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Episode 75



April 5, 2006

Meg is touched when Dusty asks her to stay with him in his suite at the Lakeview for a few days since her apartment complex is undergoing renovations. While, Dusty is out getting them breakfast, Meg sends Jennifer a note “from Dusty” saying that he needs to see her right away. A shaken Jessica calls Margo and asks her to come with them to find Ben, hoping that when they find him, Margo can bust Owen. Margo jumps at the chance and agrees and tries to comfort Jessica. They arrive at the Children of Promise and find that a gate has been put up and it is now being closely guarded. The three brainstorm and agree that Margo is the best for the job since no one there at the cult has seen her so far. Andy and Emily decide that a road trip is the best way for them to get away and head to Chicago. Soon though, Emily’s car breaks down, leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Susan stays vigil beside Hal’s bed side. When he awakens, the two talk about him giving Emily/Andy his blessing. Susan knows that Emily is torn up about Hal and blames herself. Susan also tells Hal that without him, many people in Oakdale wouldn’t rest easily and begs him to fight.


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