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Jack is still stunned by Elizabeth's revelation that Alexander is his son. Alexander doesn't believe it. Billie watches from her gurney before a nurse says they have to get her to her room. Billie insists they stay longer but the nurse insists they go. The nurse then wheels the gurney away as Billie turns her head and looks back, trying to see what is going on.

Jack asks how this is possible. Elizabeth says she learned she was pregnant shortly after they broke up after college. She didn't tell him because she knew his father would hate it. He was in politics and she knew Jack wanted to be too and an illegitimate child would certainly put a black mark on both their reputations. She almost called him a few times but he married Jennifer and had a family with her. There was just too much happening on his end. Alexander is upset with Elizabeth for not telling him. Elizabeth tells him she thought it would be better this way since she couldn't tell Jack. Alexander doesn't understand but then comes to a realization:

Alexander: Wait, I get it. You mentioned you kept this secret for so long for Jack and his father. God forbid their reputations are ruined by the mistake that was me.
Elizabeth: You weren't a mistake. Jack and I were in love when you were...
Alexander: Yeah. Well, I spent my whole life not knowing who my father was. Was he dead? Was he in a coma somewhere? Is he a deadbeat? You never told me anything, mother!! I see your reasons for keeping this from Jack but you can't use that as a reason for why you kept it from me. It makes no sense.
Jack: I have to...I need some time with this...I am going to see Billie.
Elizabeth: Jack...
Alexander: I don't understand this. I don't understand you. I just...

Alexander walks off as Elizabeth begs him and Jack to come back. Elizabeth then breaks down in tears, asking herself how she made such a big mess of things.


Nico is in the study, looking over some layouts. He opts to turn the radio on for some music as he works and turns it to a classical channel. After a few moments, a news bulletin covering Greta's hit and run interrupts the music. Nico is stunned by the news and says he must tell Mr. Kiriakis. He races out of the room.

Meanwhile, in Victor's bedroom, Victor and Maggie lie in bed. Maggie tells Victor she feels like she is on top of the world. Victor agrees, saying he doesn't remember the last time he felt this happy. They kiss and begin to make love until a knock on the door stops them. Victor yells out that he is not to be disturbed. Nico yells back that it's him and it's an emergency. Victor and Maggie put their robes on.

Victor opens the door and asks what is so important. Nico tells him it's Greta. She was involved in a hit and run and it doesn't look good. The color in Victor's face drains as he turns around in shock. He grabs on to the dresser, trying to keep himself from losing his balance due to the shock. Maggie asks if he is ok. Victor says they need to get to the hospital immediately. Maggie says ok but admits being stunned by Victor's concern for Greta. It's almost like she is family to him. Victor doesn't answer and tells Maggie to just get dressed and orders Nico to bring the car around. Maggie observes Victor and wonders if he is hiding something.


Frankie can't believe anyone would want to hurt Greta. Stefano can't see it either. Abe tells them both they will investigate and will get to the bottom of it. Greta is wheeled into the ambulance. Frankie says he is going with her. Abe tells Frankie he will call Bo and Kayla to let them know what is going on. Frankie thinks that is a good idea as Kayla can get info on Greta's condition.

Frankie boards the ambulance. Abe tells Celeste he has arranged for a squad car to take her home to Theo. He may have to work late and there is no need for her to be around. Celeste asks about Alexandra. Abe says it's not the time or place to discuss those issues. Celeste agrees. Abe motions to an officer to escort Celeste to the squad car. Stefano tells Lexie he doesn't think he should go to the hospital. There would be too much tension. He asks Lexie to go so she can keep him up to date. Lexie isn't so sure her being there will be a good idea. Stefano tells her to do it for him. He cares about Greta and needs to know that she will be ok. Lexie gives in and agrees. Stefano tells Lexie he will have her dropped off at the hospital on his way to the mansion. Stefano puts her arm around Lexie as they walk off. Lexie turns and looks at Abe, who looks back at her. Lexie then turns back around and walks off with Stefano.


Barbara is in a cubicle examining Marlena as Belle watches. She asks Barbara if everything is ok. Barbara says it's just as the EMT's said. Marlena is suffering the after effects of her mental disorder and she is stressed and emotionally exhausted on top of it. She has given her a sedative to rest. Belle thanks Barbara for everything. Barbara hopes this scare will teach Marlena a lesson she should already know as a doctor. She must take her medication and pursue the proper treatment she needs. Barbara asks Belle to call her when Marlena wakes up as she would like to talk to her and to set up a session. Belle nods and thanks Barbara again as she leaves.

