at the room and knocks and is shocked when the door slowly opens. Mimi is shocked by what she sees and runs off.

-Carrie and Lucas go through some wedding plans at home. Lucas is stunned when Carrie says she wants to marry as soon as Fr. Jansen can take them. Lucas goes to take a shower and thinks about sami and wonders if a quick wedding is a good idea. Meanwhile, Carrie think about Austin and wonders if getting married so quick is a mistake. She remembers her biological clock ticking and realizes if she wants to have a family soon she needs to marry Lucas ASAP.

-Austin and Sami have a few drinks about remember the past to help them feel better. The end up having a good time and loosening up. They kiss and make love. Later, while in bed, Sami dreams of Lucas and Austin of Carrie.

-Tek pulls up outside the Carver house. Lexie is still drunk and all over him. She says she needs him and feels so free with him. They begin to make love again while in the car. Meanwhile, Abe has finished the investigation at Dune and is still wondering about Lexie and Tek and what he thinks he saw. He leaves Dune and heads for home.

-Shawn tells Belle she needs to back off. She pulls him into a kiss. Shawn pulls away and before he can say anything Mimi runs into the room out of breath saying she has been looking for them. She is not happy Belle is with Shawn but she tells them both they need to follow her. Something has happened. They head up to Belle's room and discover it totally ransacked with broken furniture all over the place. Belle asks what could have happend begins to scream, "Where is my husband?!!" Shawn finds blood on the carpet and takes an upset Belle on his arms as a jealous Mimi looks on.

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Hopefully, Phillip is dead.

Abe/Maggie is interesting and scandalous, if it's headed where I think it's headed!

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