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Episode 76



April 6, 2006

Paul gets word from the Paris office of B.R.O. claiming that the man they hired to fill Paul’s place at the Paris office has been pocketing money and causing B.R.O. to slowly inch towards bankruptcy. Paul tells James and Barbara of his plan to leave Oakdale. James gives his son his best wishes and apologizes for not seeing him off at the airport, claiming he has business to tend to.

Jennifer goes to Dusty’s suite and is appalled to find Meg answering the door with nothing on but a skimpy nightgown. Jennifer leaves in a huff and Meg is all too pleased with herself. Jennifer returns to the Threadz office and tries to help Gwen with her designs but is so frustrated from finding Meg in Dusty’s room that she gives Gwen and the rest of the staff the day off. Nick enters and finds Jennifer tearing the place apart. He thinks he finally has her calmed down, but she spots an old picture of Dusty and goes ballistic.

Mike returns home and tells Katie that Mark is making progress every day. Katie is thrilled to have her man home and the two of them share a romantic evening together. After teasing one another with strawberries and whipped cream, the two make love. Later, Henry arrives and concludes that Katie isn’t home so he leaves a note saying that the contractor has announced KATY will be ready in about a month and asks her to call him. Mike goes downstairs after hearing the door close and finds the note. He returns to bed and asks Katie to explain to him what she and Henry have been plotting.

Luke goes out with Maddie to eat at Al’s. Heath shows up and thinks they’re on a date. Maddie and Heath go outside to exchange words and Luke dials his number on Maddie’s phone. Later, Luke shows Maddie's dialed calls to Heath as proof and then goes on to say that he and Maddie are now dating and he’d better back off.


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