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Jenn walks out on Mike to be with TY episode 19





Written By: ML Cooks

Coordinating Producer: Monique Bitches

Pasadena City Jailjailcell.jpg

dahia.jpgDahlia is sitting in her jail cell, silently praying that Mark comes up with a way to get her out of jail. Suga still taunts Dahlia by the repetitive whispers of

thmissy-elliot.jpg"Kill...Kill...Kill...Ahh..Ahh...Ahh" the infamous quote by Mike Meyers of Halloween.

mark_mortimer_14.jpgMark walks over to her cell.


"Any news?"


"Not yet. But sit tight, I have a plan and waiting on a phone call now."


"Mark you have to hurry. This woman is going to kill me tonight."


"Doll, don't worry about it. I am going to get you out of here. Natalia is going to drop the charges."




"Please no questions. Just trust me."


"The last time I trusted you I walk out and find you kissing Dragon Breath and I get arrested."


"Doll, that was not my fault. Listen, I'll be right back." He leaves.

Mike's Puberrything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

jhammon2.jpgJennifer pulls Mike back as Ty rubs his jaw.


"Is this how you treat all your customers? I'll have to report this to the paper, and the local news."


"Go to hell! You are not welcomed here!"


"Mike, I think you better relax. You don't know who you are dealing with. You are really pissing me off."


"Is that a threat?"Jennifer grabs Mike and pulls him into the kitchen.


"Mike what is wrong with you? You can't treat customers like that! You can't attack Tyler like that."


"I don't believe you. Why not Jenn?... Because you have feeling for him? ...Is that it?"


"Oooh,.. My Gosh! Here we go again! How many times do I have to tell you I don't have feelings for Tyler. I am tired of repeating myself."


"And I am tired of you always defending Tyler. You don't make sense. First you tell me you don't like the man but yet you always defending that scum. Actions speak louder than words Jenn."


"Whatever Mike!"


"I bet it is whatever. Hell you went to see the Bastard last night and forgot to tell me. That says a whole hella of lot Jenn!"


"I am sick of this!" Jenn takes her apron off, throws it at Mike, grabs her purse and storms out the pub.


"Jenn!...Wait!..Come Back!..." Mike says coming out the kitchen but Ty gets in his way and blocks him as Jenn skids off in her car.


"Get the hell out of my way!"


"Let's see,... first I got you suspended, I am about to take Jenn from you, and o yea, your little pub will be next."


"Do you think I am going to just stand by and let you ruin my life?"


"Yes. I mean what are you going to do? What can you do? Nothing. You're a light weight Mikey Boy...You know what, I think I'll skip dinner. I got a beautiful dessert waiting on me. Thanks Mike." Ty turns around and walks out the pub. Mike is left standing there, distraught.

Westwood Park, Natalia's HouseuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg

natty.jpgNatalia is soaking in her bath tub.deiagosbathroom.jpg She fantasizes about Mark making love to her. Natalia grabs her cell phone and calls her good friend Ria.

Karim and Ria's House


"Ria, what's wrong with you? Why are you so upset?"

Ria is saved by her cell phone ringing, Ria answers




"It's Natalia"


"Hey Natti girl, how are you?"


"I am better than to be expected. I got Mark coming over in a little bit and we are going to have sex."


"You don't play no games do you?"


"I told you I would get what I want. Listen, I will tell you how good it was in the morning."


"Ok girl", Natalia hangs up but Ria keeps on talking.

"Yea, girl I want to hear all about it. I'll be over in a few."Ria hangs her phone up

"Baby, I'm about to go over Natalia's house. She got some gossip on this new man she met today. I have got to go hear it."


"Wait, baby, is everything ok?"


"Yes it is. Why do you ask that?"


"After I told you about Sharan and Dondre, you acted strange."


"It's all in your head baby. I think you need some rest. I'll be back in a little while." She kisses him on the lips, throw some joggers on and leaves the house. She gets in her car and begins to call Dondre on her cell phone as she is on her way to his house.

