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Location of the studios

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Some ABC New York info. ABC established themselves on West 66th St and continued to buy up  properties through the 50's. 60's and 70's. Several of them have now been sold off.



A Time For Us

TV 2 West 66th St



A World Apart

TV 18 101 West 67th St


All My Children

TV 2  7West 66th St

TV 19 1970-90 101 West 67th St

TV 23 1990-2009 320 West 66th St


Best of Everything

TV 17 56 West 66th St


The City

TV 24 320 West 66th St


Dark Shadows

TV 2 June-Aug 66

TV 16 66-71 433 West 53rd St


Edge of Night

Screen Gems East 44th St



TV1 83-84

TV 23 84-95  320 West 66th St


The Nurses

TV 1


One Life to Live

TV 1 1968

TV 18 68-76 101 West 67th St

TV 17 76- 2009 56 West 66th St

TV 23 2010-2012 320 West 66th St


Ryan's Hope

TV 16 75-86 433 West 53rd St

TV 23 86-89 320 West 66th St

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Another World, Somerset, Lovers & Friends/For Richer For Poorer, and Texas were filmed at the NBC Studios in Brooklyn, NY.






As the World Turns would film there after Another World was canceled.

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I was under the assumption that Our Five Daughters was also filmed in that studio and that Another World used some of its sets.

Also, that Search for Tomorrow taped in the same studio (Screen Gems East 44th St ) after the cancellation of Edge of Night.


I wonder where The Edge of Night was taped when it aired on CBS?   I understand that it was a former movie studio.


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