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#50 Monday, September 17th



#50 Monday, September 17th

Carol is in the waiting room of the hospital, when Norm comes in.


Norm: Mom, I rushed over here as soon as I got your message.

He goes over to Carol and hugs her.

Norm: Has the doctor told you anything about Cody yet?

Carol: Not yet. I can't believe that this is happening.

Norm: What exactly happened?

Carol: I came home and the house smelled of gas. I found Cody passed out in the basement, it looked like he was trying to turn the gas off.

Norm: My god.

Carol: They took him back there an hour ago, what is taking them so long to tell me something?

Norm: Hopefully they'll tell us something soon.

Just then the doctor comes out.


Dr. Claiborne: Mrs. Donahue?

Carol stands up

Dr. Claiborne: I'm Dr. Claiborne, I've been treating your son.

Carol: How bad is it, Doctor?

Dr. Claiborne: He is breathing on his own, but he hasn't regained consciousness yet.

Carol: Do you know when he might wake up?

Dr. Claiborne: It's too early to tell when he might regain consciousness. And we're still running tests to see what effects the gas may have had.

Carol: If there is any change, please make sure I know right away.

Dr. Claiborne: Of course, ma'am. And rest assured, we're doing all we can for your son.

Carol: Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Claiborne goes back into the ICU.



At Stephen's law office, Stephen is going over Edmund's custody case with him.


Edmund: What's the plan of action if the judge doesn't rule in my favor?

Stephen: If it he doesn't, we can appeal to a higher court.

Edmund: And what are the chances there?

Stephen: I'd say you'd have a 50-50 chance of getting the ruling overturned.

Edmund: I still don't understand how the judge could even consider giving Leigh custody, she left those kids without a second thought.

Stephen: At the hearing, you played right into Leigh's hands, she wanted to make you appear as confrontational and irrational. With her testimony, she goaded you into losing your cool and mouthing off every 2 seconds. It didn't exactly make you look like father of the year.

Edmund: But, everyone knows that I've been nothing but a good father to my children. Numerous people testified to that.

Stephen: You know, what the judge saw with his own eyes is going to reflect most on you. The judge may intepret your antics in court as an example of your parenting skills.

Edmund: I was just so frustrated, I couldn't take listening to all those blatant lies she was telling.

Stephen: Right now, there isn't much else that can be done, except prepare for a potential appeal.

Edmund rubs his forehead and then looks at a photo of his children in his wallet.



At Lynette's house, Greg is at the door with bag from Guido's. He rings the doorbell and Lynette answers.


Greg: Now I know you already saw me today, but since you were feeling so down, I thought I bring you and the kids some dinner from Guido's.

I figured you didn't feel like cooking.

Lynette: Oh, that was very thoughtful of you, thanks. It's just me though, the kids are at a sleepover at one of their friend's house.

Greg hands her the bag.

Lynette: Why don't you come on in? I don't really feel like having dinner alone tonight and I'd really like to try and get my mind off things.

Greg: All right.

Greg comes inside.

Greg: You know, most people don't really like seeing their shrink twice in one day.

Lynette: Well, not all shrinks are like you.

They smile at each.



Having left Stephen's law office, Edmund is now at the CoffeeRoom having a cup of coffee. Just then, Leigh walks in and spots Edmund. She walks over to him.


Leigh: You ready for court tomorrow?

Edmund: Worry about your own preparedness, don't worry about mine.

Leigh: (laughs) You just love to snap back at everything.

Edmund: Lately, you've been putting out a lot for me to snap back at.

Leigh: When we were first married, you were so carefree, now you are just so, cynical.

Edmund: Not cynical, I just grew up, something you failed to do along the way.

Leigh: If you consider yourself the definition of grown up, you're really sadly mistaken.

Edmund: Look, I don't want to argue with you, I just want all of this mess you've started to be over.

Leigh: It will be over when I have my children.

Edmund: We'll see about that.

Leigh: You're not going to keep them away from me.

Edmund: I have no desire to, you can see them anytime you like, but as far as full custody goes, I don't think that's a good idea.

Leigh: I just needed some time for myself, but I came back. I didn't just abandon them and the court doesn't see it that way.

Edmund: You left without notice and were gone for months, the kids kept asking me where you were and I didn't know what to say to them. You split because you couldn't handle being a wife and a mother anymore. After that, I don't want those kids to be put through anything else.

Edmund storms out.



Back at hospital, Carol is still in the waiting room. Norm brings her some coffee.

Norm: I brought you a cup of coffee.

Carol: Thanks, but I can't drink anything right now.

Norm: Okay.

Carol: I just lost your father last year, I can't lose one of my children too.

Norm: Mom, don't think like that, Cody is going to pull through this.

Carol: You're right, I can't think negatively about this. But I'm still scared.

Norm: I'm scared too.

Carol: I forgot to ask, did you get a hold of your sister?

Norm: She was in Chicago, she's making her way back here now.

Carol: Good.

Carol gets up.

Norm: Where are you going?

Carol: Outside, I need some air.

Norm: You want me to come with you?

Carol: I just need a minute to myself.

Carol walks outside and takes a deep breath.

Carol: God, please help my son come out of this, please just let him be okay.



A little while later, Back at Lynette's house, Greg and Lynette have finished dinner and are sitting on the terrace talking.

Lynette: I want to really thank you again for checking up on me and bringing me dinner, I really appreciate it.

Greg: It was my pleasure.

Lynette: It was nice to be able to take my mind off my problems for a little while.

Greg: You know, I've never done this for a patient before.

Lynette: I had guessed that.

Greg: I shouldn't even get this close to a patient, but--

Lynette: You're just doing what you think is right and I'm glad you are.

She leans in gives him a quick hug. Then they stare at each for a second and then start to kiss. Lynette pulls away for a second, feeling a qualm what they're doing is wrong, but quickly starts kissing Greg again. Fade to black.


Coming up on the next Novi:

Lynette's actions put her marriage in more jeopardy

Yvette struggles to find a way to keep Cassandra quiet.


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Very good Episode Redd. I really do like the Paring of Greg and Lynette.

I am also looking forward to this upcoming custody battle.

I love your casting choices. Such a strong African American cast.

Can't wait to see what Yevette is up to now..

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I really felt sorry for Carol, especially over her lamenting prayer for her family. The whole time I'm thinking, I bet it's going to end with Cody fighting for his life or Doctor Claiborne walking out of his room with important news but I enjoyed the sweet ending.

I was weary about the Lynette/Greg pairing because it seems unprofessional but that can lead to so many story plot options and it looks like it already is. I also enjoyed the fighting between a broken marriage. Nick work!

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