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Episode #260 - Friday, May 11th, 2007:

  • Sami reveals to everyone that she would be no where if those in her life did not forgive her…so she says she does indeed forgive Peter. Nicole is disappointed…as is Lucas.
  • Celeste predicts Maggie will kill again soon.
  • Horton daughters, Sarah and Melissa, team up with Alice to try and figure out if Maggie is drinking again.
  • Sami tells Carrie she is going to have to try a lot harder than that if she wants to ruin her life. Carrie once again tells Sami that’s not what she was trying to do! Carrie says she just wanted everything to be out in the open, but there were some perks to exposing Peter, yes. Sami tries to slap Carrie, but her hand is grabbed – BY AUSTIN!
  • Jeremy, Jan, Addie, and Andy get closer to the truth about the Fury.
  • Abby opens up to Max about her cutting.
  • Austin cannot believe after fifteen years of plotting and scheming to keep Carrie from being happy, Sami is going to judge Carrie for exposing Peter? Austin tells Sami she is a pathetic piece of garbage and she will NEVER CHANGE! Austin confesses he forgave Sami for everything…and would have over and over until Sami kidnapped his son with Carrie and made them think it was dead. Austin tells Sami she deserves everything she has coming to her.
  • Max takes Abby to a counselor who tries to get Abby to stop the cutting. She gets to the bottom of the cutting…which is Abby’s memories of the Fury.
  • Austin and Carrie leave Nicole, Peter, and Lucas in the dust. Lucas begs Sami not to do this. He says not to forgive Peter! Sami says Peter does the one thing no man – Austin, Lucas, Franco, Brandon – has ever been able to do. And that, is love her unconditionally with no strings attached. Lucas is devastated.
  • Abby’s counselor encourages her to open up to Max or her father before she reaches for her razor to cut herself. The counselor realizes mental illness runs in Abby’s family.
  • Max makes a call to Jack, who comes to the aid of Abby. Jack calls Laura whom, he feels, can help counsel Abby through this troubled time.
  • Carrie explains to Austin how Nicole came to her with Peter’s secret, and she could not help but expose him. Austin understands. Carrie asks Austin if he still thinks she is a good person, and he does. They embrace.
  • Celeste has a horrifying premonition that Maggie will kill…a HORTON! She has flashes of Sarah, Melissa, Mickey, Jennifer, Hope, Laura, Alice, Lucas, Abby, Laura, and Jeremy!
  • Jack vows to Billie that not only will he protect her from the Fury...but he will make her dream of marrying a man whom she loves and who loves her in return come true.
  • Laura sits in the lobby of a mental hospital…where, she says, Jennifer is staying. Laura recalls how in November, she made everyone in Salem believe Jennifer was dead, but really Jennifer had a breakdown and landed in the mental hospital…catatonic like she was for two decades. Laura says goodbye to Jennifer (MISSY REEVES!). She says she wishes Jennifer would snap out of it because Abby needs her. She tells Jennifer she is returning to Salem to help her…and attend Billie and Jack’s wedding. Laura leaves. Jennifer mumbles… “Wa..it…..”

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