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Episode #1



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The Beacon: Reva and Jeffrey are on a date. They go up to their room at the beacon. Reva leaves to get a surprise for Jeffrey from her car. Just then Jeffrey gets a knock on the door he runs to meet her with a kiss, then as he pulls away her realizes it is not Reva, its MARAH!

Jeffrey is in shock while Marah lets herself in, "Marah, what are you doing here?"

"I came home to see my family, my friends, and you. I never stopped thinking of you. I came back last year but I had heard about you being mayor so I didn't say anything. And I heard about you and Aunt Cassie so...."

Jeffrey sits down, "I am sorry Marah, I know that must have been hard for you." Marah smiles and removes her coat, "Well, I thought that was weird, then she left you and hooked up with my dad! But what she doesn't know is that my parents will get back together." Jeffrey sits in shock.

"Uh Marah, your mom didn't tell me you were in town."

"Well she doesn't know, I wanted to see you first, so what have you been up to?"

"Well what do you know so far?"

"I heard you were feuding with Olivia about something, but I wasn't sure what. Oh and I know you and Cassie broke up but Mom didn't say why. So maybe you can tell me." Just then their is a knock at the door.

Towers: Olivia is sitting at a table in a lovely dress. Ava approaches her. "So you finally got Jeffrey? I knew it, Reva never stood a chance."

"Actually I am not meeting Jeffrey. I'm meeting Josh."

"Josh? But Josh is with Cassie."

"Well he left her. Now he and I are on a date. He should be here soon."

Ava is getting angry, "I should have known you couldn't take Reva, you are so pathetic. I mean honestly you don't even care that my father is dating the slut of springfield."

"Ava, I know you were hoping that your father and I would get together, so did I, but things don't always go your way. You can't always be this selfish"

Ava reaches to slap her mother when Olivia grabs her arm, "Ava! Now get out of here before I have you escorted out."

"You don't deserve to have children." Ava runs out.

Josh walks past her, "Is she going to be alright?"

"I hope so, she has been acting so selfish and angry latley."

"Remind you of anyone?"

"1 minute into the date and you are already insulting me."

"I'm just kidding, you've matured, and so will she."

"I just hope she doesn't have to make the same mistakes along the way."

"Ava walks to outside and dials her phone, "Yes, I need you to do me a huge favor, you owe me. After what you have done in the past this should be easy."

The Farmhouse: Cassie is sobbing in her living room. Josh thinks she is in San Cristobal with RJ, but she sent him with Mrs. Chitwood. "I can't believe this happened. They warned me, know one can break up Josh and Reva. Cassie looks into a large mirror on the wall, "You idiot you should have known that no one can break up Josh and Reva, NO ONE!" She throws a picture of her and Josh at the mirror, causing it to shatter.


Beacon: Marah heads toward the door, "I'll get it." Jeffrey races to stop her.

"Marah wait!"

She opens it, room service drops off the two meals. Marah realizes that Jeffrey has a date. "Oh, I guess things have changed. I am so sorry I'll go." embarrassed Marah runs out of the room.

"Marah wait!" Jeffrey runs after her but she gets in the elevator and closes the door. He goes back to his room. The gentleman says the phone rang and he was left a message. Jeffrey plays it:

"Hi Jeffrey its Reva, I have to go home I left my surprise their I'll be their in an hour or so, bye."

Olivia's Beacon Suite: Olivia and Josh are outside her room at the top of the building. Olivia is a little goofy from the wine and tries to find her keys. Josh gets them and opens the door. "Hey it was unlocked."

Olivia walks in, "Hey, I'm home. Jenny?! Where are you guys?" She sees Emma is gone as well. She runs into the back rooms while Josh looks around at Emma's toys all scattered around and calls the police.

Olivia overhears him on the phone and collapses to the ground with Emma's blanket.

The Farmhouse: Cassie begins to look at pictures she grabs five. First she lays out a picture of Hart, then Richard. Then she sits down to sonogram pictures (one of her baby with Richard and one of her baby with Edmund). Then she sits a picture of Tammy down. She begins to scream. "Why did you take them from me? Now what am I supposed to do?" She lights some candles around the pictures as a sort of memorial. She goes to light a candle by the couch and drops it. She just stares at the flames as they begin to spread, "Maybe it is just my time."

Cross Creek: Reva runs in, she has on a sexy little outfit. She begins to talk to herself, "Why did you think that you could go through the lobby like this?" She goes to her room and grabs a coat and runs back down. She runs into the living room seeing Marah. "Oh my God!"

"Nice outfit Mom."

Reva has a deer caught in headlights expression on her face.

PREVIEW FOR NEXT: Marah questions Reva's love life. Beth gets a shock at cedars. Cassie sleeps on the couch while the farmhouse is in flames. Olivia cries in her room while Ava watches from behind a corner.


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Wow. Good dramatic first episode. Cassie and flames stuff really was a great cliffhanger. FINALLY Olivia has her rapist Jeffrey out of her system.

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Just discovered your blog. I am a long time but disgusted fan of The Guiding Light. I have read this and the introduction and I like it. I think I am going to continue reading! :)
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