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#49 Friday, September 7th



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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#49 Friday, September 7th

Delayed episode

Somewhere in the woods, a black SUV is driving up a the path to the gate. Once at the gate, one of the tinted windows of the

SUV rolls down and a hand reaches out and punches in a code on a small kiosk. The gate opens and the SUV rolls up a small road to a small

compound and parks right in front of it. A Man gets out of the SUV and goes inside the compound. B.P is waiting in the entry way.


B.P.: I take it you got your instructions?

Man: Of course.

B.P.: Just do a good job and make a clean getaway.

Man: Not a problem, sir.



Yvette is at her office at McGregor's corporate building. Chester comes in.


Yvette: What brings you here? You hardly ever come to my office. I'm working a little late tonight.

Chester: You came home from that mixer last night and barely said two words to me, you just conked right out.

Yvette: Yeah, I was really tired, that trip wore me out and on top of that, the mixer ran kind of long.

Chester: After all that, maybe you need a nice break. We could take a little vacation.

Yvette: What did you have in mind?

Chester: I don't know, say maybe Montreal?

Yvette: Why there?

Chester: That's where you were the past couple of days, I figured you must like it up there.

Yvette: Excuse me?

Chester: Oh, come one? don't try to play dumb with me, I found the receipt to the hotel you stayed in up there, you left it on the nightstand.

Yvette: Look, I only went up there to close a business deal, but it fell through.

Chester: Do you ever know when to tell the truth?

Yvette: Okay, the truth of it is, I didn't think it really concerned you.

Chester: (laughs) You know, you are a real trip. Every other time you've gone on a business trip, you've always told me where you'd be


Yvette: This time was different.

Chester: It's obvious you were up to something that wasn't right.

Yvette: All right, all right, I'll tell you the truth. But none of what I say leaves this room.

Chester: Sure thing.

Yvette: To make a long, drawn out story short, when I was in Montreal I found out my father was a bigamist and had a son.

Chester: What?

Yvette: Yes, although he abandoned the other woman shortly after the birth of their son.

Chester: Well, how the heck did you find all this out?

Yvette; I was trying to find a way to get that mall proposal off the ground and this woman offered to help me. She said if I went to Montreal to help her find her nephew, she'd make sure I got control of the company. Turns out she was the other wife and her so-called nephew was the son.

Chester: How do you know any of this is true?

Yvette: I don't have any concrete evidence, but this woman seems so bitter I sensed she wasn't making any of this up.

Chester shakes his head.

Yvette: Don't start with me.

Chester: If you hadn't been scheming behind your mother's back in the first place, you wouldn't have this whole little situation. It was nothing but greed that led to this.

Yvette: I know I was wrong, but I can't stand around blaming myself. I have got to find a way to rectify this situation.

Chester: It seems apparent this woman is after something if she made you aware of all of this.

Yvette: I haven't told you the other part.

Chester: There's more?

Yvette: The son is right here in town, he was at the mixer last night. He trying to get a contracting job for his firm, he was

face to face with my mother.

Chester: If that's the case, you need to tell your mother the truth right away.

Yvette: I can't do that, it would devastate her.

Chester: It would be better coming from you. It would be even more devastating if she found out another way.

Yvette: I can't do it, I just can't.


George is in his suite at the athletic club, reading the newspaper when there's a knock at the door. He answered to find Cassandra at the other end.


George: Hello, Mother.

Cassandra: Just came by to see how the little mixer went last night

Cassandra comes inside.

George: I think I did pretty well myself.

Cassandra: Tell me all about it.

George: From the minute I showed Mrs. McGregor my portfolio, she seemed very impressed.

Cassandra: That's marvelous.

George: But, I think there might be a little problem.

Cassandra: Let me guess, Yvette?

George: Bingo. She told me to back off, but I told her that wasn't happening.

Cassandra: For now, just worry about Anna McGregor, she's the CEO and has the final say. Besides, Yvette's determined to keep the truth

about who you really are from her mother, there isn't a thing she can do stop us without exposing the secret.

George: I'm confident that this will all work out. I just hope I can get that contract, it's the key to everything.

Cassandra: Don't you worry about that, I've got that covered.

George: How?

Cassandra: You'll see.

Cassandra leaves


Cody is at Wilkins office. He's looking at the enhanced picture of B.P.


Cody: This doesn't make any sense.

Wilkins: I said the same thing when I saw it.

Cody: And this is the guy you saw talking to Peters?

Wilkins: Yes.

Cody: A resemblance that uncanny is impossible.

Wilkins: We both know it couldn't possibly by B.P. Charles, he's dead.

Cody: After seeing this, I'm not sure what to believe.

Wilkins: It isn't logical, but then again what is the explanation for the photo?

Cody: What if B.P. had survived that gunshot wound?

Wilkins: That's quite a stretch.

Cody: Peters is the alleged shooter who framed me, now he's seen talking to someone who looks exactly like the man he shot.

Plus, he's back in the town where the crime was committed.

Wilkins: I know you are anxious to nail who framed you, but now you are talking crazy.

Cody: I realize that it sounds crazy, but in a way it all fits. The feds were after him before he was shot, "dying" was the perfect way to escape them and a warped way of getting revenge against me because of those bad bets I made.

Wilkins: You might have an angle there.

Cody: I think it's more than an angle.

Wilkins: Where would we look for clues? We don't even know where to start.

Cody: I'm stumped too.

