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Days of our Lives Spoilers

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Salem comes together to celebrate Christmas

JJ receives an unexpected visitor

Eli realizes he made a huge mistake

A Christmas miracle happens

JJ visits Theo

Kate makes a huge confession

Abigail and Chad throw a New Year's Eve Party

Ciara gets drunk and causes a scene

Vivian and her son crash the New Year's Eve Party

Paul and Will kiss on New Year's Eve

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1 hour ago, Soapsuds said:

That's on Friday. She will be part of the cliffhanger. She and Kate go at next week. I believe it's on Jan 2, Tuesday since Days is pre-empted on Monday.

YYYYASSSSSSS!!!!! That's exactly who I was expecting to get into it when she came back.  So glad I'm playing catchup then.

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Since I'm liking this tailend of the Theo story so far, NuCiara appears to be a good actress, and the Will drama, I have a lot to see so far to keep my attention until Friday.

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45 minutes ago, Juliajms said:

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Maybe episodes start to air in the same year they were filmed.

They've been off for some time now. Since they are 6 months ahead ..they have taped through June already.

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Eve thinks Brady is playing her

Will tells Marlena he kissed Paul

Vivian's news shocks everyone at the party

Ciara is determined to expose Rafe's secret.

Vivian and Kate face off.

Stefan's news surprises Chad and Abigail

Will ends things with Sonny

Chloe questions Brady about his feelings for Eve

Chad accuses Stefan of sabotage

Rafe realizes Ciara knows about him sleeping with Sami.

Abe and Theo receive news about Theo's medical situation

Ciara makes a confession


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