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Elseworld - Chapter Four



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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As the sun has set, a mournful nation is in shock and heartbroken over the assassination of their president. Lawrence’s body has been flown back to Washington D.C., and as the plane lands at the airport.......a distraught Forrest walks over to the staircase as Jennifer is being helped down. Their eyes lock.........and, once at the bottom of the staircase, she falls into Forrest’s arms and sobs deeply, only mustering the strength to say......

Jennifer: I’m so sorry.

Forrest holds on to her, and Jack comes up and takes her from Forrest.........as he sees his brother’s body being brought off of the plane. The nation, and especially the citizens of Salem, watch is disbelief as the casket carrying the president is loaded into a hearse to be taken to the morgue.

Jack, having placed Jennifer in her limousine, walks over to Forrest and tells him.........

Jack: Sir, I have that file you requested.

Forrest: Good. Get it to the F.B.I., the I.S.A. and Interpol. I know who killed my brother.......I just want the proof, so, when he is captured.......the charges will stick. But.......

Jack: Yes?

Forrest: Keep the identity of the person who ordered his assassination out of the media. They will only get in the way. Also.......contact Stefano DiMera and Shane Donovan. Tell them I’m signing off on their plan.

Jack: Yes, sir.

Forrest: And have Bo Kiriakis brought to Washington tomorrow. I’m going to offer him a job. I just hope he takes it.

Jack: Yes.........Mr. President.

As Jack walks off, Forrest asks him a question.......

Forrest: Jack.........I need a man I can trust as my Vice President. Interested?

Jack: {After a brief pause} With pleasure, sir.

Forrest: Good.

Both men walk to their cars. Forrest gets in his own limousine, and Jack sits in Jennifer’s limousine. As all the cars drive away from the runway and leave the airport, Jack places his hand on Jennifer’s hand........and it makes her break down once again. Jack puts his arm around her, and comforts her as she cries in his arms, as the motorcade drives off into the beautiful starlit night.

In Salem, the Hortons sit in the family living room and cry at what they have witnessed on the television. Maggie remarks that she didn’t think someone would a man as honorable as Lawrence. Hope doesn’t know why she would think that. People die every day........why should his death be any more important? Maggie is shocked by Hope’s attitude, and Hope doesn’t care. All she wants is Bo. And she will have him........

Hope: Even if I have to get rid of that whore he’s married to.

Maggie stands and looks at Hope, as the scene fades into.......

The DiMera household, where Orpheus comes downstairs for dinner. He rolls up his sleeves and sits down to eat, and Eric and Lucas walk through the door. Marlena comes out of the kitchen with Carrie and everyone sits down to silently eat. Everyone keeps looking at Orpheus, and after minutes of this tension, he puts his fork down and says......

Orpheus: Ok. Your grandfather and I have a plan in place. I can’t tell you what it is.

Lucas and Eric look at each other, with Lucas saying........

Lucas: I want in.

Eric: So do I.

Marlena: {Standing up} No. None of my children are getting involved. The country is in mourning. And you father and grandfather have enough on their plate without you two getting involved. Besides Lucas, you left home because of the violence.

Carrie: And now you want to in. You too, Eric. Interesting.

Lucas: I know all of that........I’m just sick of those damn Bradys running all over everything and everyone. Dad......you can see that, can’t you?

Orpheus: Of course, son. But there are reason why none of you can have any part in this. (Turning to Marlena) Great food as always, my dear. You are truly a great cook.

Marlena: Thank you, dear.

Orpheus: And now.......I’m going to meet with some people. I’ll see you all tomorrow morning. Good evening.

Orpheus heads out to meet with Stefano at the station, while Eric and Lucas decide to follow him. Marlena stays with Carrie, and as the men leave out...........

Steve and the new president sit in the Oval Office, going over then plans to attack the Brady Mansion and bring Roman and Shawn Brady to justice.........as, 90 minutes later, Lucas and Eric sit in Lucas’s car and listen in on Orpheus’s meeting with his father.........

Lucas: They need to get to the damn pont. I’m sick of sitting in this car. BTW.........how did you get that microphone into Stefano’s office?

Eric: I’m a DiMera, as are you. You know we have our ways.

Lucas: True. Wait a minute.........what did Dad just say?

Both men listen intently and both of them hear the plan to attack the Brady compound. They look at each other as Eric tells Lucas to hit the peddle........

Eric: I have to get to the house and warn Sami.

Lucas: What about the rest of the Bradys?

