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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At Roman and Marlena's house, Marlena remains unconscious on the floor, with her medication lying beside her. Meanwhile, outside, Barbara walks up to the front door and knocks, asking if anyone is there loudly. Marlena begins to stir but doesn't get up. Barbara yells out to Marlena, saying they need to talk about her treatment. She then asks loudly if anyone is there again. Marlena opens her eyes slightly and is about to yell out something when she is overcome with agonizing pain, resulting in her clutching her head.

-At Roberts INC, Lucas tells Joelle he has to get back to Will. Joelle begs him not to leave. She is lonely and has no one else to talk to. She doesn't get out much or have any friends. She wipes tears from her eyes and tells him she has been taking care of her sick mother for the last ten years. She also has a 6 year old son whose father took off shortly after learning she was pregnant. Joelle explains that she thinks Kate hired her out of sympathy 5 years ago. Lucas says it would make sense as he can see his mother having a soft spot for a single mother. Joelle says she is thankful for her job. It allows her to provide for her mother and son but she doesn't get out much. She just doesn't have the time.

Lucas feels bad and says he is happy to lend an ear but that's all. He loved Sami so very much and he is having a hard time dealing with her death. He isn't ready to move on or date. Joelle apologizes for coming on strong but reminds him they are both hurting. They both need someone to comfort them. That is why she thinks they are perfect for each other. Joelle slowly moves close to Lucas, putting her hands on his chest. Lucas tells her that what she is doing is a bad idea. He is her boss and he isn't interested. Joelle thinks he will be once she shows him what she can do. Joelle then grabs Lucas' face and pulls him into a kiss!

-At the Dimera Mansion, Tony is in a secret room in the basement. He is searching through some boxes of his own belongings...some from childhood and some from later on in life, trying to forget about his problems with Anna and all the other negative things happening right now. He finds a bunch of his old books and some childhood toys. He also finds a picture of his mother. He wipes away a tear, expressing how much he loves and misses her. He then mentions how comforting the past can be at times, especially right now with so much going wrong.

Tony then pulls out one of his old poetry books, overjoyed to see he has found it after years of wondering where it has been. He opens it up and begins to turn through out, smiling in reaction to what he is seeing and reading. Just then, a piece of paper falls out of the book. Tony notices it and picks up the torn piece of paper. He begins to read it and is stunned by what he is reading.

-At the Salem Towers restaurant, Lexie is dining with Stefano. Stefano tells Lexie he is glad they are getting along again and out together. Lexie smiles and says she is too. He then mentions there is something on his mind and he feels he needs to get this off his chest. Lexie tells him to go ahead. Stefano mentions how he is worried this will make her angry but he feels it needs to be said. Lexie once again tells him to go ahead, promising not to get angry. Stefano nods and notes how quickly she had a change of heart. She lashed out at him on the ship over his using Tek to destroy her marriage to Abe and how he did nothing to help her keep custody of Theo so he could manipulate her into being what she believes he wants her to be. Now, she wants back in the family after turning her back on it and him.

Lexie tells Stefano she was simply angry and their lives were in danger. She wasn't exactly in her right mind. Stefano understands and says he is giving her the benefit of the doubt but he does have a warning. If she double crosses him or betrays him and his trust, he is finished with her and she will be considered an enemy to the Dimera's. He asks if she understands, Lexie hesitantly nods, seemingly in shock and very worried. Stefano smiles, pleased that Lexie understands. He then calls the waiter over so they can order dessert.

Meanwhile, Abe and Celeste sit at a table nearby. Celeste says it feels good to get out and it gives Theo a chance to play with his friend Gregory. Abe says he is glad they went out. It's been a long day and an even longer couple of months. Celeste asks Abe if he has spoken to Lexie. Abe shakes his head. Celeste tells him they need to. They need to find out if she did see them kissing on the ship. Abe agrees but says there is alot going on right now. He promises to do it when things calm down and when the time is right. He asks her to relax.

Celeste tells him it's all she can think about as Lexie seems very angry with them. Abe asks her to dance. Celeste thinks it's a bad idea considering what happened on the ship. Abe insists, saying it will help her relax and to stop worrying about Lexie. Celeste reluctantly agrees. They both get up and hit the dance floor. Nearby, Stefano sees Abe and Celeste dancing and tells Lexie to look who's here. Lexie turns and is shocked to see Abe and Celeste dancing. Lexie becomes enraged.

-At the Java cafe, Victor tells Greta it's been wonderful but he has to get going. Greta begs him to be careful as he asks her to do the same. Victor tells her he can't lose her, not so soon after finding her. Greta says she feels the same way about him. They embrace. Frankie comes over and asks if they are bonding. Victor smiles, saying Greta is lovely and he appreciates all her hard work and dedication on their little Spectator project. He tells her he will see her later. Greta says goodbye to him as Victor leaves.