Wilkins: Listen, I'll make a few calls and see if I can come up with even the slightest clue, no guarantees I'll find anything.

It's all I can do for now.

Frustrated, Cody leaves


Yvette is still in her office, when the phone buzzes.

Secretary: (over speaker phone) There's a Cassandra Lightner on the line for you.

Yvette: (sighs) Go ahead and put her through.

Yvette picks up the phone. Cassandra is on her cell in the lounge of the athletic club.

Yvette: Haven't you stirred up enough?

Cassandra: Such civility.

Yvette: It was quite a surprise to see George at the mixer last night, he sure got to town quickly.

Cassandra: You met your brother, how quaint.

Yvette: Quaint indeed. But just to be clear, neither you or your son are going to get your hands on this company.

Cassandra: I've called you to discuss the matter of a little construction contract, taking over McGregor is no longer part of the equation.

Cassandra crosses her fingers.

Cassandra: All I'm looking to do now is conduct legitimate business.

Yvette: Like I believe you. Didn't I make it clear that I'm not going to do anything to help you?

Cassandra: You know, I think the tabloids are looking for a nice headline. How horrific would it be for your dear mother to

see the truth about her husband at a supermarket check stand?

Yvette: Don't even try to bluff.

Cassandra: If Lightner Corp. doesn't get the contract, What makes you think I won't do it?

Cassandra hangs up and Yvette scoffs.

Yvette: She wouldn't.

Yvette starts to look slightly worried.



Cody comes home to the Donahue house, it's dark.

Cody: Anyone home?

No one answers, so Cody decides to go to the kitchen, but he notices the basement door is open and the light is on. He walks over and looks in.

Suddenly, B.P.'s hit man appears behind him and shoves him down the steps and jams the door. He then sneaks out the back door. Cody gets up and tries the door, but he can get it to budge.

Right then, Cody smells an odor of gas.

Cody: Oh, god, gas!

Cody goes over to the water heater and struggles to shut it off the gas valve, but it's stuck. Eventually, Cody is overcome by the fumes and passes out.


A little while later, Carol comes home. She's immediately hit by the strong smell of gas.


Carol: Good lord!

She takes out her cell and dials emergency.

Carol: Emergency, I have a very strong smell of gas in my house, I'd like someone sent over right away to look at this right away.

Carol then remembers Cody's car was parked outside.

Carol: Oh, no!

Emergency Operator: (over phone) Ma'am, are you all right? I'm sending help right away.

She drops her phone and begins running through the house looking for Cody. She comes to the basement door and struggles to open it.

She finally unblocks it and sees Cody lying on the floor.

Carol: Oh, my god!

She struggles to drag Cody from the basement and into the hallway. The sound sirens approaching gets closer and closer. Once she has him in the hallway, she drag him to and out the front door, into air.

The fire truck and ambulance arrive on scene, EMT's and firefighters quickly rush to Cody, who is lying on the ground.

Firefighter: Ma'am, where is the gas leak?

Carol: It's in the basement, it's the first door before the kitchen.

The firefighter runs in the house.

EMT: We've got to get him transported to a hospital, it appears he inhaled a lot of the gas.

Carol: Well, is he going to be okay?

EMT: I'm not sure.

Carol is terrified.


The hit man is driving on the highway, trying to make get out of town, when he sees a police car with it's sirens blaring behind him.

Hit Man: Oh, crap.

He pulls over to the side of the road and rolls down his window. The officer walks up to the car window.

Hit Man: What up?

Officer: We have a problem.

Hit Man: Okay.

The hit man starts to sweat.

Officer: You were doing 70 in a 45 zone.

Hit Man: I'm sorry I didn't even realize I was going so fast.

Officer: What's the hurry?

Hit Man: None.

Officer: License and registration.

The hit man gives the officer his license and registration. The officer starts writing a ticket. He hands it to him back his license and registration, along with the ticket.

Officer: Don't let it happen again.

Hit Man: No sir.

The officer gets back in his car and leaves. The hit man takes a deep breathe and then continues on his way.


Back at the Donahue house, Cody is being loaded into the ambulance.

Carol: I want to ride with my son.

EMT: Of course.

Carol is crying as she gets into the ambulance. The EMT's close the door and the ambulance drives off. Fade to black.


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I love love love that you have Tanya Boyd in a lead role. She is a vibrant, sexy, sensual woman and is so very talented. I am so glad you have included her in your cast.

Perfect casting for Cassandra, nobody does bitch like Marj Dusay.

Love the stories, love the episode. you are doing a great job

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  • Members

Great episode Redd. I really love the opening act, very nice set up. It was as if Novi had a big week in daytime and then ran a special prime time episode.

I also love dialog

Cassandra is so dirty and I know Yvette isn't going to let her hurt her mother. But I know the truth is bound to come out.

I wish I had the officer the hit man came across.

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Great episode! That officer was waaaaay to nice to the hitman, my god i got pulled over doing 70 in a 60 and got a ticket, along with the officer yelling at me, lol.

Cassandra is an uber bitch, and I love it. I hope Yvette and her have a real face off, maybe throw down?!

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This episode was the best so far! There was so much action and drama behind it. I really felt like Chester should've been there more for Yvette but surely this could be signs for love falling apart because Yvette is a woman on a mission.

Definitely like Cassandra's character and the casting of Marj Dusay was emmy gold. Can't wait to read what happens next.

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  • Members

Keep up the good work Redd. The casting of Marj Dusay was a great move and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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