Belle gently caresses Marlena's head and tells her she needs to take care of herself. They can't lose her too. Just then, Roman bursts into the room and asks if Marlena is ok.

Belle: She will be fine. No thanks to you.

Roman is stunned by Belle's statement.

Meanwhile, nearby, Greta is raced into the ER. Frankie follows. Rich emerges and tells Frankie to wait outside. He will get back to him as soon as he has any news. Frankie begs Rich to help her. Caroline, Bo, and Kayla arrive and tell Frankie that Abe told them everything. Frankie tells them it doesn't look good. Kayla says she will go and see what is happening. Frankie thanks her. Caroline tells him it's all going to be fine and embraces him as Frankie says he prays she is right.


Alexander is outside, wondering how his mother could do this to him. Elizabeth appears behind him and says she has been looking all over for him. Alexander tells her to leave him alone. Elizabeth acknowledges she made a mistake but says she just felt she was doing what was right by him. Alexander turns and looks at her, with tears welling in his eyes.

Alexander: How can lying to me for my whole life be considered right? Leave me alone, mother.

Alexander walks off, leaving behind Elizabeth, who breaks down in tears as Alexander goes back inside.

Meanwhile, Jack enters Billie's room as a nurse is tending to her IV. Billie is happy to see him. The nurse says she will give them some time. Jack asks how she is doing. Billie says she is doing great thanks to him. She thanks him for everything he did. Jack says she should be thanking Elizabeth and Alexander for rescuing them. Billie reminds Jack he kept her alive until they got there. Jack smiles. Billie tells him she heard every word he said and is glad she nearly died. Jack asks how she can say that.

Billie (smiling): Because you would've kept pushing me away if it hadn't happened. Sure, I knew how you felt about me because you told me on the ship but I think you needed a push to realize how strong what we have is. I'm just glad we know where be both stand now and we can make a run at making this work.
Jack: Yeah, me too.
Billie: You seem a bit...off...you ok?
Jack: Yeah. Fine. It's just been a long ordeal for both of us.
Billie: That could end happily now that our feelings are out in the open.
Jack: Perhaps. I'm just trying not to put the cart ahead of the horse. You never know what life might throw your way.
Billie: You mean like the revelation that you have a long lost son?
Jack: How did you...
Billie: I was being taken to my room when Elizabeth told you. I heard everything.
Jack: Oh, I see. Well, I don't know what I am doing here. I don't even know if Elizabeth is telling the truth. She has no reason to lie.
Billie: You need to have a test done to know for sure, Jack. That is the first step. If it's true that he is yours, then I guess you have a son that you have to bond with, don't you?
Jack: I guess. The other question is...what does this mean for me and my existing family?
Billie: And for us.

Jack and Billie look at each other with worry.


Roman asks Belle what she meant by what she said.

Belle: Your behavior since Eric and Sami's deaths has been deplorable. This whole vigilante justice thin you ripped from Uncle Bo's book is disgusting! Mom is paying for it. Our family is paying for it! Did you not learn anything from last Fall and Winter?
Roman: We've lost so many, Belle. Something needs to be done.
Belle: Then handle it like you always have. As a police officer...according to the law. Not like this. My God, you are putting yourself in the same ring as Orpheus, Victor, and Stefano with what you are doing.
Belle: What you are doing will only make it worse! Look at mom. She isn't taking care of herself and all the worry....it's eating away at her. Her recovery is being messed with because of you.
Roman: No, it's because of people like Orpheus and Stefano. I can't do this by the book, tink. I can't. Bo was right and so was Victor. If we are going to stop these bastards, we have to attack them using the same tactics they use.
Belle: At what expense? Your wife is suffering! We are suffering!
Roman: You will suffer even more if I don't do this. Everything I'm doing is for you. For my family.

Roman then goes over to Marlena and kisses the top of her head, telling her he loves her and to be patient. It will all be ok in due time. Roman then tells Belle he doesn't think this tension is good for Marlena or for anyone. He knows she is upset so he will go. He embraces Belle and kisses her cheek, telling her he loves her. He knows she will understand...someday. Roman walks off, wiping a single tear from his eye before leaving the room. Belle sits down by Marlena and begins to cry, wondering when they will ever have peace again.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lexie arrives in the ER and asks Caroline, Bo, and Frankie for an update. Frankie shakes his head, saying there is nothing yet. Abe arrives and says he has men combing the scene and looking for witnesses but, so far, they have nothing. Caroline just can't see who would want to harm a sweet girl like Greta. The scene then shifts to the...


