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Stephanie pulls up outside the Horton house and asks Max if he is sure he wants to simply talk to Abby again. It hasn't been very productive so far. Max says he can't think of anything else right now. Frankie told him to wait until they can come up with something but time is a luxury they don't have. Abby is growing closer to Forrest with each passing day. Stephanie agrees but thinks talking to Abby again is nothing but a waste of time. Max insists he has to try and tells her to wish him luck. She does and he exits the car.

Meanwhile, inside the Horton House, Forrest enters the living room through the kitchen and hands Abby some tea. Abby wonders where Alice is as she has been out with Julie for quite awhile. The guard out front said it's been a few hours. Abby says that Alice mentioned how Julie has been going through a rough time so her great-grandmother is probably trying to keep her mind off her troubles. Forrest says that Alice seems like that type of person. Abby nods and smiles, saying her great-grandmother is wonderful. Abby mentions how she would fall apart right now if not for her and her family. She then turns to Forrest and says he has been there too. She has lost Chelsea and Max hurt her so badly and is trying to convince people that Forrest is bad news. Forrest tells Abby to let him as unfounded accusations are just that. He insists he has nothing to hide. Abby smiles and says she knows. She then looks at a picture of herself with her parents and says losing her mother was enough but she can't bare the thought that her father isn't coming home. Abby begins to break down in tears as Forrest comforts her in a loving embrace, which Max witnesses from the window near the front door.


Billie is in her room with her nurse and tells her she feels fine. The nurse says they need to check her vitals regularly. She has been through quite the ordeal. Billie tells the nurse that her and Jack had alot to discuss. The nurse tells her they have plenty of time but the doctor has ordered her to make sure she rests. Billie says she will rest easier after she talks to Jack. The nurse tells her that she will let her see Jack the minute she wakes up after a lengthy rest. Billie, realizing she is fighting a losing battle, agrees but tells the nurse she needs to see Jack as soon as she wakes up. The nurse nods in agreement and then leaves as Billie throws his hands up in frustration, knowing full well the course of her relationship with Jack could change depending on what happens with Elizabeth and Alexander.

Meanwhile, Jack walks in to the waiting area and sees a distraught Elizabeth, who is drying her tears. Jack takes it as things went horribly with Alexander. Elizabeth nods. Jack asks what she expected. She lied to him for his whole life. Elizabeth tells Jack she doesn't want to talk about it. Jack tells her she will need to deal with the repercussions of all this eventually. Elizabeth nods, saying she knows. Jack sits down next to her and says he is glad he found her so quickly as he needs to discuss something with her. Elizabeth turns toward him and tells him to go ahead. Jack tells Elizabeth he wants a DNA test to prove that Alexander is his son. He needs concrete proof. Elizabeth asks why he would need that and then wonders why he would think she is lying. Jack tells her he needs it for his own piece of mind and doesn't see how it's a problem. Elizabeth thinks it's unnecessary. Jack asks why she is being so defensive. It's almost like she is hiding something. Jack warns her to speak up if there is something she isn't telling him. Elizabeth's face turns from one of anger and bewilderment to one of worry.


Hope and Steve enter the living room after many hours of searching the mansion. Hope can't believe they didn't find anything to help them. Steve says they may have to resort to re-creating the past as it may be their only hope, no pun intended. Hope snickers a bit and says she isn't sure that's a good idea after what nearly happened earlier. Byron enters the room and asks if they need any assistance. Hope says they are ok but thanks Byron for offering. The doorbell rings. Hope and Steve ask Byron who that could be at such a late hour. Byron doesn't have a clue and cautiously walks to answer the door. Steve and Hope lurk behind him and watch as he answers the door to find...Tony standing right behind it. Byron asks him what he is doing there. Tony tells him he has come for answers. Steve emerges with Hope and tells Tony to join the club.


Victor realizes he has just blurted out his and Greta's secret and that no amount of backtracking will help. Maggie knows Victor wouldn't joke at a time like this and asks how it's possible Greta is his daughter. Victor fills her, Kayla, Lexie, Abe, Kayla, Rich, Bo, Roman, Frankie, and Caroline in on how Princess Gina wanted to get pregnant to hold on to John/Roman. She would tell John the child was his and would tell Stefano the child could be his as a way of protecting herself, John, and her child. However, John had left so she needed to find a man to impregnate her. By a twist of fate, she ended up drugging Victor by mistake at a party rather then her real choice and Greta was conceived. Victor doesn't remember the night but Stefano gave Greta a file and Greta had DNA done. Victor says his people confirmed it's legit.

