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#48 Monday, September 3rd



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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After a brief hiatus, Novi has returned.

#48 Monday, September 3rd


B.P. is at an office with crooked Detective Lewis

B.P.: I called you here because I think we have trouble.

Lewis: What is it now?

B.P.: Evan Peters is in town, he came in last night.

Lewis: The guy that shot you?

B.P.: That's the one. He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I'm afraid that he'll some how blow the cover off of the operation.

Lewis: Did you tell him to leave?

B.P.: I explained to him how bad his being in town was, but I have no idea if he left. I can't lean on him too much, it's too risky.

Lewis: There's no way they can link him to you, after all you are "dead"

B.P.: I know that, but I still have this nagging feeling that something is about to go wrong before we can take care of Cody Donahue.

we've got to take care of Donahue tonight.


At the Donahue's Novi store, Wilkins walks in and approaches Cody as he's taking inventory in the electronics department.


Cody: I've been anxious to find out more about this lead you found.

Wilkins: This guy that bought the gun, his name is Evan Peters, he has ties to the mob in Detroit, running numbers.

One of my sources there was able to identify him from the description the gun shop clerk gave.

Cody: When you called last night, you said he was in town.

Wilkins: Right after I called you, I tracked him to a diner outside town, he was talking to a man who seemed to be trying to conceal himself.

Cody: You couldn't see what the other guy looked like?

Wilkins: It was kind of hard to see from where I was parked outside, but did take a few pictures.

He hands him a folder with pictures.

Cody: Not too good of a resolution.

Wilkins: It was very dark. I didn't have a chance to scan it into a computer and do more analysis.

Cody: Whoever it is may be in on it. How soon can you get the scanning done?

Wilkins: As soon as I get back to the office, my assistant can do it.

Cody: My break is almost up, so I've got to head back to work. Call me on my cell if you get any clues from the picture.

Wilkins: Sure thing.

Cody leaves.



Jim is at the CoffeeRoom at a table when Anna comes in.


Anna: Hello, Jim.

Jim: Anna.

Anna: How have you been?

Jim: Not too good, considering that my wife and I aren't even living together right now.

Anna: That's what I want to talk to you about.

Jim: Let me guess, you place all the blame is on me.

Anna: No, placing blame isn't helpful and I want to help.

Jim: Look, I know you've never really liked me or wanted me married to your daughter, so why on earth would you help me?

Anna: I never said I didn't like you, I just had reservations about you at first and that was years ago when you two first got engaged.

Jim: All right, let's here your great advice.

Anna: I think you need to move back and sort things out. Lynette seems more than willing to try and get things back on track.

Jim: I still need more time to get my head together.

Anna: It's been weeks now, don't you think it's time to at least talk with her?

Jim: We talked a few nights ago and it didn't go well.

Anna: What happened?

Jim: We had another argument, because neither one of us can see eye to eye. She keeps trying to push that shrink Greg on me and I've

told her more than once that I don't need psychoanalysis.

Anna: Sometimes you've got to make concessions in marriage, My marriage lasted a long time because we both had to give a little and take

a little.

Jim: Well, there's only so much I can take.

Anna: To think, this all stems from Lynette getting a job because she needed more in her life. I don't see what as so terrible about that.

Jim: She's been happy with the way things were for quite awhile now, then all of the sudden she just up and decides she wants to change.

I was raised with the mindset that someone has to stay home and raise the kids.

Anna: In other words, the wife.

Jim: I didn't say that.

Anna: It's obvious what you meant.

Jim: All right, so I'm old fashioned, is that a crime?

Anna: It's not worth ruining a marriage over.

Jim: Maybe sometime in the future Lynette and I can get it together, but right now it's not possible and then again it may never be possible.


Meanwhile, at Lynette's house, Dr. Greg Roosevelt has come by to check on her


Greg: Hi.

Lynette: Lynette, what brings you here?

Greg: You had scheduled an appointment for today, but you never showed up.

Lynette: I completely forgot about that, I'm so sorry.

Greg: It's okay.

Lynette: I was just feeling so down right this morning, it slipped my mind.

Lynette sits on the couch and Greg sits next to her.

Greg: Let's talk, you seem upset

Lynette: I'm starting to think that Jim and I are going to make it.

Greg: You're only human, we all have our doubts.

Lynette: The thing is, I'm starting to think maybe I just want to give up.

Greg: Hold on a minute, what has happened to make you start thinking like that?

Lynette: Jim stopped by the house the other night and it's like nothing I say makes any difference to him. Everything with him is so


Greg: Are you really sure you want to give up?

Lynette: I really want things to work out, but part of me just wants to let go. It's tearing me apart.

Lynette breaks down crying and Greg takes out his handkerchief and dries her eyes.

Greg: This is something you've got to figure out on your own.

Lynette: I know, but I feel terrible at thought of ending my marriage.

Greg: Listen to me, I'm saying this as your friend, not your therapist. You're not a terrible person, you just want to be appreciated.

Jim is wrong for treating you this way.

Lynette: I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you, you're the only one who understands.

Greg: I'm right here for you.

Greg takes Lynette in his arms and embraces her. His expression makes it clear that he feels more for Lynette than just friendship.



Wilkins is at his office, with his assistant. His assistant is on the computer working on the photograph.

Wilkins: Linda, are you almost done with that photograph?

Linda: Just about, a few more tweaks and we should be able to see a face.

The picture on the computer monitor becomes clearer, it becomes obvious that it's B.P. in the picture.

Linda: Mr. Wilkins, come have a look at this.

Wilkins comes over and looks at the photo.

Wilkins: Am I seeing things or does that look like---

Linda: B.P. Charles?

Wilkins: It couldn't be, it's not possible.

Of Wilkins baffled expression, fade to black.

PREVIEW: Next on Novi, an explosive double length episode.

Yvette feels more heat from the troublesome secret she's keeping

Cody comes face to face with danger.


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My boy is back! And has sucked me back in. I am liking Lynette and her therapist hooking up. Can't wait to see how this mystery plays out with BP and Cody and I love Anna.

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Redd I was so worried that you weren't coming back and I'm so glad you did. I like the B.P./Detective Lewis plot and I'm loving Anna. She's a true patriarch and reminds me so much of Stephanie Forrester from B&B.

I'm actually thinking that the tantalizing relationship between Lynette and Greg can go two ways: work out well or turn out sleazy! He's a professional and she's in need. Can't wait to read more. Our team is complete!

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