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ARTICLE: Inga Cadranel Wraps Run as Harmony Miller on ‘General Hospital’: “That’s it! That’s All She Wrote”

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Joining the cast of “General Hospital” in February 2019 in the then recurring role of Harmony Miller, actress Inga Cadranel recently wrapped her stint on the daytime drama series after being placed on contract status last fall. The character died in the May 4, 2022 episode after succumbing to her injuries from being hit by a car.

“That’s it! That’s all she wrote,” said Cadranel in a post on Instagram following her character’s demise. “I want to say thank you to ‘General Hospital’ fans! You guys are amazing. You stuck with this crazy character who did a lot of bad things. You saw through her pain and I am honored to have stepped onto the ‘General Hospital’ stage and into Hollywood history.” She noted the experience was so much fun and she has much love for the fans. “I see you. I thank you. The lights have officially gone out in Harmony’s dressing room.”

“You are such an amazing actor, scene partner and human!” commented on-screen daughter, Katelyn MacMullen, who plays Willow Tait on the soap. “Harmony forever,” she added.

In a separate post on Twitter, Cadranel said, “Wow. What a wild ride! I want to thank each & every ‘GH’ fan who took the journey with me. I loved playing this broken woman who only wanted love. Honored to have the chance to bring her life on ‘General Hospital.’ Now I say farewell Harmony. It was nice knowing you.”

Katelyn MacMullen, Willow Tait, Inga Cadranel, Harmony Miller, General Hospital, GH, GH ABC, #GH, #GeneralHospital,
Katelyn MacMullen, Inga Cadranel (“General Hospital”)
Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC

In recent months, it was revealed that not only was Harmony not Willow’s biological mother, but she was also behind the 2020 killing of Dr. Neil Byrne after she broke into Alexis Davis’ house and killed him while he was sleeping by injecting him with a drug that resulted in an overdose. Last month, Harmony tried to kill Neil’s brother, Brendon, through an overdose and by strangulation. Neither attempt was successful as she gave up before she could complete the deed. The character finally saw Brendon perish after he fell off a cliff.

In an interview in the newest issue of Soap Opera Digest, on newsstands now, Cadranel told the publication of how she found out the character would be meeting an end. “Frank [Valentini, executive producer] let me know in advance that it was going to be a final, meaningful death,” she recalled. “I knew my contract was coming to an end and that was fine because I have other projects I am working on, but I thought it may be the type of storyline that would have Harmony disappear or leave [town] so that door could always be open down the road. I was definitely surprised when he told me he and the writers decided that Harmony was going to die.”

Being that she’s a Canadian-born actress, Cadranel shares that her time on the soap meant a lot to her. “Obviously, I’m from another country where I have been on countless television shows. I have had a long career and never had to get a ‘real job’ since I started acting so I know I am fortunate as an actor, [but] moving to L.A. is a crapshoot for any actor who is not from here, and most of my friends and colleagues end up going back to Canada when it doesn’t work out. I am so grateful to have worked for ABC and Disney for these years in L.A. and feel honored to have been part of a show that is a legacy in Hollywood.”

In addition to her time on “GH,” Cadranel has starred in multiple TV shows and movies since making her professional acting debut in 2000, including roles in “Orphan Black,” “Lost Girl,” “Rent-a-Goalie,” “Jeff Ltd.,” “Bury the Lead” and “Leap Years.” She most recently starred in the TV series “Workin’ Moms.”

Note: The post Inga Cadranel Wraps Run as Harmony Miller on ‘General Hospital’: “That’s it! That’s All She Wrote” appeared first on the Soap Opera Network website.

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It is a damn shame TPTB simply did not continue the redemption arc; if they wanted to do this story a year ago they should've began planting the seeds sooner than they did, because when Inga Cadranel returned, they had the redemption arc of her working at the prison with Ryan Chamberlain (which I still feel needs some kind of explanation), and then things just unraveled so quickly.

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