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yes for SEX!! episode18





Written by: ML Cooks

Cooridnating Producer: Monique Bitches

In Westwood ParkuntitSabynsfrontdoor.jpg, Karim and Ria's house

73481380.jpgRia, wrapping a towel around her, is the first one to exit the bathroom, before Karim, to make sure Dondre is gone. Ria has a sigh of relief when she realizes Dondre has made it out the house. Karim walks up behind her and holds her.


"That was a nice shower baby."

Ria(turning around to look at her sexxy fiancee)

"Yes it was....... Let's light a candle and play a slow tune. I'm in that kind of mood."Ria lays on the bed as Karim finishes lighting up a few candles. He presses play on the cd player and "Turn off the Lights" by Teddy Pendergrass plays. Karim lays on his back in the bed so Ria's can lay her head on his nicely toned chest.


"You know, it's been a long time since we did this."


"What do you mean?"


"Just laying here with you. Feeling your body. Just like we doing now. We don't have a lot of moments like this no more Karim."

Karim( Holding her tighter)

"Baby I know. I am going to make more time for us. Just as soon as this merger with Sabryn is done."

Ria(Disappointed that her fiancee has chosen work over her again, changes the subject)

"So how was your day?"


"Well you already know how late my brother can be, and today was no exception."


"What was his excuse this time?"


"You know that barber Dondre who works with Sharan at her shop?"

Ria(Very interested)

"Uhm... yea, I've seen him a few times. I think I saw him at the hotel party. What about him?"


"Kevin tells me that Dondre called Sharan, saying somebody broke in to the shop. So they show up at the shop only to find that Dondre had this fancy breakfast for Sharan. Dondre basically let it be known that he wants to be with Sharan."


"Hell naw. I don't believe this" She says sitting up.

Karim ponders Ria's strange reaction.

Huntington Memorial Hospitalhospital.jpg

dt_yr_update_20050114.jpgLauren looks at Daniel's body,0804_10.jpg hooked up to all the medical devices. Lauren stares at Daniel and begins to go into a daze as the sounds of the medical devices get louder in her head, which leads to a few flash backs,( She remembers how she slapped Daniel several times at the hotel party, then humiliating him in front of the crowd, calling him names and dumping him in front of all the hotel guess) Lauren comes out of her gaze and wipes tears from her face. She pulls up a chair and sits next to Daniel. She holds his hand.

"I never wanted this for you Daniel.... This is all Tyler's fault. Getting you involved in his crime syndicate. I promise you, No matter how long it takes. I will seek justice for you. I owe you that much." She wipes more tears from her eyes.

"You make it so hard for me to love you.......The drugs have some kind of hold on you....The countless lies and secrets.... But please believe me I never imagined that this could be happening." She gets up, kisses him on the lips and leaves.

Mike's Puberrything_else_BOLOGNA_biscuits-1.jpg

jhammon-1.jpgJennifer faces Mike

"There you go tripping again. I am tired of repeating myself to you Mike! I love you! That's it that's all. Do you understand that?"

0014.jpgMike smiles as she reaffirms her love for him, well at least she made it sound good.

"Yes I understand." He says as he pulls her toward him and hold her.

"I love you to."They kiss. Their tender moment is interrupted when they hear the pub door slam shut. They turn around and see Ty.

The Lady In Black(Mona),thblackrose.gif pulls down the street from Dondre's house.dondre1.jpg Mona puffs on a blunt, in a moment with drugs she sees, weed-2.gif she comes out her moment and waits for the lights to go out at Dondre's house. Since it's already 11:55 pm, Mona doesn't have to wait long. The lights go out and that's Mona cue. She puts her blunt out and gets out her all black Mercury Marauder. Blending in the with the darkness easily, with her all black attire, she flawlessly approaches Dondre's house. She looks in side a few windows to see what she can see inside the house. She can Dondre is sleep on a recliner in his living room. The window is cracked and Mona shoots a "formula" filled dart into Dondre's neck. Mona then opens the window even more and climbs into his house.

Pasadena City Police Stationjail.jpg

The Guard escorts Suga back to her cell with Dahlia. Suga stares Dahlia down. Dahlia getting nervous, gets and looks at Mark, down the hall talking to bail bondsmen.


"You better hope lover boy comes to your rescue because tonight, I'm going to slice you up."

Dahlia does not respond and her heart rate increase. Mark walks over to her


"What's going on, any luck?"


"I'm sorry not yet."

dahia.jpgDahlia begins to shed a tear.

"Mark you have to get me out of here. Now. Please I am begging you. My cell mate has threaten to slice me up tonight."

Mark is stunned at what her hears.

"I will get you out of here baby."

He walks away, leaving a fearful Dahlia.

In the lobby of the police station, Mark tells Natalia to come out side.


"Did you bring me out here to kiss me again?"




"Then what's going on?"


".........To tell you......Yes!. I will have sex with you to free Dahlia."

Natalia smiles as her plan to change Marks mind by paying off Suga has worked.

Outside the Police Station


"I'm sorry, what was that?"


"You heard me. Don't play games with me! Yes I will have sex with you, so you can drop these outlandish charges against Dahlia."


"I am glad you came to your senses. I knew you would be a reliable boyfriend to Dahlia. Your so cute."


"Whatever. I am only doing this to free Dahlia. She is scared for her life."


"I would be too if I had a cell mate that looked like hers. She looks crazy. But anyway, I need to go home and get ready for our love session. Give me your cell number and I'll call you when I'm done."

Mark writes down his number

"Don't be all damn day. This is just a random roll in the hay. Nothing fancy. Time is of the essence."


"This is everything for me. I'll call you when I'm ready." She hugs and kisses him, but he shrugs her off. She walks off. Mark pauses for a minute, realizing he just made a deal with the devil. He knows this will come back to haunt him but at the moment, what other choices does he have. Mark walks back inside to reassure Dahlia he is going to come through for her.

Mike's Pub

Jenn and Mike look upon a smiling Ty.

"Can I get some service, or are you just going to be starring at my good looks all night Mr. Ex Cop?"


"You dirty Bastard! How dare you show your face here!"


"Mike... what does Ty mean "ex cop"?


"Ahh, Mike you haven't told your pretty lady the bad news? I can help you with that. Sorry Jenn, Mike got suspended from the force today."


"What,... Mike why didn't you tell me? Why did you get suspended?"


"Don't be embarrassed Mike. Tell her the reason."

Mike knocks Ty's smirk off his face, by punching Ty in the jaw.

Back at Dondre's House

In the quiet darkness, Mona pulls out a few items from a black duffle bag. Using her night vision goggles, Mona collects DNA samples, including fingerprints, and hair samples. Mona even draws a vial of Dondre's blood. Mona puts all the DNA in her duffle bag. She then pulls out an envelope and lays it on Dondre's lap. Mona leaves out the front door and creeps back into her car. She lights up her mary stick and peels off from Dondre's house......


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Really great episode, I really liked Ria's reaction when Karim told her about Dondre and Sharan. I also really liked the Mark/Natalia exchange. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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Very nice episode! Natalia is the ultimate bitch. Looks like you're getting a big buzz over the series. Good job. You deserve it!

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