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Episode 3

Port Oak Valley


The Bold Ones

Episode 3

Forrester Originals

Ashley’s Office

Ashley is unpacking a box at her desk and talking on the phone to her daughter Abby, who is attending a boarding school in Chicago.

Ashley: Hi honey, how is school?

Ashley: That’s great honey and you’re making plenty of friends?

Ashley: And you still like Chicago? Cool (there is a knock on her door)

Ashley: Honey I’m going to have to let you go, I will call you back later enjoy your day! I love you and miss you, bye.

Ashley: (still going through a box) Come in!

Knocks continue

Ashley walks to the door and opens it and is surprised to see who is on the other side.

Upstairs in the Conference Room Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Taylor and Nick are waiting to welcome home Thomas who has been in Paris studying design.

Ridge (to Taylor): I’m so excited our son is coming home.

Taylor: I am too, Ridge. I missed so much of Thomas growing up when I was away, and after I came back he was off to Paris before too long. I’m just looking forward to reconnecting with him again.

Ridge: You two always had a special bond.

Nick: And I’m sure Taylor will have that same bond with our child.

Ridge: You’re pregnant?

Taylor: Barely, and I do not want it brought up, it’s still very early and anything can happen.

Nick: But, it won’t.

Taylor: Besides today is about Thomas, and when the time is right I will tell everybody the news, just not now.

Ridge: Your secret is safe with me.

Ashleys Office

Ashley: Paul! Paul Williams?! Is that you? What are you doing here?(she hugs him)

Paul: In the flesh.

Ashley: What brings you here?

Paul: I was out here visiting my son, Ricky and heard about you working for the Forrester’s and decided to stop by.

Ashley: Yeah, I needed a fresh start. So how long are you here for?

Paul: My flight leaves later today. Do you want to have lunch?

Ashley: Sure that would be great. Is noon good for you?

Paul: Perfect.

Rick enters Ashley’s Office

Rick: Oh, sorry to interrupt.

Ashley: Oh no, Rick, its fine.

Paul: In fact I was just leaving.

Ashley: I’m sorry Rick Forrester this is Paul Williams an old friend from Genoa City.

Rick: Nice to meet you.

Ashley (to Paul) And this is Rick Forrester he and I are the newcomers around here. In fact we knew each other from my time in Paris. Rick is actually the one who recommended I join Forrester Originals.

Paul: That’s nice and a pleasure to meet you. I’ve got to go but I will meet you at noon.

Ashley: Great, see you then.

Rick: In L.A. less than a week and already have a date.

Ashley: It’s not a date, Paul and I are old friends, we dated some, but it was really innocent. Besides my personal life isn’t any of your business.

Rick: Your right, I apologize. I just wanted to come down and officially welcome you to the Forrester family.

Ashley: Well thank you. If you will excuse me, I have a meeting to attend.

Rick: So do I, want to trade?

Ashley: Hmmm a marketing meeting with tough buyers I don’t think…

Rick: Worse. A meeting with the family. Ridges son Thomas is coming home.

The Forrester conference room

Taylor: Nick, I thought we agreed we weren’t going to tell anybody until I was well into my second trimester.

Nick: I know, but I couldn’t hold it in, I just want to shout it from the rooftops.

Taylor: Well hold on just a little bit longer, by the way my appointment was moved to tomorrow afternoon you’re still going to be able to make it aren’t you?

Nick: I wouldn’t miss it.

Stephanie’s on the phone

Stephanie: Yes, thank you Megan. (hangs up phone) Alright everybody Thomas is on his way.

He enters

Eric: There he is.

Ridge: There’s my boy!

Taylor: (hugging him) Welcome home honey.

Thomas: It’s great to be home, hello everybody.

Paul and Ashley are having lunch

Paul: So how is your salad?

Ashley: Wonderful and your burger?

Paul: Delicious. So tell me how do you like L.A.?

