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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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University Hospital

Belle sits next to Marlena as she starts to stir out of her sleep. When Marlena comes to, she looks around. She looks right at Belle and then, after a few moments, looks away. She is very embarrassed by her behavior. Belle scolds her on not taking her medication, saying that she could have relapsed..........or worse. Marlena quietly says how sorry she is but that Roman has gotten her so worked up she doesn’t know where to turn...........

Marlena: This is my fault. I know that. But, your father.......
Belle: I know. I told him how much of an !@#$%^&*] he’s being.
Marlena: You did? Damn. Hope it got through.
Belle: I doubt it. He’s so into this revenge thing he can’t see straight.
Marlena: Well, it just may be time to bring in some outside help for your father. As soon as I get out of here, I’m going to go talk to the one man who can stop him from doing this.
Belle: And that is?
Marlena: (After a Pause) Stefano.

Belle looks at Marlena as if she has lost what’s left of her mind. She then stands up and demands to know.......

Belle: What is wrong with you?! The last time you went to him was when Sami was about to be executed. Did he help you then?! NO! And now you want to turn Dad further away from all of us by going to the one man he hates the most?!
Marlena: Belle, this is the one way.......for right now......that I can think of to reel your father back in. I don’t know what he’s going to do right now.
Belle: Well, if you go to that man, you’re libel to find out pretty soon. Just leave it alone, Mom, ok?
Marlena: No. For your dad’s sake........I must do this. Please understand.

Belle sits back down, takes her mother’s hand, places her forehead on Marlena’s and quietly says.......

Belle: I do, Mom. I do.

The scene then dissolves into......

Maison Blanche

Steve and Hope agree to join Tony in finding the truth behind the diary entry and think his help with their investigation would be a benefit. Tony smiles and then he leads the other two to a door off the main hallway. He opens it and they all walk through, down the stairs to the lower level of the mansion. Tony then takes them down the hallway, saying that his great grandfather actually used this lower level to help slaves escape to the North during the Civil War. Santo, Stefano's father, later inherited it. Nobody even knew who owned the house until Stefano inherited it from Santo upon his death.

Tony takes them over to a bookcase and then he places his hand on the side of it, gently pushing it over. It is revealed to be a door, which has a small room on the other side filled with boxes of old books. As they walk into the room, Tony tells them to be careful. If Stefano was there recently, they all know that he is capable of setting traps for those who shouldn’t be down there. As they walk deeper into the room..........

A trap door opens up and Hope falls through it as Steve screams her name and the scene suddenly goes black.

University Hospital

Maggie is in the waiting room when Nico comes running in. She thanks him for coming and says that she can’t find Victor. Nico can’t believe he would leave his......and Maggie tells him that she and everyone now knows that Greta is his child. She also tells Nico that Victor is his boss and friend and understands completely why he kept that from her. Nico thanks her and then says that he is headed out to find him. Maggie says that Greta is still in surgery and Caroline and Frankie are in the chapel. Shouldn’t he look after them? Nico says there are enough police and bodyguards around to keep the peace, and then he takes off.

Maggie looks around and then follows Nico down the hallway. When she catches up to him at the elevators, Nico starts to say something but knows he can’t stop her and they both walk into a just-arrived elevator. Maggie looks at Nico and smiles as the door closes.

Dimera Mansion

Stefano turns his back on Victor and sits down at his chess table as Victor waits for an answer to his question. Gibson, one of Stefano’s servants, walks into the living room to prevent things from getting too heated. An enraged Victor hits him hard with a roundhouse right cross, sending him crashing to the floor. He steps over Gibson and stalks further into Stefano’s living room, looking at the head of the DiMera Empire sitting at his chessboards. As Stefano turns around to see what the commotion is all about, Victor grabs Stefano, picks him up with both hands by his shirt collar, and proclaims....

Victor: This time.....you’ve gone WAY too far.
Stefano: Victor, I can explain......
Stefano: (pushing Victor’s hands away) How DARE you barge into MY HOME.......and expect ANY sympathy from me?! You started this whole thing by blowing up my warehouse with my beautiful Alexandra inside......so, a daughter for a daughter, my friend.
Victor: You sick [!@#$%^&*] bastard,you. Ok. So all bets are off, right? Come on. I just want to hear you say it so I know where we both stand from here on out.
Stefano: You hurt my blood, Victor. I feel devastated for Greta. She is truly an innocent pawn in all of this. BUT.........you knew how far this could go. So..........let the chips fall, old friend.
Victor: Well........let’s see where this chip will fall, Stefano......

And with that, Victor halus off and punches Stefano hard, sending him crashing into his chessboard. As Stefano tries to recover, Victor stalks towards him. At that moment, Nico runs in and grabs Victor, telling him to stop before this truly gets out of hand. Maggie watches the whole scene in shock. She runs over and helps Nico try to drag a beyond enraged Victor out of the mansion as Victor screams at Stefano......


