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Another Talk Show Coming in 2019


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I'm confused by how much of an actual entity ABC Daytime is any longer?  Tamran and GMA will fill two hours (both produced by the news division), and GH a third.  However, I thought that after the cancellation of OLTL and AMC,  the daytime division got sucked into the overall network structure and affiliates were no longer required to play the entire daytime schedule.  ABC Daytime even got renamed Time Square Studios once more time was given to the affiliates to schedule on their own.  Furthermore, it was my understanding that NBC has handed most of daytime programing to the affiliates with no specific daytime department, while CBS maintains a daytime division to handle The Talk, the game shows and their deal with Sony for the soaps 


So, if ABC Daytime is a thing of the past, why would ABC expect the same clearance across affiliates for Tamran as they got for The Chew?  There was a time when stations were threatened with loosing network affiliation if they didn't broadcast all of the network's shows.  But now that time was given back to the affiliates to fill with cheaper to produce/higher rated local news doesn't it doom most new daytime network shows?

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