Everyone is stunned. Frankie mentions how he wondered why Greta and him were together so much lately. It makes sense now. Kayla then says that they do need to get Greta up to surgery. Rich agrees. Victor says he will sign the consent forms as her father. Kayla tells him to follow her. Victor follows Kayla, leaving behind a room full of shocked people, still reeling from the reveal of Greta as Victor's daughter. Meanwhile, Victor signs the forms. Rich has a nurse go up to the records room to confirm Victor as Greta's father for their records. Victor asks Kayla and Rich what her chances are. Rich tells Victor that, in his honest opinion, it doesn't look good. Kayla agrees and tells Victor they should all prepare for the worst. Rich goes to prep Greta for surgery. Kayla follows, leaving behind a devastated Victor, who seems to be fighting back tears.


A crying Cassie begs Stefano to understand her motives. She knows she isn't his blood so she had to try extra hard to impress him.

Stefano (enraged): Your damn right your not my blood!! A Dimera by blood would not be so stupid as to go off on their own like you did. You had no plan. It was all made up as you went along. You learn Greta is Victor's daughter and a light bulb goes off in your head and away you go! That is the way the youth think today but you, Cassie. You...I know you. Your an extreme case. You act first and think later. You don't think about the consequences. Your reckless and only care about yourself. A Dimera puts the family first and you didn't do that. Now I have to think of a way to fix your damn mess!
Cassie (crying): I'm sorry. I didn't know she meant so much to you! I didn't know!!
Cassie (trying to break free from Stefano): She's Victor's daughter. You two are at war!
Cassie (crying heavily): I'm sorry. I really am. I just wanted to impress you!
Stefano: I would've given you plenty of chances. Have some damn patience and some sense! Ugh! (turns away from Cassie)
Cassie: What are we going to do, grandfather?
Stefano: Don't call me that. You have not earned the right to call me "grandfather." And there is no "we." It's what I am going to do about this. Me!
Cassie: Oh. You always liked when I called you "grand..."

Cassie turns around in tears, repeatedly saying she is sorry, as an angry Stefano contemplates his next move.


Victor emerges from the ER and Maggie asks if there is any news. Victor shakes his head, saying they are taking her up. Rich and two nurses emerge pulling Greta's gurney, with Kayla slightly behind. Both sides of Greta's face are covered with bandaged. A bandage is also wrapped around her forehead and her head is locked into a brace. Her arm is bandaged up and she has a chest tube down her throat. Rich tells Victor that everything checked out. He is her father. Frankie approaches the gurney and begs Greta to fight. She has alot of people pulling for her. Frankie gently kisses her hand as Caroline comforts him. Victor looks down at Greta and asks Rich if he can talk to her for a moment before they take her up. Rich tells him to hurry. She doesn't have much time.

Victor (fighting back tears and looking at Greta): I know it doesn't look good but your a Kiriakis. You have what it takes. Fight! Greta...you fight!! We're pulling for you. We can't afford to lose people like you in this world. We don't have enough pure goodness in the world. Come back to us, princess. You are needed. Your loyal subjects need you. Your friends need you. I need you.

Victor wipes away some tears.

Victor: I can't lose another daughter. I lose Isabella so soon after finding her. I can't lose you so soon. We haven't had any time. I want a chance. I want a chance to be the father I couldn't be in the past. I want a chance to finish the strides I made with Isabella so don't leave me!! Not so soon!! Please, Greta!! Not so soon!

Victor leans over and kisses a part of her left cheek that isn't bandaged.

Victor: I love you, my beautiful girl. I love you. Remember that. Please, remember that.

Victor then motions that he is finished and Rich and the nurses pull the gurney away. Kayla says she will go up and observe the surgery. She promises to keep them all up to date on all the happenings. Lexie asks if it would be ok if she comes too. Kayla says she has no time to argue so she tells Lexie to come along if she wishes. Kayla and Lexie leave. Caroline suggests to Frankie they go to the chapel and pray. Frankie thinks that is a great idea. Greta can use all the prayers she can get. Caroline asks Bo, Roman, and Abe to come. Abe tells Caroline he is leaving. Bo tells her that he will be along soon. Caroline nods and then walks off with Frankie.