Pasadena City Jail

Suga continues to taunt Dahlia."Kill, Kill, Kill,...Ahh...Ahh...Ahh"

"You better hope your hunky boyfriend bails you out tonight, because once the lights go off I'm going to kill you."


"You'll never get away with it. We are in jail. There are guards all around."


"It helps when you know the right people. I do and tonight, you're going to die."

Dahlia begins to pray.

Mark is doing pushes up, in his home, which also sits in Westwood Park. Doing push ups, to relieve the stress he is under. Awaiting that call that will change his life forever. Mark wonders how did it ever come to this point. He has to sleep with another woman to free his girlfriend from jail. Natalia is controlling Mark's life.

thblackrose.gifThe Lady in Black, Mona pulls up to her mountain side home in Sierra Madre.pasadenahills.jpg She unpacks all the things she's collected from Dondre's house. Mona then makes a call on her cell.

"I got the DNA, and writing samples from Dondre's, Ty."


"Great. Good indeed. Things are slowly falling into place. I got Mike bogged down. So he is no longer a threat. Now its time to distract the Williams family. Call me when you need anything."


"The body from your hotel will be identified as me so. So Legally Mona Lisa is dead. The stage has been set to achieve our objective." They hang up.

Mona studies Dondre's handwriting. Then she picks up a pen, places a very thin piece of paper over Dondre's handwriting and makes a copy. Then she begins to forge a letter.

"Dear Sharan....."

Tyler's limo 30020limo.jpgpulls up on Jennifer's car in the

Descanso Gardens located in La Canada' Flintridge.

Ty gets out of his limo and approaches Jenn's car. He can see Jenn is distraught. Ty opens her door.


"Are you ok?"


"Actually,... no I'm not."


"Let me make it better. Let me take all that pain away."

Jenn looks at him. Then she smiles.


"Let me at least hold you. You look like you could use a hug. What's the harm in that? I don't bite."

Jenn smiles again. She gets out her car. Closes the door and immediately Ty engulfs her in a hug.

Sierra Madre

Mona puts the letter into an envelope and seals it up. He writes Sharan's name on it. Mona sits back, lights up a blunt and is at ease at everything she has accomplished thus far.

Pushing that woman from the 4th story of TC Hotel

Changing the identity of that woman to make it seem that Mona is dead, the alias "The Lady in Black" is using.

In Co-hoots with Ty

Planted a secret camera to watch her victim Sharan in the shower

Struck fear into Kevin by ramming off his car door

Stalking Sharan, Kevin and now Dondre

Shot Daniel and tried to make it look like suicide

Drugged Dondre with a "formula filled" dart then breaking into his house

Collected DNA and hand writing samples from Dondre

And has now forged a letter to Sharan from Dondre.

Mona continues to puff, In a moment with her drug stick, she seesweed-3.gif she comes back to realityand begins thinking" It's only a matter of time before I have my Sharan. My Nubian Queen" She says as she watches the video of Sharan taking a shower. She continues with her personal conversation

"The pieces are falling into place."........


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Wow and I thought Natalia was bad. Mona really is one bad mamma jamma! Did she really do all of that in the past 19 episodes? Natalia's comment with Ria was halarious because I honestly do think girls talk that way sometimes. At least that's the way Natalia would.

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Yes Mona did all of of that in the previous 19 episodes. She is no joke trust me and in coming weeks u will see that.She is FULL OF SURPRISE AND SECRETS

Wow and I thought Natalia was bad. Mona really is one bad mamma jamma! Did she really do all of that in the past 19 episodes? Natalia's comment with Ria was halarious because I honestly do think girls talk that way sometimes. At least that's the way Natalia would.
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LOL Mona is no where near the age to be Natti's momma. In the next few episodes we are going to learn more about Mona, the big question is who is she and why is she doing what she doing?

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