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Starting the Light



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Here are some of my stories:

Like Mother Like Daughter: Marah returns to take back Jeffrey. Then as they begin to remember their romance, Reva tries to tell Marah she is in a relationship with Jeffrey.

Lewis/Spencer: Josh leaves Cassie for Reva who turns him down. Now he and Olivia heat things up. Bill returns to keep an eye on Olivia and he and Ava begin to romance.

Cooper/Spaulding1: Gus and Natalia are falling for one another but she begins to be drawn to Alan. Harley and Dylan try to be a couple but Bridget returns and tells Harley that there was much more that happened with her and Dylan.

Cooper/Spaulding2: Mel and Frank reveal that they have a secret love affair. Then AM returns needing a divorce lawyer since he never officially divorced Lucy. Mel tries to help which sparks romance, the Lucy returns to see her family. Just as this feud heats up, Frank and AM are rocked by a blast from the past.

Four Musketeers: Beth has Alan do a DNA test to prove that he isn't the father. Rick is happy. Mindy returns and sees Rick with Beth. She begins to investigate and finds out Beth met with Phillip while Alan was in the coma.

Family Ties: Billy and Vanessa are falling back in love. Matt and Dinah begin to realize that this relationship was a mistake. Now she goes back to Mallet. They get remarried, bringing his little sister Julie back. She begins to lay her eyes on Matt.

Oldies but Goodies: Ed returns and falls for Lillian. Then Buzz gets a shock from Cyrus. He has been working for a much stronger criminal who runs crimes around the world, he says Buzz that the Cooper family could be hurt by this.

Secret Connection: Shayne returns, he says he has learned alot about himself. Rocky Cooper returns from school and stays at the beacon, he doesn't want to his family to know he is in town. He and Shayne share a secret bond.

Complicated Love: Cyrus leaves Alex for Marina. Marina gets a visit from Danny who said Michelle changed and he left her. Michelle returns to say she want her single life back, and moves in with Rick and Ed. Cyrus reveals that he has a strong connection to a former resident of Springfield who was loved, and a hated murderer.

Young Love: Susan who is in her 20's, returns to see Harley, she tells her that she is in school and dating Max Nickerson again. But Susan later sneaks out to spy on Cyrus and Marina, she later calls a mysterious aquaintance to inform them of the young lovers plans.


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Oooo these are some very good ideas. Welcome to SONBC by the way. We needed more GL fanfics. I like your idea about Mel and Alan-Michael. I always imagined that these two would make quite the pairing. I just love how much more mysetrious you've made Cyrus and rewriting many of the mistakes that David Kreizman has made.

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