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Episode 2

Port Oak Valley


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The Bold Ones

Episode 2

Eric’s Office- Eric, Brooke, and Ridge are waiting on Rick to arrive.

Eric: Where is he?

Brooke: Don’t worry Eric, he will be here soon. I just talked to him.

Ridge: He better get here soon, or we will be late for the party.

Eric: Where was he?

Brooke: The jet was landing at the airport.

Eric: Good. I can’t wait to see him.

Brooke: Me too. It seems like a year since we have seen him.

Ridge: Not nearly enough if you ask me.

Brooke: Ridge!

Eric: Ridge! Now you are both my sons, and I love you just the same, but I cannot have you talking about you brother that way.

Brooke: I know you and Rick have your differences, but please for the sake of the family can you please work past them.

Ridge: Brooke, I have no problem with him. It’s your son that has the problem. He hates me.

Eric: That’s crazy! Rick is your brother.

Ridge: Exactly dad, Rick is jealous that I am his brother. He hates that I wasn’t kicked to the curb, when the truth came out that Massimo was my biological father.

Brooke: Like you and Throne haven’t had your differences? You two are going to work out your problems, so we can all be a happy family.

Ridge: Logan, he despises me even more because I’m married to you again. Hell, he probably blames me for his loosing his job.

Rick enters.

Rick: You’re damn right I do.

Insomnia Café

Donna: Okay guys the sign is a little lower on the left, C.J. can you raise your end up just a tad? Okay great, right there. No honey now your side is too high!

Thorne: How about now?

Donna: Right there! Don’t move.

CJ: I need to go to the back and see if the cake has been delivered.

Donna: Thanks, and can you make sure that it says “Congratulations Storm”

Thorne: What are you so tense about? The party is going to be a success.

Donna: I hope so; I just want it to be perfect for my brother. He has done so much for me over the years; I just want to pay him back.

Thorne: He will love it. ( he kisses her, but she doesn’t kiss back) Stop worrying about the party.

Donna: It isn’t the party so much, it’s us.

Thorne: What about us? I thought we were having a good time together.

Donna: We are, but I always feel awkward around your parents, like they resent me for working for Nick. I’ve been in relationships before that I thought were going somewhere and then the parents got in the way, and I got burned. I just don’t want that to happen again.

Thorne: My parents have no problem with you. The fact that you work for Nick now is a bit complicated, but we are making it work. We would love to bring you on at Originals, but our budget is kind of strapped, but when the purse strings loosen...

Donna: They loosened enough to bring on Ashley Abbott. It’s was in all the trades this morning, plus Rick is coming back.

Thorne: I was against Ashley coming on board, and Rick is family.

Donna: I know and I’m glad my nephew is back with his family, its just we have a great thing going and I love Ally, and I just don’t want our professional lives getting in the way of our personal ones.

CJ: I hate to interrupt, but the caterer insist you told her the cake said “Congratulations Sam”

Donna: No!! ( she runs towards the kitchen)

(Thorne grabs her arm)

Thorne: Don’t worry about it; we love each other it’s all that matters.

(She kisses him)

CJ: Look who’s here! What’s up man!

Rick: Not much man. (they shake hands)

CJ: So are you back for a visit?

Rick: Looks like I will be here for a while.

CJ: Cool, it will be like old times.

Rick: Hey, I’m sorry to hear about your mother. I hate that I couldn’t make the services.

CJ: Thanks, its okay, I got your card. I miss her like crazy, but I know she’s happy now, with Macy and Darla. Do you want a coffee?

Rick: I would love one, I need a caffeine kick. (they go to the bar)

Thorne comes out of the kitchen

Thorne: Hey Guys, I just called Felicia she has stalled Storm as long as she can; they are on their way now.

Brooke: Is there anything I can do to help?

Donna: No, I have everything under control, except for a minor cake problem.

Ridge: Is Phoebe here yet?

Thorne: I haven’t seen her.

Brooke: She will be here; she is a responsible young woman. Speaking of…

She walks in

Phoebe: Did I miss the party or something.