As they take him out of the house, a terrified Cassie watches from the stairs, crying at what just happened, and finally starting to realize how her destructive act may bring pain to everyone involved.

University Hospital

Bo stands at the waiting area desk. He sees Roman walking past, looking straight ahead. Bo runs over and stops him but Roman says he’s about to leave. Bo asks him to come out onto the balcony so they can talk, man to man. Roman agrees.

Once on the balcony, Bo asks him what’s going on. They haven’t talked since the funerals. Roman tells him that Marlena and Belle are pissed at his behavior but he’s sick of hiding behind the law to do what’s right. And if they don’t understand, so be it. They don’t have to. Bo looks dead in his eyes and tells him.....

Bo: I almost lost it all by doing what you’re doing now.
Roman: Yeah, I know but........you know that your old man isn’t one to sit back and let other things dictate his actions. I’m the same way, little brother.
Bo: Good that you remember I am your brother.
Roman: I’ll never forget that. We have been through way too much. But.......I gotta do this. And I’m not waiting for folks to understand, ok?
Bo: Fair enough. Well, since you feel that way........what are you going to do to Orpheus and Stefano?
Roman: Little brother.........my only goal in life, right now.........is to make both of their lives a living hell.
Bo: Well, sounds good to me. Let me talk to you about some things, ok?
Roman: Go ahead.

Bo and Roman talk about some plans that they have been thinking about as the scene then dissolves into........

Unknown Location

Sami looks out the window in the room where Orpheus is keeping her. She stares at the Salem city night scape as Orpheus walks in with a gift.....

Orpheus: Well, I see that you are getting along quite well. Good. I also see that you are eating once again. Don’t know why you tried that little stunt, but....
Sami: Just get on with it. What do you want now?
Orpheus: I come bearing gifts.

Orpheus throws some discs on her bed.

Orpheus: Music. I know you get tired of watching television all day so I thought this might take the edge off your day.
Sami: Oh. That’s nice. Please. Let me thank you, ok?
Orpheus: Fine.

Sami walks up to Orpheus, smiles at him, holds out her hand..............and then halls off and smacks him hard on his face. Orpheus stumbles backwards, screaming......

Sami: Just following doctors’ orders.
Orpheus: And what are those, my dear?
Sami: “A Slap A Day Keeps The !@#$%^&*] Away.”
Orpheus: You know, (Rubbing his jaw) you have the same arrogant attitude that bastard father of yours has.
Sami: Why, thank you for the compliment, Orpheus. That just made my day.
Orpheus: Well, this will REALLY make you happy. Turn your television to the different channels. You can see what your parents, family and friends, and that lovesick jackass boyfriend of yours are up to. The pain they must be going through.......just might make that beautiful mother of yours lose what little sane mind she has left.
Sami: You sick, psychotic mother.......
Orpheus: Temper, temper, my dear. As long as this stay is going to be, you don’t want to piss me off. You never know. You may just end up having some roommates soon..........or end up reading your father’s obituary.
Orpheus: No, no, Samantha. The game has just started. Relax. Sleep well. And pray.........that Roman gets to me........before I DESTROY him. Well, sweet dreams.

Orpheus leaves and Sami walks over to the television and starts changing the channels. Orpheus was not lying. Cameras are everywhere. At the hospital, in Marlena’s room, the Pub, and at Roberts INC., where she sees Lucas sitting at his desk. She places her hands over her mouth and starts crying, staring at him. She says softly to herself......

Sami: Oh, Lucas. I wish you could hear me. I pray that you can still feel how much I truly, deeply love you. Oh God, please.......let him hear me. Please, God.

At that moment, Lucas turns on his radio. As the DJ finishes giving the weather report, he announces that he is returning to the music, by saying......

DJ: Here’s a classic song from a legendary group. For lovers only.........

The song ("'IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW"-CLICK HERE TO PLAY!!) starts playing as Lucas looks at the radio. The scene closes in on the radio and then on Lucas, who then looks at Sami’s picture on his desk. The scene goes back to Lucas as he slowly stands up and walks to the window. He places his hands into his pockets as he stands at the window, looking out into the beautiful Salem nighttime city scape. In Sami’s room, she instinctively stands up and slowly walks over to her window, looking out as well. She places her tear-stained face on the window as she looks out, saying to Lucas.....

Sami: One day, my love.......we’ll be together again. One day.........

The scene then goes into a split screen with Sami on the left and Lucas on the right, seemingly looking at each other, as the scene freeze frames. The song then comes to an end as the scene very slowly fades into black.




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Love the dialogue between Sami and Orpheus. She is still her feisty self! I've been missing Sami so it was good to see her slap that rat bastard.

I see great things coming with the war between Stefano and Victor. I am glad that Cassie realized how much her act has impacted a lot of people and what she did.

And I liked the brotherly bond between Bo and Roman. As much as Roman hurts and is pushing people away, he still let Bo in a little. Nice work.

Well written epiosde with great dialogue thoroughout.

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