Cassie is eating some chocolate covered strawberries, along with a glass of champagne, when Stefano enters the living room from the back. Cassie sees him and is so glad he is home. She has been waiting for him and asks what took him so long. Stefano says there was an accident. Cassie goes into panic mode and asks if he is ok or if anyone in the family is hurt. Stefano shakes his head and says he is fine. He tells her that Greta von Amburg was involved in a hit and run and it doesn't look good. Cassie tells Stefano she didn't know he cared about Greta.

Stefano: She is a lovely girl. So loving, gentle...she lights up a room when she walks into it. I may have despised her mother but I can't see how anyone couldn't adore her. I watched her grow up. You know...for most of her life she believed I was one of the men who could be her father. I'm not but, if she was my daughter, I couldn't help but love her. Sure, she is not your typical Dimera but...you can't resist her charm. Beautiful girl...inside and out.
Cassie: Wow...I never knew you felt that way about her. I didn't even know that you knew her.
Stefano: Yes, well, I guess it never came up in our conversations. I just hope she is alright. She did not look good at the scene.
Cassie: I'm sure.

Stefano turns and looks at Cassie, noting her reactions to what he has been saying.

Stefano: You know, you don't seem shocked that she is in bad shape and you sure didn't seem all that shocked when I told you about the hit and run.
Cassie: Well, I honestly don't give a damn about her so...(sips her champagne)
Stefano (looking at her inquisitively): Cassie, you seemed anxious about my returning home this evening. Is there something you needed to tell me?
Cassie: Uh, well...
Stefano: Something is wrong. I can see it in your eyes. Did you do something?
Cassie: Well, ok. I guess I can't hide anything from you and shouldn't hide anything from you.
Stefano: Your right about that.
Cassie: I found something out tonight and decided to do something I thought would make you proud of me. I wanted to prove my worth to you.
Stefano (shakes his head): Cassie, I told you I would give you assignments to prove yourself to me. You didn't have to...
Cassie: I know. I just saw an opportunity and you have been telling me to seize opportunities and...
Stefano: Ok, ok. What did you do?
Cassie: I overheard Victor and Greta at the Java Cafe. Turns out he is Greta's father.
Stefano: Yes, I know that. I'm the one that told Greta a year ago and gave her the proof she needed.
Cassie: What? Why didn't you say something? She is Victor's daughter. You could target her or use her to get to him!
Stefano: I just told you how I feel about Greta. I never told anyone because Kiriakis has many enemies. I didn't want her getting hurt and I certainly didn't want to drag her into this way. There is no reason to.
Cassie: Oh...
Stefano: Alright. So, you learned Victor is Greta's father and...
Cassie: And...I...decided that she was...a prime target.
Stefano (covering his mouth in shock): Dear God....no...you didn't...tell me you didn't...
Cassie: I just wanted to impress you. I didn't think you would have a problem...
Stefano (horrified): MY GOD!!! YOU HIT GRETA??!!
Cassie (tears welling in her eyes): Yeah. I was just doing it for you, grandfather. I just wanted to please you!

Stefano turns around in shock and then turns back to Cassie and says:

Well, you failed. In fact, you have disappointed me tremendously.

Cassie breaks down in tears upon hearing Stefano's words. The scene then shifts back to...


Kayla emerges with Rich from the ER. Roman joins Caroline, Bo, Abe, Lexie, and Frankie and asks what is going on. Bo fills him in. Frankie asks Kayla if Greta is ok.

Kayla: She has a skull fracture and some bleeding around the brain. She also has some severe internal injuries including a ruptured spleen and punctured lung on top of a severed artery. She has lost alot of blood. The facial lacerations have been taken care of but everything else needs to be taken care of through emergency surgery.
Rich: We don't have much time, Frankie. I'm not going to lie to you. The odds are not in her favor.

Caroline comforts a devastated Frankie. Just then, Victor and Maggie enter the ER off the hospital elevator and overhear the discussion going on.

Kayla (holding back tears): Rich is right. There is a good chance...she won't make it out of surgery. I wish...I could tell you differently. I'm sorry.
Victor: No!! Not my daughter!!

A stunned Maggie looks at Victor as Caroline, Bo, Frankie, Kayla, Rich, Abe, and Lexie turn around toward Victor and Maggie and also look on in shock after hearing Victor's blurted out revelation. The scene then freezes on a horrified Victor's face and then fades to black.




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