Ridge: No, honey you’re right on time.

Phoebe: Is that Rick at the bar!

Ridge: yeah…..

Brooke: Why don’t you go over and say hello, I know he will love to see you.

Ridge: Why did you do that?

Brooke: What? You don’t want our children to have conversations with each other?

Ridge: (changing the subject) Bridget you’re here.

Bridget: (tired) Hey Ridge, hi mom.

Brooke: Honey, are you alright?

Bridget: yeah I’m fine, I’m just exhausted, and I just got off a double shift. I’m glad this party is at a coffee house. ( she goes to the bar)

Phoebe approaches Rick, but is afraid to say anything. She walks up to him then turns away.

Rick: Phoebe is that you?

Phoebe: Yeah. It’s me. Hi Rick.

He hugs her and notices that Ridge is staring him down.

Rick: You look different since I saw you last, you’re grown up now.

Phoebe: I’m 18 now.

Rick: Wow. Well you look great, what have you been up to?

Phoebe: Thanks. Just enjoying my summer, so are you in just for a visit?

Rick: I’m here for a while actually.

Phoebe: Great! I mean thats great for your family.

Rick: Yeah I suppose, I am going to tell my sister hello. Hopefully, I will see you around.

She smiles

Ridge is still looking at him, Rick smiles at him.

Rick: Hey sis.

Bridget: Hey, your back.

Rick: You look like hell.

CJ: She should, she just finished a double shift. I’m going to let you two catch up.

Bridget: I was just telling CJ, I’m having a real hard time at work. My supervisor will not let up on me.

Rick: What is he doing?

Bridget: He hates me, because I come from a privileged family.

Rick: That’s crazy, did he really say that?

Bridget: Not in so many words, He hates me because he had to struggle through med school financially. He makes little comments all the time, always gives me the worse assignments…

Rick: Do you want me to talk to him?

Bridget: No, I can handle it, don’t worry about me.

Felicia comes running in.

Felicia: Okay, he’s coming!

Donna: Alright everybody when he comes in everybody yell “congratulations”

He enters


Storm: Wow, I never would have guessed that there was a party waiting for me (sarcastically)

Donna: You knew!

Storm: I didn’t get elected A.D. A. of L.A. County for nothing.

Felicia: You didn’t have a clue.

Storm: Oh yeah, you were so subtle with “shut up and get in the car, we’re going to a party” (mimicking Felicia’s voice)

Felicia: I do not sound like that, and I did not say that! Donna I promise.

Storm: Yes you di..

Felicia: Shut up. And eat some cake.

Storm: Who is Sam?

Donna: I’m sorry, it was a mix up.

Rick sees Phoebe at the bar and decides to set his plan in motion.

Rick: Did you get some “Sam” Cake.

Phoebe: A little piece, I’m trying to watch my carbs.

Rick: You don’t need to worry about that, you have a great figure.

Ridge: Look at him over there

Brooke: You mean Rick? What is he doing?

Ridge: Flirting with my daughter.

Brooke: Oh Ridge, please.

Ridge: I’m serious Logan. He has been flirting with her all night.

Brooke: Rick is a nice guy he is just talking to her, I doubt he is flirting with Phoebe, and if is would that be so bad?

Ridge: Yeah it would, I don’t want him anywhere near my daughter.

Brooke: Ridge you are blowing things out of proportion, they are just talking, it’s completely harmless.

Ridge: I don’t want your twenty something son seducing my impressionable 18 year old daughter.

Brooke: Seducing! Ridge now you have crossed the line, you need to lay off Rick. He hasn’t been back in town twenty four hours and you…..

Ridge: He hasn’t been back in town for twenty four hours and is already putting the moves on my daughter trying to stick it to me!

The music stops and everybody looks at them.

Brooke: That’s it Ridge, until you can put this negative obsession with my son behind you we can’t be together. I’m going home, to our bed, when you get home sleep in one of the guest rooms.

Next on The Rich and the Famous:

Ashley gets a surprise visit from somebody from her past.


A Forrester returns home.


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