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August 30, 2007

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-In New Orleans, Hope tries to find a way into Maison Blanche. She looks around the mansion and finds a locked door around back. She opts to try picking the lock, realizing that the caretaker is there so the alarm is likely not set. Hope uses a hair pin to pick the lock and manages to unlock the door but then hears an alarm go off. Steve, who is on the second floor, hears the alarm and wonders what is up. Hope races into the house, searching for somewhere to hide. She is then caught by Byron, who grabs her by the arm and reminds her he warned her.

Hope begs Byron to just let her explain but Byran won't hear of it. Byron pulls her into the living room and begins to call the police just as Steve comes downstairs and tells Byron not to call. The lady is with him. Byron puts the phone down and says that Steve didn't mention anything earlier. Steve says that Hope was supposed to stay at the hotel but, obviously, she didn't. Byron asks Steve if she is his wife. Steve shakes his head. Byron says that's good to hear as she seems like a hand full. Steve smiles at Hope and says she sure is. Byron says he will leave them both to their searching and asks them both to let him know if they need anything. He apologizes to Hope, who says it's ok. She then apologizes to him for the inconvenience. Byron nods and leaves. Hope thanks Steve for the nice save. Steve says it was no problem but then asks what the hell she is doing at Maison Blanche.

-On the island, Jack realizes the storm is not getting any better and Billie's breathing is once again getting worse. He looks at her and notes that her eyes have been closed for awhile. He tries to wake her but she doesn't stir. He begins to worry and tells himself he has to build a fire and find something to try to treat her for the poison. He tries to move away, realizing he has to act now. Billie then grabs his arm and begs him not to leave. Jack tells her he didn't think she was awake. Billie struggles to say something and Jack tells her not to speak. After a few seconds, Billie finally manages to say:

Billie: I'm not scared of dying. I'm scared of dying alone. Don't leave me, Jack. Please.

Jack: But I...need to warm you and the poison...Billie...you will die!

Billie: There's nothing you can do. Stay with me. Please!

Jack agrees and sits by her side once again, holding her in his arms.

-At the Roberts INC officer, Lucas enters off the elevator and is shocked to see Joelle there. He asks her why she is working so late. Joelle says it's force of habit. She always stayed late and prepared for the next day's work. It made things more efficient and his mother loved that. it was just her way of staying on his mother's good side. Lucas laughs. Joelle says it's not like she has anything else to do. There's no one at home. Lucas is sorry to hear that. Joelle thanks him but says she has accepted it. Joelle's cell then rings. Lucas tells her to go ahead and take her call. He needs to get some things from his office to work on at home.

Joelle tells the person on the phone that she will be home soon and that she is working on things. It may take longer the expected but she is going to up the ante a bit and go after Lucas full force. She can't afford to waste time. She promises the person on the phone that she will accomplish what they need to ASAP and will begin her efforts tonight. She tells the person she will see them later and hangs up. She watches Lucas in his office and, as Lucas is about to turn off his lights, Joelle tells him to wait and to not leave yet. They have to talk.

-Tony tails Anna to the pier. She turns around and demands he stop following her. He has been following her since she ran out of the Pub. Tony says he is worried about her and reminds her he is following her the same way she followed Carrie around. Anna tells him to just leave her alone. Tony says he is not going to leave her in the state she is in. Anna tells him he should've thought of that before interfering. Tony looks at Anna and says he did not interfere. Anna says she heard Carrie thanking him for his help in making her decision when she walked in to the Pub. Tony says he went to Carrie to give her advice and to help smooth things between Anna and Carrie. he just told Carrie to follow her heart and to do what is best for Evan and herself.

Anna: Yes and packing up and leaving Salem is just that. I wanted another chance, Tony. I missed so much time with her. I wasn't there for her but I could've been now. I just needed time and now I won't have that because she is gone. All because you had to give her some stupid advice that sounds like it came from a Brady Bunch script.

Tony: I was just trying to help. You both were upset and...I didn't tell her to leave town.

Anna: You may as well have. You set the wheels in motion. You steered her in that direction and now my daughter is gone.

Tony: Anna...your being absurd. Now, let's...

Anna: No. I'm through with you. You just couldn't leave it alone. You just couldn't leave us alone. Well, congrats Tony. Now, any tolerance I had for you has gone out the window. I can't stand to look at you. You took my daughter away from me. Carrie is going to hate me for the rest of her life and I will never have a relationship with her.

Tony: Anna...please...stop this!

Anna: I hate you, Tony. Any feelings I had for you are gone. Any chance of us even being close in a friendly capacity are gone.

Tony: You don't mean that.

Anna (with tears in her eyes): Yes, I do. Leave me alone. Get out of my life and stay out of it.

Anna runs off as Tony begins to give chase but stops, realizing he just needs to give her time and, hopefully, she will come to her senses and be rational about all this. Meanwhile, Anna reaches the harbor and sits on a park bench. She takes out a picture of Carrie as a little girl and breaks down in tears, holding the picture close to her heart.

