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About two weeks ago in the SALEM LIVES INSIDER, there was mention of a casting call for the role of Cal's (Josh Taylor) psychiatrist. Very few ideas were received and, through collaboration with my co-HW and others, we now have a narrowed down list of actresses that seem best suited for what we are going for (for the casting call please go to the 9/24/06 edition of the Insider). Please PM me or post who you think is best here. The age is not as important as who can play the character best. The casting call had an age for a woman in her mid 40's-early 60's but I have now stretched to a range of mid to upper 30s-late 50's so go for that age range when choosing from the list. The character is a world-renowned psychiatrist who has never found love. She is career-driven and romance is not a priority with her. Work is her middle name and she is strong-willed and feisty to say the least. Here are the final list of actresses being considered so please choose one and PM me or comment here in the blog:

Sally Field

Victoria Principal

Terri Garber

Phileice Sampler

Anna Stuart

Famke Janssen

Famke I picked because she is a fave of mine and she oozes sex appeal and the rest are excellent options as well. Please PM and post comments by Sunday at 6:00 pm and I will announce the chosen actress later that evening. Thanks for the input and I look forward to the results.

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