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Thursday December 6 2007




All The Days of Their Lives Episode 13:

Thursday November 6 2007

Carly and Kimberly are in Kimberly's hospital room.

Carly: Thank you so much for doing this.

Kim: Your welcome honey. I want you to know that I will do anything for you. So wheres your mom?

Carly looks down.

Kim: Whats wrong?

Carly: Me and my mom have never gotten along. I called her about my baby when I was in New York, and she told me over the phone about my adoption.

Kim: She probaly just wanted you to get the help as fast as she can.

Carly: No, she always had a problem with me. Mabye because I'm not her real daughter. Ever since I found out I was adopted, I couldn't help but think how much better my childhood would be.

Kimberly starts crying, and she hugs her.

Kim: I'm so sorry.

Bo, Chelsea, and Kayla come out of a hospital room.

Kayla: So the doctor said everythings good.

Chelsea: Thank God.

Bo: Kim has her surgery today.

Kayla: Wanna come with us, to go see her Chelsea?

Chelsea: I'll be right there, I just have to do something first.

Kayla: Ok, you know which room she's in right?

Chelsea: Ya, i'll be right there.

Chelsea walks down the hall, and sees Stefano on his phone. Chelsea is about to say something, when Stefano starts talking.

Stefano: Today's the day, you better not dissapoint me!

Chelsea takes her phone out, and starts recording Stefano.

Stefano: I don't care! Kill her if you have to!

Chelsea presses a button, and closes her phone. She doesnt know what to do. She looks at Stefano, but sees he is not there!

Stefano: Eaves dropping is very rude my dear.

Chelsea: So is kidnapping people, and them locking them in a room on a ship, and releasing a toxic gass.

Stefano: Hand over your phone.

Chelsea: Sorry?

Stefano: Hand over your phone.

Chelsea: Get away from me!

She tries to walk away, but Stefano grabs her arm.

Austin and Carrie are in their hotel room, in their bed.

Austin: So I was thinking that me and you can have a huge lunch soon.

Carrie: I'm starving. You know what I want right now?

Austin: What?

Carrie: Carb legs, and lobster tails. Mmmmmm.

Austin: I'll go get them for you.

Carrie: austin, no it's ok.

Austin: I want to. Now that you said it, I'm craving them too.

Austin gets up, and starts getting dressed.

Mike comes in Kim's hospital room.

Mike: It's almost time for the operation.

Kim: How much longer?

Mike: About ten mintues.

Kim: Ok, I'm ready whenever you are.

Mike leaves the room.

Carly: Ok, well I'm going to go get something to eat.

Kim: Ok, i'll see you after the surgery.

Carly leaves, and Bo and Kayla walk in the room.

Bo: So how are you doing sis?

Kim: I'm fine, what about you guys?

Kayla: Were good. So hows Carly?

Kim: I think I've reached her. I think that shes gotten over the adoption thing.

Mike walks in.

Mike: sorry, were a bit ahead of schedule, and we should start now.

Kim: Thats fine.

Everyone leaves the room, as Kim goes into surgery.

Austin is about to go out the door, and Carrie comes out.

Carrie: Austin, please you don't need to go.

Austin: It's fine Carrie. I'll be back soon.

They kiss, and he leaves. Carrie holds her stomach.

In the parking lot, Austin goes into his car. He starts it, and he notices a black van starting his car too.

Chelsea rushes to Kim's hospital room, but sees Bo and Kayla.

Chelsea: Wheres Aunt Kim?

Bo: She went into surgery.

Chelsea: Stop them! Somethings going to happen!

Kayla: Chelsea, whats wrong?

Chelsea: Stefano was on the phone with somebody, I recorded what he was saying. Here it is.

She pulld out her phone, and plays it for them.

Stefano: I don't care! Kill her if you have to!

Chelsea: It has to be about Aunt Kim!

Bo: We need to stop this!

Kayla goes to the OR. She looks around.

Kayla: Patty!

Patty: Yes, Dr. Johnson?

Kayla: What room is Kimberly Brady having her surgery in?

Patty: Hold on, let me check.

Patty shows Kayla the paper.

Kayla: Thanks.

Kayla rushes to the room, and opens it, but nobody is in there!

Kayla: Damn it! The surgery should be done soon!

Mike is done the surgery. all the other doctors leave the room, and Mike has a sad face on.

Mike: I'm so sorry Kimberly.

Mike goes outside, where Carly, Kayla, Chelsea, Shawn, and Caroline are standing

Mike: Theres some bad news.

Chelsea: Oh my God. I was right.

Mike: Kimberly should have woken up from the anhiestia by now, but she hasn't. We don't know if she will wake up.

Carly puts her hands to her mouth.

Caroline: Are you telling me that my daughter is going to die?

Mike: We arent sure at this point.

Shawn hugs Caroline, and Chelsea storms off.

Austin is on the road. He can't see good, because the car behind him has the head lights on really high.

Austin: Crap! Turn them down!

The car behind now bumps into him!

Austin: What the hells going on!?!

Austins car slides, and goes into another lane. The car drives off.

Austin: Holy crap!

Austin takes out his phone, but drops it. He bends down to pick it up, and there is a truck right in front of his car! Austin yells! The screen fades to black as a crash is heard.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Anna, Roman, and Carrie are at the hospital.

Dr. Berman: I'm so sorry, Mrs. Reed.

Carrie cries, and Anna hugs her.

Carly is in the hospital room with Kim.

Carly: This is all my fault. I should have never come to Salem.

Bo and Hope are in their living room.

Bo: Hope, I found something the other night.

Hope: What?

Bo takes out the compact, and Hope stares in shock.


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