-At the Java cafe, Frankie is with Max and Stephanie and they are talking about Forrest. Max reminds him to keep it down as Forrest is sitting nearby with Abby and they can't let him know they all know who he is. Frankie says he knows and reminds Max that Greta and him will keep everything to themselves until the time is right. They can't afford to put Abby in any more danger. Stephanie thinks they need to tell Bo or Roman but Frankie thinks it's not the right time. They need to find out what is going on with Forrest and what agenda he may have. Bringing the cops in won't help but, if they do it personally, they are under the radar and much more able to dig up info without being caught. Max agrees with Frankie and Stephanie begins to see his point.

Frankie, Max, and Stephanie watch Forrest and Abby at their table from nearby. Abby is thanking Forrest for bringing the specialist to see her. He seemed optimistic and she hopes he will continue to be after looking at her chart. Forrest is sorry he couldn't do more to help, especially with her father and Chelsea. Abby says it's ok. He's done enough. She just has to pray that Chelsea, Billie, and her father are ok. Forrest then gets a phone call and walks off to take it.

Abby sees Max, Frankie, and Stephanie watching her and wheels over to them, telling them to either leave or to stop watching her. She tells them she can take care of herself and Forrest is not dangerous. He has helped her a great deal and still is. Max says that could all change as he may just be getting her under his thumb. An annoyed Abby tells them all to stop with their accusations and to just leave Forrest and herself alone. She then wheels away and returns to her table. Frankie tells Max and Stephanie that Forrest has already sucked Abby in and, if he does have a secret malicious agenda, she is in a world of trouble.

Forrest returns to Abby and tells her he has good news. The specialist just called and told him that he will be able to treat Abby with some new meds and a new form of extensive physical therapy. It will take awhile but it seems she will walk again. An overjoyed Abby embraces Forrest, thanking him for all that he did as Max and the others watch.

Meanwhile, Cassie walks in and sees Victor over with Greta. She opts to keep an eye on Victor for Stefano as she needs to being to prove herself to him. At their table, Victor tells Greta he is happy they could spend some time together. Greta is too but tells Victor to be careful as Frankie is here and he keeps asking questions about why they are spending time together. She told him that they had some business to discuss pertaining to a Spectator feature she is working on. Victor understands, saying he knows she isn't ready to deal with the attention of being his daughter. Plus, if anyone learned she was his daughter, she would be in more danger then she is right now. She would become a much bigger target to Orpheus and Stefano. Greta agrees and is glad they understand each other. Both are unaware that Cassie is at a bookshelf right behind them and has heard everything.

Greta goes on to tell Victor that they may not have been father and daughter for very long but she wants the chance to have a relationship with him. She thinks he needs to ease off on his wars with Stefano and Orpheus. She reminds him of everything that has happened in the past year. Victor understands where he is coming from but tells her he has to do this for all of his loved ones, including her. He won't stand by and watch Stefano and Orpheus pick off all the people he loves one by one. Greta begs him to just ally with the police and ISA instead of doing it on his own. Victor insists he isn't doing it on his own. He has his own people assisting him and he does have minor assistance from the authorities. There are just things he can do that they can't.

Greta just doesn't want to lose him as they have missed so much time already. She blames herself partly due to her waiting so long to tell Victor he was her father. Victor gently takes her hand and tells her it's all in the past and all they have is right now. They need to make the most of the time they have and the time they have to come. Greta says they may not have time if he keeps up with what he is doing. Victor reminds Greta that she wanted no part of his business and that she also promised to not fight who he is. This is what he does. He is protecting his family and those he loves, including her. He is not going to stop until he ensures their safety and protection. Greta understands and says she will drop it. She is just worried something awful is going to happen. Victor takes her hand and assures her everything will be fine soon enough.

Cassie watches from nearby, stunned that Greta is Victor's daughter. She notices how deeply Victor seems to care for Greta and then says she has an idea...one that will be sure to please Stefano and show him that she is indispensable to him, moreso then Lexie. She says her plan will send a message to Victor and his loved ones not to mess with the Dimera's. She watches Victor and Greta and wickedly smiles at the thought of what she is about to do.

-On the island, Jack holds Billie in his arms and looks up to the heavens, begging Jennifer to spare Billie. He never thought he could feel love again after losing her but he did. He found it with one of his best friends. Jack tells Jennifer he needs her to put in a good word with the big guy and tell him to spare Billie. Her daughter and family need her. He needs her. Jack then looks at Billie and says:

Jack: I'm sorry for pushing you away. I was just....afraid. Afraid of screwing up again. Afraid of hurting you...losing you as a friend. You were right...those same old demons. Jennifer knew of them and now you do too. What I said...(fighting back tears) on the ship...was true. I love you, Billie. I love you. Do you hear that? LISTEN TO ME!!! (crying) I LOVE YOU, BILLIE REED!! LIVE FOR ME!!! LIFE FOR THOSE WHO LOVE YOU!! LIVE FOR US!! FIGHT BILLIE!! FIGHT!! I CAN'T LOSE YOU!! I'VE LOST SO MUCH AND...DON'T DO THIS TO ME!! DON'T...