Greta then asks Frankie if he is finished talking with Max and Stephanie. Frankie says he is and asks if she is available tonight. He would like to go out for drinks as it's been a long day and a tough couple of weeks and asks if she would like to go with him. Greta asks if it's a date. Frankie says it's no pressure...just two friends going out to relax and enjoy the evening. Greta smiles and says she is up for it. Frankie asks if a half hour at Salem Towers is good. Greta nods and says she will see him there. Frankie smiles as he says goodbye and leaves. Greta follows a short distance behind him as Cassie emerges from behind a bookshelf, watching them both leave. She then says:

Cassie (smiling): Poor Frankie. Little does he know that sweet, angelic Princess Greta won't be making it to see him tonight. It's showtime!! (laughs)

Cassie walks off.

-At the Brady Pub, Bo hangs up the phone as Kayla walks in. She asks Bo if he has heard from Steve. He shakes his head, saying Hope is missing. She never showed up at JT's summer camp. Kayla wonders if Steve and Hope are together. Bo isn't

sure but he is very worried. It's been hours since Hope left. Kayla says the same goes for Steve and he isn't answering his cell. Bo mentions Hope isn't either and, with Orpheus and Stefano running around, there is no telling what could happen.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, Hope is still in shock over the possibility of Steve being Chelsea's father. Steve tells her they really have no proof yet. That is what he came to Maison Blanche for. He only has some fragmented and blurred memories. Hope tells Steve they need to learn the truth and admits she is glad she came. She needs to be with him for this. Steve says he knows she isn't going to back off but orders her to follow his lead. Hope reminds him she is a cop. Steve agrees she has a point but he doesn't want Bo coming after him if something happens. Hope realizes she forgot about Bo and that she better call him. Steve thinks he better call Kayla too. Hope tells him to call for both of them and to say they are together and are following a lead about his past. Steve thinks they need another cover but Hope tells him to go with what they have. Steve reluctantly agrees.

Steve dials on his cell. Back at the Pub, Kayla answers her cell and is overjoyed to hear Steve's voice. Steve tells her he is fine and Hope is with him. Kayla tells Bo that Hope is with Steve. Bo is relieved. Steve tells Kayla he had a lead on his missing years and Hope happened to be with him so they are tagging along together. Kayla fills Bo in. Bo yells into the phone that Steve needs to tell him where they are so he can join them and help. Steve says it's all taken care of. It's not a dangerous mission and they will be fine and back soon. Bo and Kayla both don't like this as the Dimera's were a part of Steve's missing years.

Kayla begs Steve to tell them where they are so her and Bo can meet them. Steve says they aren't needed and mentions the reception is bad so he has to hang up. He tells Kayla he loves her. Kayla tells him the same. Hope yells into the phone and tells Bo she loves him and will be back soon. Bo yells out he loves her too and begs her to be careful and to stay in touch. Steve then hangs up while Bo tells Kayla he has a bad feeling about this. Kayla says she does too. Hope is glad Steve called them so now they both know they are safe. Steve agrees. Hope tells Steve they have work to do so they better get started. Steve says he is ready and him and Hope then begin to search the house.

-Jack is with Elizabeth in a Coast Guard medical center. He hopes Billie is ok. Elizabeth says she does too. Jack can't believe she of all people found him and Billie. Elizabeth explains she has been following his life from affair since they broke up after college. She knew of his father's death and his learning he had a brother and sister. She knows of his great love affair with Jennifer Horton. She apologizes for his loss, saying how tragic her death was. Jack thanks her, saying she was the love of his life.

Elizabeth seems unnerved but then says she thought about coming to see him after Jennifer died. She stayed away because she didn't want to cause problems since she was his ex but, once Jennifer died, she wondered if it was a good time. She then was afraid and kept dragging her feet until she read all about the cruise ship disaster and him being missing. She mentions how she accumulated great wealth and stature over the years so she used her connections and send her own search party out. They tracked Jack and Billie to an island after seeing smoke coming from the uninhabited island for a few days straight.

Jack is glad the fires that took so much effort to start worked. Elizabeth says she was so worried. She never stopped caring about him as they shared a great love...a strong bond. Jack smiles and says they did but alot has changed. Elizabeth agrees. Jack asks about Alexander. Elizabeth says he is wonderful. He has always been on her side and is all she has. He's her best friend. She explains how he is a great writer, like Jack, and regrets how he is a bit of a recluse. She wishes he would get out more and experience life and the world but he is happy just writing and staying home with her. Jack asks about Alexander's father. Elizabeth puts her head down. Jack apologizes for bringing it up.

