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Law & Order (the original) making a come back for 21st season


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Thinking about how to cast using former daytime actors from the NY Area.    My random thoughts for a reboot...

Captain     Timothy Stickney

2 Detective Teams that could rotate:

Michael Park and Cassandra Creech

Sean Ringgold  and Paul Anthony Stewart

Uniform Cops

    Eddie Alderson

    Kelley Missal 



District Attorney of NYC          Larry Bryggman

2 Sets of Prosecutors that could rotate:

Eric Steinberg  and Melanie Smith

Lea Salonga and Jason Shane Scott



Coroner           Stephen Schnetzer

Profiler            Hillary B. Smith

Rotating Judges: Julia Barr
Peter Francis James
Marie Masters
Robert Newman
Socorro Santiago
Erika Slezak
Anna Stuart
Jerry Ver Dorn
Tom Wiggin
Walt Willey
David Wolos-Fonteno
Robert S. Woods
Colleen Zenk


Defense Attorneys Nicola Correia-Damude

                              Kristen   Kreuk



Came up with the list over dinner with some friends.   Anyone else have any thoughts?

Realizing that some are retired/ out of the business. Just a little fun speculation.


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