Jack then hears voices and turns around. He hears the voices getting closer and closer and is shocked by the sight of who has just entered the cave. It's Elizabeth and Alexander!! Jack is shocked by the sight of Elizabeth and asks what she is doing there. Alexander asks how Elizabeth knows Jack. Elizabeth says he is an old friend...a very good old friend. She smiles at Jack. Elizabeth explains that she heard Jack was missing and had her own people searching for him. Jack wonders what people she is talking about. She says she will explain later but they tracked him and Billie down and her and her son, Alexander went out in a helicopter to get to the island. She notes they crashed it on the island due to the storm but their pilot is radioing for help.

Jack says that Billie needs medical attention as she is near death. He mentions how she was bitten by a poisonous spider and he thinks she may have hypothermia. Alexanders goes to radio to their pilot to let him know. Jack kneels down near Billie and tells her they are going to be ok. She is going to be ok. They've been rescued. Jack holds Billie in his arms as Elizabeth watches with great interest.

-Back in New Orleans, Hope explains that she knew something was up with him when he started showing more concern then Chelsea then what he should be. Steve wonders why she and Kayla keep harping on that. Chelsea is his niece and she just felt bad for her. He can relate to what she is going through. Hope says she saw Steve meet with Tony and heard their discussion. She also heard him book the trip to New Orleans and lie to Kayla about "running errands." Steve asks if she is stalking him. Hope shakes her head and then tells Steve that she heard him tell Chelsea that he would find her father. She heard what he said to her and asks how he plans to do that.

Steve asks if Hope is channeling Nancy Drew. Hope asks him to fill her in on what is going on as it seems he knows alot more then he is letting on. Steve, realizing he has no choice, says that Orpheus gave him a drug while he was with him on the ship. He started remembering pieces of the past from when he was missing. He says he remembered being at the old Maison Blanche. Steve says he doesn't remember much as alot is blurred but he hopes to get answers now. Hope asks what that has to do with Chelsea. Steve says Orpheus told him that Hope is her real mother. Hope is stunned. Steve then says that part of what he remembers is him and her being together at New Orleans. He was her caretaker in a way.

Hope: I don't understand, Steve. Caretaker?

Steve: We spent a long time together and, even though we didn't remember who we were, I think the friendship we have always had could still be felt. I think that is why we still managed to connect.

Hope: Wow...

Steve: That's not all. You and me went through alot together. I saved you, you helped me...we grew close. Very close.

Hope: What are you saying?

Steve: We danced...we kissed. I don't remember alot but I do have some blurry memories that suggest we did much more.

Hope: What?

Steve: Yeah. I don't know for sure but there is also what Orpheus told me. He told me, Hope, that I was Chelsea's father. That is why I'm here...to find out once and for all if that is the truth.

Hope: Oh my...you! You and me!! My God...

Steve tries to calm down a shocked Hope as she shakes her head in disbelief while the scene fades to black.



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Wow, just amazing. This will be a big comment over several episodes since I now have letters, In no particular order....

I LOVE Jack and Billie. They seem so perfect for each other. The way that you two write them it's seamless and they complement each other very well. They are the perfect touch of romance combined with all the drama going on.

Loved having Steve reveal to Hope that he may be the father of Chelsea. This is such a good play on history going back to the Maison Blanche days. It works well and is plausible. I seriously could see them becoming a couple down the line.

Cassie is such a little vixen. Love it. You have the makings of a great villianness.

Roman and Marlena, I like the new spin on them. I can definately see why he is acting the way he is because he did have the power to stop some of the deaths. We the readers know Sami isn't dead, but he doesn't. So in his eyes, he lost three children (because would Carrie have left town if Austin, Eric and Sami didn't die) and the father of his grandchildren. He's reacting like any parent would. I love that Victor is trying to reel him in with Bo and Steve.

One thing that I especially liked was that Anna and Carrie didn't mend everything up and everything was fine. It's not how real relationships work.

That is what makes your blog so good is that it's real. Real situations (ok, except the Voyager of the Seas in Salem) and real relationships that work. It feels natural to go there. Yet you keep us in suspense. You have the balance of drama, comedy and romance. No wonder once I saw twenty eight people reading your blog at one time. Whenever I am here reading, there is always someone else here reading as well. You guys are doing a great job.

I just want to see Joelle fired. Doesn't that constitute sexual harrassment? But I know you have a plan there so I am not worried. I hope you enjoyed reading my comment which was as long as The Iliad tonight

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