Just then, Alexanders returns with a doctor. Alexander says there is news on Billie. Jack asks the doctor if Billie is ok. The doctor says Billie is being treated with antibiotics and they are warming her up. She will be fine. They got her there in the nick of time. Jack is overjoyed and asks if he can see her. The doctor says not yet as they are transferring her to a room for overnight observation. He can see her soon. Jack thanks the doctor and turns to Elizabeth and Alexander. He thinks them for rescuing them and saving their lives. Elizabeth says it's no problem. She just couldn't lose him. An uncomfortable Jack nods.

-Back at Roman and Marlena.s Barbara gives up and concludes that no one is home. She hopes she talks to Marlena soon before she messes up her treatment even more. Barbara leaves while, insider, Marlena stirs and manages to get to her feet after a struggle. She sees her pills on the floor and bends down to pick one up as the pain in her head gets worse. As she bends, she loses her balance and falls, banging her head on the end table. She collapses to the ground as a pool of blood begins to emerge around her head as the scene shifts to...

Lucas, who pushes Joelle off of him. He tells her that her behavior is not right for the workplace. he warns her to back off or action will be taken. Joelle mentions how his acting all authoritative turns her on. She then kisses him again, telling him she needs him so much right now. They both need comfort. She begs him to let her ease his pain and loneliness while he eases hers. Lucas tries to push her away but she latches on to him, telling him to just give in. Lucas struggles to resist and his resolve begins to crumble. Joelle then tears off her blouse, asking if he can resist her now. Lucas looks at her and is tempted. Joelle passionately grabs him and pulls him back into a kiss. Lucas begins to give in and hesitantly puts his arms around her. She then throws him on a desk, sending many items to the floor, as they continue to go at it. Lucas begins to get more and more into it and finally gives up on fighting her off. As Lucas and Joelle begin to make love, the scene shifts to...

Jack, who tells Elizabeth and Alexander that Billie would be dead if they hadn't come. She tells Jack that Alexander saw the fire Jack made in the cave. Jack thanks him. Alexander says it was nothing.

Elizabeth: Oh, he's being modest.

Jack: Whatever the case, I am just thankful you both came along. Whoever your father is would be very proud...

Elizabeth: Yes, he is proud.

Jack: You act is if you know he is.

Elizabeth: I do. I've seen him.

Alexander: What? You saw him?

While the conversation is going on, Billie is being moved to her room. She is now awake and looks on as the conversation continues...

Elizabeth: Yes. If it makes it feel better, you saw him too.

Alexander: When?

Elizabeth: I guess it's just better to blurt it out instead of some long confession...

Alexander: Mother, what are you blabbering about? For years, you never told me who my father was and, now, I meet him and I don't even know it. What the hell...

Elizabeth: Well, you still have a chance to meet him. He's here.

Alexander: I don't understand.

Elizabeth: Turn around, Alexander. Turn around and meet your father.

Alexander turns and looks at Jack and then turns back toward Elizabeth.

Alexander: Jack?! Jack is...

Elizabeth (wiping tears from her eyes): Your father....

A stunned Alexander turns around to face a stunned Jack as a shocked Billie tells the nurses to stop and then looks on at this surprising scene from her gurney as the scene shifts to...

Maison Blanche, where Hope and Steve enter a bedroom. Hope mentions how the house looks just like the first one that burned down. Steve says that the room looks almost like the one in his memories. He turns to Hope and tells her he thinks they need to try to remember first and re-creating the past is the best way. That is what happened on the ship. Orpheus re-created the scene and it helped him remember. Hope tells Steve she hasn't had a memory of her missing years since the night of the mother of the year party when the chip in her brain was extracted. She has her Princess Gina memories but remembers nothing from her time at Maison Blanche. She also isn't comfortable with them re-creating being close to each other.

Steve reminds Hope they have always been close friends. He thinks that is why they were drawn to each other while being held together. He tells Hope they have to find answers and this may be the only way. They can always get more tangible evidence later but there are memories that lie inside them that can help them get on their way. Hope agrees, warning Steve that if it gets to be too much, they stop. Steve nods. He opens the window, saying a light summer breeze is needed to recreate one of his memories. Hope smells the flowers from outside. Steve is glad since that was in one of his memories too. Steve finds a record in one of the dresser drawers and plays it in the classic record player. It's a waltz. Steve smiles, saying it's not the same but is quite similar to the one in his memories.

Hope explains that Stefano has always been one to replace something with a close replica to the original. Steve tells Hope to dance with him. They need to re-create the memory. Hope is hesitant but then gives in. They begin to dance to the waltz and, a few minutes into the dance, Steve begins to flashback to dancing with Hope at Maison Blanche. At the same time, Hope has a blurred memory of dancing with Steve too. She is taken aback by the memory as it's the first memory of Maison Blanche she has had since returning from there. Steve asks Hope if she remembered something. She nods. He says he did too.

Hope: Tell me. When you remember, do you...

