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Has Anyone Felt As I Do?


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Today is one of those trying days...or actually the last couple of days have been trying for me.

I'm writing in my blog as much as I possibly can, however, there are many days where I find it to be pointless....

I don't know why I'm going through so much right now...I've found it harder and harder to talk to someone about how I feel and when I do want to talk, I always find that they are too busy or just don't have the time.

A part of me even fears posting stuff like this on here, but I do it because it's the only way to get my frustrations out..

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I really need to know if some of the folks that may be dealing with what I am could help me....

Right now, I'm having a hard time sleeping again, and I'm having days of smiles only to be wiped away by tears. I'm in the place where I have just a limited few that actually understand what is doing on with me; while a larger bunch don't seem to get it or care.

A few months ago I started a blog to write down my feelings; a part as therapy, another part as a way to see if anyone else has been feeling as I have. No one has really responded to me.

I want to share my blog with you all....Maybe someone can tell me what they deal with. I also know by sharing this, I'm opening myself up to judgement from those on the board as well. Right now, I don't care. All I care about is trying to feel that I can overcome this. It's consumed my life for four years, and instead of it getting better, it's causing a lot of heartache, lack of trust, and lack of feeling accepted.


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Sweet honey I know exactly how you are feeling. I say that actually because I know how you feel...in June 2005 my mother died after a month long battle. She third week of May for a particial hystertomy, afterwards, she was released two days following...from the Monday before she went in...to the time she became gravely ill she had not had went to the bathroom...which was about 8 days. My mother and I had a difficult relationship since 1998, when my father died and she got involved with a married man only like 3 months after he was gone, so that put a strain on our relationship. Because of that we've fought and had words over the years...once she was in the hospital, you can only imagine what I felt sitting there hour after hour, day after day..regreting it all. My doctor learned that this was happening like day one because of a regular checkup and she RX some depression pills...I believe in them and doubt I will ever stop taking them. They help, not as much as talking does, I don't believe that...so as for the sleeping, I think you should ask about sleeping pills...or something over the counter that will help you sleep and then slowly ween yourself off. I had a sleeping pill that was very light, because I would not only have the tears, I would have the dreams of the hospital..so I know how you feel.

You PM me if you ever wanna talk!!!


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Wow. I thought this thread was new but it still applies.

The meds aren't working. It's UP, down and everything in between. I'm alright now, but it sure does take a lot of energy raging against the moods.

Have you thought about taking something else?

I try to relax through jigsaw puzzles.

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