Eric: To hell with the rest of them! She’s the only one a I care about. If anything happened to her.......

Lucas: Calm down, little brother. We’re on our way.

Lucas starts his car and guns it towards the Brady Mansion...........

While Steve and Forrest converse with Shane on a conference call about when they strike. Forrest agrees that tomorrow is as good a time as any. He tells the men that he intends for Steve’s brother Bo to go along with them. Steve and Shane both ask why.........and Forrest tells him that the U.S. Attorney General is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country.......and that is what he intends to make Bo, if he excepts the position.

Back in Salem, Lucas and Eric pull up down the street from the mansion. They look at each, shake hands, and Eric jumps out of the car, racing towards the compound. He tries to stay out of sight as Lucas starts his car and drives off. He then picks up his phone and calls Sami’s private phone. When she answers, Lucas tells her Eric is on the grounds, and needs to talk to her. She thanks Lucas for the phone call, and he says........

Lucas: It’s the least I could for my brother. Take care.

As they both hang up........Bo’s private jet lands in Washington, D.C. He looks at the television as the nation mourns Lawrence’s death, and disembarks off the plane. He is met by F.B.I. agents and Secret Service agents, sent there by Forrest for his safety. He gets into a waiting limousine, the destination......

The White House.

At the Horton home, Hope goes upstairs to see her sister, Kimberly. She sees her laying in her bed, sleeping. Hope walks in and silently sits next to her. She takes her hand and holds it, while also wiping tears from her eyes. She then leans forward and quietly starts talking to Kimberly, telling her........

Hope: I tried calling Bo, but he had left town. I can’t believe the president is dead. What are we going to do? I hope Bo can protect us. I just don’t know, Sis.......

I just don’t know.

In his limousine driving through Washington, Bo calls Megan, asking how she’s doing. She says his parents are doing a fine job taking care of her. He tells her not to overdo it, and she smiles, saying he needs to stop worrying. He should have his mind on more important things, and he tells her.....

Bo: Nothing, and no one.......is more important than you.

Megan: My dad will be happy to hear that. Thank you, Bo.

Bo: For what?

Megan: Being by my side.

Bo then looks out the window, and tells Megan he has to go. They say their good-byes, and after they hang up, Bo’s car stops. Someone comes and opens the door, and as he gets out, he looks up at the beautiful White House Mansion........and slowly walks in.

In Salem, Roman comes downstairs and sees Sami putting her jacket on. He ask where she’s going, and she says out. He demands to know why she is running around after what happened in Dallas today, to which Sami replies..........

Sami: I think you know EXACTLY what happened in Dallas today.

Roman: What are you saying?

Sami: {After a pause} Did you? Did you have the president killed?

Roman: How dare you ask me something like that. What kind of damn monster do you take me for?!

Sami: The same monster who has been trying to have Orpheus locked away for years. The same monster who held him from his family, the same monster who.........

Roman: What?! Say it!

At that moment the door opens, and a man walks in. He says to Roman and Sami........

Maxwell Brady: She won’t say it, Dad. She doesn’t have the guts.

Roman and Sami just look at each other, and Sami then turns around. She smiles at her brother.........right before slapping him hard across his face. She storms out as he holds his chin, saying to Roman......

Maxwell: She still has that temper.

Roman sighs deeply and welcomes his son home, and as they both walk into the main living room.......

Sami runs out to her car. She gets in and starts it up.........as Eric sits up in the backseat. He startles her, and she reaches back and starts slapping him, telling him about scaring her. He says he’s sorry, and sits up all he way, telling her to drive. She looks at him with fear, and he tells her........

Eric: Yeah, it’s huge..........now get out of here.

She puts her car in reverse, backs down the long driveway, puts her car in drive, and floors it towards her Aunt Kate’s home. As the two lovers drive through the night.......

Bo sits down in Forrest’s Oval Office, as Jack walks in as well. As they sit, Bo offers his condolences for Lawrence’s death. Forrest thanks him, and says that’s one of the reason why he’s there. Bo doesn’t quite understand, and Forrest tells him that a plan has been put in place to take out the person responsible for his brother’s death. Bo looks at Jack, who shakes his head in agreement. Bo wonders what he has to do with it, and that is when a man, the Director of the C.I.A. walks in and tells him........

C.I.A. Director Ernesto Toscano: Everything, son. Let us know right now. Are you with us.........

Or against us?

Bo looks around the room and looks back at this man, as the scene freeze frames........

And slowly fades to black.


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