Ashley: Well it’s definitely different, but I needed a change. I miss Abby terribly, but Victor, Brad and myself decided that with everything going on in our lives sending Abby to the Academy was the best thing for her. She loves it there by the way, if she didn’t she would be right here with me, but it’s a wonderful school. In fact it’s the same one I attended when I was her age.

Paul: I didn’t know you lived in Chicago.

Ashley: Oh yes, my entire family lived there, although soon after I was born we moved to Genoa City. In fact it was Chicago that my family was first acquainted with the Forrester’s.

Paul: Really? How so?

Ashley: Well I was born the same day as the Forrester’s daughter, and our family’s met through the waiting room, however there daughter Angela, I believe, didn’t make it.

Paul: Wow.

Ashley: Yeah, our families really didn’t remain close other than an occasional Christmas card or business transaction. Anyway, how are things in Genoa City? How’s the P.I. Business.

Paul: Things are slow in the P.I. Business. And in Genoa City. Especially since that psychopath Shelia Carter killed Maggie.

Ashley: I’m so sorry about that Paul I know you two were just getting close. So Jack told me that she had cosmetic surgery to look like Phyllis Newman?

Paul: Yeah, she’s completely deranged, but she’s gone now too. Lauren gave her what she deserved.

Ashley: (trying to change the subject) So tell me, how is your son?

Paul: Ah Ricky is great, with everything going on back home I haven’t had the time to see him that much, he’s actually living with Isabella’s brother now, her parents were killed in a car accident a little over a year ago.

Ashley: That’s horrible.

Paul: Yeah I would love to have him come live with me in Genoa City someday. Anyway it’s been great seeing you again, but if we don’t leave now I will miss my flight.

Ashley: Okay let’s go. Check please(to the waiter)

The Forrester Hallway

Rick is walking by the elevator as it opens Phoebe runs out the elevator and into Rick.

Rick: Hey! Watch it.

Phoebe: Rick I’m so sorry, I’m just late for Thomas’ welcome home party.

Rick: Well I’m just now going myself we can go together.

Phoebe: Okay cool.

They enter the party.

Thomas: Hey sis!

Ridge: You have got to be kidding me.

Stephanie: Honey, calm down Rick is a good guy.

Ridge: Mother, he is a snake. I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

Stephanie: Phoebe is mature young woman; she knows what she’s doing.

Ridge: I’m not so sure.

Later in the day the party is now over and Thomas goes to see Eric.

Eric’s office


Eric: Come in.

Thomas: Hey Grandpa.

Eric: Thomas what can I do for you.

Thomas: I wanted to talk to you about my time in Paris.

Eric: Yeah, I was hoping you would, I just didn’t want to rush you with your just getting into town and settled.

Thomas: Well I have some sketches I’ve been working on. Would you like to see them?

Eric: I’d love too.

He looks at them for a while.

Thomas: Well what do you think?

Eric: They’re interesting.

Thomas: They suck, don’t they?

Eric: Now no, they aren’t bad, they just need some work.

Thomas: I worked hard on them and wanted to really impress you.

Eric: Thomas, you’re very green, but you remind me so much of your father. I defiantly see some raw talent in these drawings. Keep working and I have no doubt you will be a top designer one day.

Thomas: (disappointed) Thanks grandpa.

Outside the Forrester design house

Rick: I enjoyed showing you the ropes of the management department, I had no idea you were interested in the business side of the fashion house.

Phoebe: I hope you didn’t mind my tagging along.

Rick: Nonsense I enjoy spending time with you.

Phoebe: I enjoyed spending time with you today too.

Rick: I don’t think your dad likes us hanging out.

Phoebe: Why?

Rick: I’m not sure I just get the feeling he thinks I’m a bad influence.

Phoebe: Well he obviously doesn’t know me that well. (She kisses him)

Next on The Bold Ones

Nick and Taylor get some unexpected news from the doctor.

Jackie and Donna team up together to play matchmaker.

Rick and Brooke talk about his relationship with Phoebe.


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