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Wednesday December 5 2007




Wednesday December 5 2007

All The Days of Their Lives Episode 12:

Bo is shoveling ths snow on the driveway, when Chelsea comes.

Chelsea: It's freezing! You need some help dad?

Bo: No, it's ok. I'm almost done. Go inside, Hope has some cookies and hot chocolate for you.

Chelsea: Ok.

She walks inside, and sees Nick sitting the couch with Ciara.

Chelsea: Hey Nick.

Nick puts Ciara in the playpen, and kisses Chelsea.

Nick: Hey beautiful. How are you?

Chelsea: I'm great!

Nick: So you still never answered my question.

Chelsea: What question?

Nick: Why were you on a blind date?

Tony, Anna, Sami, Carrie, Austin, and Eric are sitting at a table at Marleana's penthouse eating.

Anna: So how have you been Marleana?

Marleana: I'm doing better actually.

Tony: Thats good.

Anna: I can't help it Marleana, but whats wrong? You don't look too good.

Marleana: Well, tonight, this dinner, John was supposed to be here.

Tony: Marleana, I hate that you feel like this.

Marleana: I feel like this everyday. Whenever I'm doing something, I start thinking about what John would be doing.

Anna: You need a vacation, Marleana.

Marleana: Mabye a vacation that I won't come back from.

Mike and Belle are at the Penthouse Grill.

Mike: That food's taking a long time to come.

Belle: Well, we did order a lot. I have to go to the washroom. I'll be right back.

Belle gets up, and goes to the washroom. Mike sips some of his wine, when Stefano comes, and sits in Belle's seat.

Mike: What the hell do you want?

Stefano: What do you think I want? Will you follow through tomorrow?

Mike: Do I have a choice?

Stefano: Of course you do! But if you choose the wrong choice, you will recieve the cosequences.

Mike: Get away from me Stefano.

Stefano: Your right, I should go. I have to go see my grandson.

Mike: Why can't you leave people alone? Sami doesnt want you there. Marleana deffiantly doesent want you there.

Stefano: Mike, shut up.

Belle comes back, and sees Stefano.

Belle: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: Ah, Belle; it's so lovely to see you.

Belle: Get away from me.

Stefano: I have some business to attend to, I hope to see you soon Belle.

Stefano leaves, and Belle sits down.

Chelsea: Nick, I wasn't sure about us at that time, and Stephanie and Sami forced me to go on it, to have some fun, so I went.

Nick: Bu-

Chelsea: I love you Nick. Your the one I want.

They kiss, and Hope walks in with hot chocolate and cookies.

Hope: Theres a baby in the room!

Chelsea: Sorry.

They smile.

Hope: So how was your day Chelsea?

Chelsea: Really good. Me and Stephanie had a lot of fun.

Hope: Why didn't she come in?

Chelsea: She had to do something with her parents.

Hope: Oh. Well dinners almost ready. Is your father still out there?

Outside, Bo is shovelling the snow when he finds something. He bends down to pick it up. He rubs the snow off of it.

Bo: What the?

He looks at it, and it is a compact with a "G" on it.

Hope:Theres some hot chocolate over here; I'm going to go check on Claire, you guys just wait here.

The phone rings. Hope gets it.

Hope: Hello.

Shawn: Hey mom.

Hope: Shawn! Where are you?

Shawn: I'm in London actually. I'm staying with Jack and Jennifer for a bit.

Hope: When will you be back?

Shawn: I don't know.

Hope: Will you be home for Christmas?

Shawn: I'm not sure.

Marleana is in the kitchen bringing plates in. She covers her forehead, and it looks like she is in pain. Carrie comes in.

Carrie: Marleana, are you ok?

Marleana looks up.

Marleana: I'm fine.

Carrie: Are you sure? You don't look so good.

Marleana: I just have a bit of a headache.

The doorbell rings.

Marleana: I'll go get that.

She goes to the door, and opens it, to see Stefano standing there.

Stefano: Good eve-


Stefano: Marl-

Marleana: NOW!

Eric goes to the door.

Eric: Leave now!

Stefano: If everyone would stop yelling, I have something to show you!

He pulls something out of his pocket.

Stefano: Here is a legal document saying that I can see my grandson.

Marleana grabs it from him, and rips it. She throws the riped pieces in his face. She slams the door, and Stefano bangs on it. Tony goes outside.

Tony: What the hell are you doing?

Stefano: I'm here to see my grandson!

Tony: Leave! Nobody wants you here Stefano!

Stefano: Fine! But tell Samantha and Marleana, that the next time I see them it will be in court!

Stefano goes into the elevator, and Tony stands there.

Tony: He needs to be stopped.

Tony goes back inside, and the screen fades to black...

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Kimberly is in a hospital room with Carly.

Carly: Thank you so much for doing this.

Kim: Your welcome honey. I want you to know that I will do anything for you.

Stefano (on the phone): I don't care! Kill her if you have to!

Chelsea hears this, and closes her phone.


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