Maggie comforts Victor nearby and asks if he would like to go and pray. Victor shakes his head and says he is going to take a walk alone to clear his mind. Maggie thinks he shouldn't be alone but Victor says he is fine. He is hopeful Greta will be alright. Maggie kisses Victor and embraces him, saying she is glad to hear that and reminds him she is there for him. He doesn't have to shut her out. Victor says he knows and tells her that he loves her. She does the same. They kiss before he walks off as she watches. As Victor turns a corner down a hallway, he says that he can't just sit by and wait. He has to find out how all this happened and there is only two people who could be behind this...Orpheus and Stefano. Victor opts to focus on Stefano first and says it's time to pay that bastard a visit. Victor walks off.

Abe tells Bo and Roman he is going back to the scene to take a look at things himself. Bo says he will go with him but Abe tells them both their family needs them. Abe says he will be in touch and tells them both to take care. He points at Roman and tells him to watch himself and to think before he acts. Roman smiles, telling Abe he can't control him anymore. He isn't on the force. Abe looks at Roman and reminds him that he is still his best friend so he cares far too much to see Roman ending up slipping further and further away. Roman says he is fine but Abe warns him not to lose touch with who he is. Abe leaves. Bo turns and looks at Roman, who looks down and then turns away before walking off, as a worried Bo watches.


Tony fills Steve and Hope in on the diary entry he found in his old poetry book belonging to his mother. He explains how it led him to Maison Blanche for answers as to what she wants him to discover or find there. He just hopes whatever it is can still be found given the old house burnt down. Hope makes note of how it makes sense that Daphne would trust Tony enough to leave something behind. They always shared a special bond. Tony nods, saying he adores his mother and looks back on his time with her fondly. Tony then asks Steve if he has had any success on his quest and also asks how Hope ended up with him. Hope explains she caught on to Steve's investigation and was suspicious so she followed him. Steve tells Tony they have search a good deal of the house but have nothing yet. Tony tells Steve he is sorry and asks if he can help in some way.

Hope tells Tony that Steve and her would like to keep the investigation between them. Tony tells Hope he wasn't aware she had a stake in this and says he understands. They can trust he will keep things hush hush and that he will stay out of their way. His eyes then light up as he mentions he has an idea. One in which he promises not to pass any info to anyone outside of the two of them, if they agree to not pass info on to anyone but him. Hope says that is not a problem. Steve agrees. Tony smiles and says that's good as he would like to propose a partnership. Steve and Hope look at each other and then back at Tony, curious as to what Tony has in mind. Tony tells them he will help them find the answers they seek if, in exchange, they do the same for him. Hope and Steve then look at each other as Tony asks what they think and if they are on board with his proposal.


Forrest holds Abby in his arms when the doorbell rings. Abby can't imagine who that is at such a late hour. She begins to wheel over to the door but Forrest stops her, saying he will go get it just to be on the safe side. Abby says she can do it but Forrest insists that he should get it. He wouldn't want anything to happen to her. Abby smiles and wheels behind Forrest as he goes to answer the door. He opens the door to find Max waiting. A frustrated Forrest asks what he wants as it's not a good time. Max says he needs to speak with Abby. Abby reminds Max she wanted him to leave her alone. Forrest orders Max to leave as Abby is upset enough.

Max: Yeah, your right. A fact you are taking advantage of. Your there for everything, aren't you Superman? Very, very convenient.
Abby (covering her face in frustration): God, just stop this, Max!!
Forrest: You know...I gave you the benefit of the doubt at first but, now, I see why Abby wants you away from her. What is your problem?
Max: You! I don't trust you.
Forrest: Yes, well, that is obvious. You and Chelsea have been throwing out accusations against me. Of course, she probably fed you them and that is how you got on this bandwagon. I mean, what are you going to do? Form a posse to bring me down? Come on, Max! Come get me! I have nothing to hide and I will rise to whatever challenge you throw at me. Test me. I just want to put all this trash in the past.
Max: Haha. Right. These mind games are a joke. You know, we Brady's have dealt with people like you. You know...the mysterious types. The ones who come to town with the hidden agendas. It may take awhile but we always come through and this will be no exception. Orpheus, Victor, the Dimera's...hell, even the Alamain's!

Forrest's eyes light up.

Max: I won't let you hurt Abby. Whatever I have to do...
Forrest:Oh, Max. Leave, already!
Abby: Please go, Max!
Max: Fine but this is not over. You hear me, Abby?! (Abby and Max lock eyes) It's not over. I won't let him hurt you.
Forrest (enters house and starts closing the door): Good night, Max.

