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ARTICLE: CBS Releases Updated Marketing Campaign, ‘Feel the Heat’, to Promote Daytime Lineup

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CBS is hoping viewers will “Feel the Heat” this summer on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless” with the release of a new marketing campaign that takes its cue directly from the popular 1980s campaign of the same name that eventually led to the network becoming the dominant player in the daytime arena for more than three decades. The song “Some Like It Hot” by Robert Palmer is also returning.

According to Deadline, which first reported the news, starting tonight CBS will begin airing the updated “Feel the Heat” campaign which will not only be used to promote the soaps but will also be utilized in the promotion of the network’s “Let’s Make a Deal,” “The Price is Right” and “The Talk.” 

If you’re pleased to hear that the network is giving daytime a marketing campaign and airing it in primetime to boot, you might also be happy to hear that the idea behind the campaign came from high up at CBS, courtesy of CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl.

“He stumbles upon things and we share with each other,” said President and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Benson in a statement released to Deadline, recalling his discussion with the network’s president. “Kelly was cracking up look [sic] at the old spots from daytime, and so I asked why can’t we bring that back in some way?” He added, “Nostalgia is really resonating with audiences today. People want to go back in a time that they remember when life was different and simpler.”

To keep things familiar, the network decided to not only repackage the campaign idea but to keep the song choice intact. “When you use music in your marketing, it’s a shortcut to emotional engagement, especially to audiences who remember songs like that,” Benson noted.

To get your first look at the updated campaign, click here

You can also check out the 1980s campaign which at the time featured “As The World Turns,” “Capitol” “Guiding Light” and “Y&R” below.

Note: The post CBS Releases Updated Marketing Campaign, ‘Feel the Heat’, to Promote Daytime Lineup appeared first on the Soap Opera Network website.

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They should cancel the talk or game shows and bring back Capitol, Guiding Light and As The World Turns.  Just air a rerun of those shows randomly on the low-rated timeslots and I bet the live ratings will be the same or better than what's currently airing. 

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  Better, yet, if they want to test the 'nostalgia' appeal, then hype up a week of retro-CBS rewind and re-run a whole week of shows from CBS' highest-rated historical week and see where things land in 2022.  They should have done that during quarantine when everybody was home.

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