Steve: Feel? Do I feel like I did in that moment?

Hope: Yes.

Steve: Yeah. I feel an overwhelming amount of joy...and comfort. I feel a loneliness...an internal pain...fading away. I feel...

Hope (eyes closed): A rush...of peace and fulfillment. I feel like...

Steve: I've found the missing piece...

Hope: Of a puzzle. Nothing else matters...

Steve: But you and me...in this moment. The past and future...

Hope: Are of no importance, unlike the here and now.

Steve: You remember that night too?

Hope: We must have remembered the same night. The music and the breeze and...

Steve: Yeah. It brought it all back. I feel like I've stepped through time. I feel like I've become that dude back then.

Hope: Me too. What I'm feeling right now...it's...surreal. It's...

Steve: Strong..undeniable...(moves closer to Hope)

Hope (moves closer to Steve): It's...irresistible...so strong...

Steve (slowly raises his hand to Hope's face and gently touches it): So...right.

Hope: So...right.

Hope and Steve's faces slowly move in until they finally meet to share a passionate kiss. They begin to pull away and then look into each other's eyes and then pull each other into a kiss again, only this time it's more intense then the first. They move close to the bed as we see both Steve and Hope have a flashback of a similar scene from their past at Maison Blanche. Steve and Hope then fall onto the bed and begin to make love as the scene shifts to...

Tony, in the secret room at the Dimera Mansion. He is still reading the piece of paper and says:

Tony: This is my mother's! It seems to be from her diary. How was it torn out and why on earth is it in my book of poetry? (reads the piece of paper) What is mother talking about here? I can't make this out but I think this says New Orleans...Maison Blanche! She claims she left something there for me and that it lies behind one of my greatest passions. I don't understand...what does all this mean?

The scene then shifts from a confused Tony to the Salem Towers restaurant, where a jealous and unnerved Lexie watches Abe and Celeste dance. Stefano notes how close they are as Lexie says she knows. Abe notices Lexie watching and tells Celeste they better stop. Celeste turns around and sees Lexie and notices the look in her eyes and on her face. She tells Abe that Alexandra did see them kiss on the ship. She can see it written all over her face. Celeste then becomes faint and nearby passes out. Abe asks if she is ok. Celeste then feels a chill and says she just had a premonition of someone...a woman...screaming out in terror. Celeste tells Abe something awful is about to happen as the scene shifts to...

Frankie, who is at a table nearby, looking at his watch. He wonders where Greta is as the scene shifts to Victor, who comes home to his mansion. Maggie greets him with a kiss and says she has a special evening planned for them. Victor says he is looking forward to it. Maggie notes that he is in a good mood. Victor says he is and he is going to do his best not to think of Orpheus or Stefano tonight. He feels like things are falling into place and that nothing is going to go wrong now. Maggie is glad he feels that way. They kiss. Victor tells Maggie to show him to where their special evening will begin. Maggie smiles and tells him to come with her. Victor beams with excitement as Maggie drags him off and into the living room as the scene shifts to...

Cassie, who is wearing a blonde wig and is in her car. She has followed Greta and has just watched her pull into the Salem Towers parking lot. She says she checked and security cameras should not be a problem and she should he covered with the wig and the fact that she isn't driving the car she normally does since she took out one of Stefano's backups. She then wonders what she is doing. She has never done anything like this before and what she is about to do is serious and not just some simple lie, like she told to break up Abby and Max a few months ago. Cassie then tells herself she needs to stop worrying. She needs to prove herself to Stefano so she can overtake Lexie and inherit the Dimera empire someday. Since she is not a blood Dimera, she needs to start now. She knows Stefano will be impressed with what she is about to do.

Cassie sees Greta about to walk out of the parking lot and then tells herself:

Cassie: Here we go!

The action then moves in slow motion as Cassie starts her car and puts it in gear as Greta prepares to cross the street, having just exited the parking lot. Cassie then pulls the car away from the street corner as Greta sees it. She begins to cross, thinking she has plenty of time before the car reaches where she is. Cassie then puts her foot heavy on the gas, sending the car speeding ahead. Greta walks out into the street and sees headlights coming up on her fast. Greta then turns and, just as she is about to move out of the way, Cassie's car hits her, sending her body rolling over the top of the car, breaking Cassie's front window. Greta's body rolls off the back of the car and into the street as Cassie keeps driving.

Cassie: Damn...she broke my window. I always heard she was a tough one but...damn! Oh, well. Bye bye, Princess!

Cassie laughs evilly as the scene shifts back to Greta lying lifeless in a pool of blood in the middle of the street as the scene slowly fades to black.




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Fantastic episode! I was on the edge of my seat reading this. This is a finale to be proud of, it is so very good.

I don't know why or how, but I really want Steve and Hope together. Can I bitchslap Joelle?

So very well written, every part of it

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