Abby apologizes to Forrest again for Max's antics. Forrest says it's fine. He can ramble on all he wants. He has no proof of anything. Abby is impressed by how Forrest always keeps his composure. Forrest says it's simple as he has nothing to hide. Abby thanks him for everything. Forrest smiles and tells her that he is happy to help. Abby thinks they should get back to their tea before it gets cold. She wheels back into the living room as Forrest turns and looks out the window, saying:

Forrest: Clearly, I've underestimated you, Max. I focused all my attention on the elder Brady's and their merry band of associates but it seems I need to start giving you the credit you deserve. I can't let my plans be ruined. It seems it is time to push things up a bit, just in case the truth does come out. There is no time to waste now. Not at all.

Forrest looks out into the distance through the window while, outside, Max rejoins Stephanie in the car, mentioning how the guards outside the houses of all those they care about is kind of annoying but it's necessary it seems. Stephanie says it is and asks how things went. Max shakes his head and says it didn't go well but he did strike a nerve with Forrest when he mentioned the Alamain's. Stephanie warns Max to be careful. This isn't anything to fool around with and he is playing a dangerous game. Max admits he isn't afraid. Forrest won't do anything to him and show his hand. He tells Stephanie they don't have much time. They need to do something to help Abby immediately before something happens they all will regret.


In the waiting area, Elizabeth insists she isn't hiding anything. Jack then says that should mean she has no problem having a DNA test done. Elizabeth hesitantly agrees, saying she still feels it's unnecessary. Jack tells her to just do it for him and for Alexander and their peace of mind. Elizabeth says she will go along with it and let it happen. Jack thanks her and embraces her, saying he will make the arrangements. He tells her they do have alot to talk about though. Elizabeth agrees. Jack says they will talk later. He then leaves to plan the DNA test. After Jack leaves, Elizabeth gets angry and then gets up, walking down the hallway in a huff. She reaches Billie's room, walks in, and and looks in on her as she sleeps.

Elizabeth (whispering): Sweet dreams, bitch. You won't be having any of those when I am through with you. I know you gave Jack the idea to have a DNA test. You have him not trusting me and I'm not happy. This is all your doing. Billie. I won't let you stand in the way of my future. I won't let you keep him from us. I won't. Jack was mine first and his place is with Alexander and me right now. We need to bond and to begin acting like a family unit. I won't let you stand in the way. You hear me? I won't.

An enraged Elizabeth looks at Billie in a chilling way before getting up and telling Billie to back off or else suffer the consequences. She then begins to walk out but turns once more to look at Billie. She tells Billie in a low tone that fate brought Jack into her life and now it's brought him back. Jack's destiny is with her and she just needs to accept that. Elizabeth then walks out of the room, closing the door to Billie's room behind her.


Lexie and Kayla watch Greta's surgery from the OR observation deck. They both look down at Greta. Kayla's eyes well with tears as she says:

There is so much damage. I don't think...
Lexie: I know. There's just too much.
Kayla (crying): I just think it's becoming more and more impossible for her to make it. What a shame...such a sweet girl...
Lexie: Yeah. It's senseless and just plain sad. It truly is.
Kayla: I don't think she is going to make it out of surgery, Lexie. Look at all the blood around the brain!
Lexie: Your right. I can't see it. I can't see how...it's just too much of an uphill battle. She's not going to make it.

Kayla shakes his head, sadly, as tears stream down her face while her and Lexie continue to observe. The scene then shifts to...


A frustrated and angry Stefano yells out he doesn't know what he is going to do with Cassie or about this situation. Cassie tells him to just forget it. She can start with a clean slate in his eyes and he can cover up the hit and run for her. Stefano looks at her and tells her Victor isn't stupid. Once he learns of the hit and run, he will instantly think it's Orpheus or himself. Stefano mentions he is surprised that Victor hasn't already arrived. Just then, the doorbell rings and there is a loud knocking at the door as the person behind it is revealed to be Victor.

Victor: It's Victor Kiriakis! Open this door, Dimera. You and I have to talk!

Stefano looks at Cassie, who is in panic mode. He tells her he told her what would happen. Cassie asks what they are going to do. He orders Cassie to hide in the back room, which she does, and then tells one of his servants to answer the door. Moments later, Victor enters. Stefano asks if there is a problem. Victor walks slowly into the living room and says:

Victor: Yes, there is. I smell a rat. I would like to discuss with you my daughter's hot and run, since it seems you knew for some time she was my daughter.
Stefano: Yes. I did.
Victor: Alright then. Did you order a hit on my daughter? Tell me the truth!! I need answers and I need them now!!

The scene then freezes on a split screen of a determined Victor's face and a worried Stefano's face as a nervous Cassie looks on from the shadows.




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